Resume Optimization Tips To Get A Job

Now days the era of advanced technology and internet, everything is visible online. If any recruiter, a company wants to hire the candidates they only looking your profile information by their advanced ATS technology.

If you want to ensure that companies can find your resume quickly. So, here we are given the Resume Optimization tips based on the current technology it will be a better option for you make it to the actual meeting with the HR manager of the organization you’re sending it to and help you out in open the doors of better opportunities and offers as per your Industry and Background.


Below are the five tips & tricks for the betterment and also helps you to how to make a professional resume with HR counseling guidance-


Make an ATS Friendly Resume-

An applicant tracking system or ATS, in short is a type of software used by employers and hr. recruiters during the hiring process to maintain, collect, sort, scan, and rank the candidates applications they daily receive for the open positions in their organization.

The applicant tracking system was initially created for large corporates that are accustomed to dealing with several thousands of inbound job applications on a daily, weekly, or in monthly basis.Resume Optimization Tips

Today, approx. 95 percent of globally connected Fortune 1000+ companies rely on ATS software to help in streamline their recruitment process. It is very beneficial to collect and maintain all the information of candidates. Ask MME for the ATS Resume today with free HR Counseling.


Keywords related to your roles and responsibilities-

The best keywords for your resume depend on your job, day-to-day responsibilities, target job and relevant experience.  So, it is very crucial big challenge that how and where to put the keywords as per your technicality and industry requirement.

In the resume summary mainly we have to more focus, only put relevant industry based keywords. So that Recruiter and hiring managers fetch the applications easily. To know more technicalities of your Resume knock MME Resume writing department.


Limit must be a two page only-

All the Recruiters and Hiring Managers in the organization have their own multiple tasks to handle they don’t have the enough time to read the numbers of daily applications with the reading of one application which is of 5 to 10 page of essay’s about you in a while.

A resume must be in precise format only, two pages with the most featured information about you and your working responsibilities. Must follow the rule put only facts that you have done in your career not put the wrong information that dump you in trouble.


Use a clear design and format-

As i discussed in the above point that they don’t have enough time to read numbers of applications so this point is also co-relate with above.

When it is come to designing and formatting the only thing that you make up in mind is resume must be in precise and clear format don’t use unusual formats that confuses the ATS, they also annoy Recruiters and Hiring Managers who are in hurry to closing the position they have. As they only expect to find the relevant information in the specific particular areas only.


Resume is in correct file type only-

A PDF file is not the most ATS friendly resume file type. While PDF files are the best at in maintaining the design and format of your resume, but it is not compatible with all ATS software. If you are asked to upload your resume in to an applicant tracking system (ATS) and PDF is listed among the file types you can, by all means, use a PDF file format of your resume.


Resume Writing Tips

However, if the system does not specify which file types are compatible to the system, play it safe and stick to a word document in .doc or .docx. Plain-text files are also beneficial, ATS-friendly resumes also, but they will limit your formatting options while submitting the resume.

Since the best resumes are written with two audiences in mind – the robots pre-screening your application and the live human in HR who will review your resume, I recommend using a Word document file instead of a plain-text file for your resume file type. Because this will help and provide more freedom of creativeness to write a resume that will match able to a recruiter parameter or hiring manager of the company.


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