Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Call You


Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Call You


One of the most frustrating parts of the job search process occurs when the phone doesn’t ring. You have submitted hundreds of applications or so it feels, and not a single call back. What the reasons why recruiter don’t call you?

Looking for a job is a tough job. It’s time-consuming and often frustrating. You can spend weeks or even months searching for what you think is a good fit. Then one day you find what seems to be the perfect job. You fire off your resume. And you never hear a word. There are many reasons you don’t even make it to the interview stage. Some reasons are in your control but others are not.

However, a very common source of frustration is the lack of response from recruiters and by this i mean recruitment consultants india, executive HR consultants in india and in house recruiters. You send a CV and don’t hear anything back, you meet them and don’t hear anything back, or they call you about a role and you still don’t hear anything back. What’s going on?

Over the two decades, we are dealing on both side as an employee and as well as employers. We helped out thousands of job seekers by given them the HR counseling services, who are not able to find out the right match job, who are not able to qualify the interview, whom resumes are been rejected many couple of times.


From our experience these are common reasons why recruiters don’t call you


An unpolished resume

Your resume is the first impression hiring managers and HR recruiters have of you. In addition to showcasing your background, education and experience, your resume can demonstrate your attention to detail, professionalism and even your intelligence. If you present a resume with spelling errors, typos, and missing information, or if the format is difficult to follow, it may prevent a hiring manager from wanting to learn more about you. Be sure to have someone proofread your resume and look at it for format and content. Check to see the tenses match and the overall presentation is clear and inviting. A well-executed resume along with the right background and experience should encourage a recruiter to pick up the phone and call you back.


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You’re invisible

Every job seekers in india has been told they need to be on LinkedIn. So they set up a profile with just the bare essentials: job titles, education, and maybe a photo. They let the Headline default to their current job title. Then they wonder why they’re not getting any recruiter calls. The truth is your LinkedIn profile; it’s unlikely you are even being seen by recruiters. Even if you are the perfect candidate for the job, they are trying to fill.

In some ways, LinkedIn is like Google. If you don’t have a robust, optimized profile, you won’t come up in the search results. At least not at the top of the recruiter’s search results. MME professional HR counseling services and resume writing services in delhi here to assist you in optimize your portfolio and profiles.


Missing professional skills

Many hiring managers are very specific with the degrees, skills and certifications they want from their new employees. You may have what is being requested, but it could be difficult to find, or not even listed on your resume. Ensure your talents are clearly noted on your resume. Include a technical summary, and, if job-specific, repeat and highlight this information in your cover letter. For example, what software do you use? How proficient are you in Excel, Coding, Testing, Managing workloads? What certificates do you have? Make your resume stand out with the MME professional resume writing services in delhi particular skill that is required for the job role.


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Gaps in your work history

An extended time of unemployment can make it difficult for a recruiter to place you, even if your background and skills are excellent. Understandably, hiring managers typically prefer hiring professionals who are employed. Sometimes being out of work is unavoidable, so what can you do to avoid gaps in your resume? Get help with the professional HR counseling services how to avoid gaps. Although we give here some information.

Consider contract work. It’s an effective way to keep yourself in the game, get exposure to new and different professional experiences, retain your skills, and make new contacts. Include relevant contracting roles on your resume if all of your other attributes are relevant and excellent, you should get that coveted return phone call.

Inconsistencies in your background

With multiple career websites like LinkedIn, Naukri and Careerbuilder consistency is critical. If your LinkedIn profile has employment information that differs from your resume, it will create misgiving in the mind of any HR recruiter, and could be the reason you aren’t called back. Many recruitment staffing agencies in india , HR consultancy in india use software to track resume information from the first time you register with them. If you submitted a resume in 2018 and again in 2020 with same conflicting information, it may come across as fabricated and your candidacy may be rejected.


reasons why recruiters don't call you