Questions we would like job applicants to ask

What distinguishes one applicant above the rest is in their ability to ask the questions that can draw the recruiter or HR manager into the conversation. While most of the questions that we hear from job seekers are revolved around compensation and position that they are being offered; though these are very important questions but these are not the only questions that should matter to a job seeker. For these questions are centered on “you” and might show that you are only interested in getting the job rather the job itself.
Following are the 5 questions that you should ask your recruiter or HR manager at the time of hiring to enable yourself to learn more about the profile of work and genuinely care for the role that you are being considered for employment:

1. How am I being useful to the company?

No matter what your position is in the company, you are being hired to help the company in reaching its objectives. You should be aware of your usefulness to the company and where you fit in the picture. This helps you understand your role and also the responsibilities that you are being entrusted upon and how they are aligned with companies goals.

2. Colleagues background

You would be spending a great deal of time with your colleagues and they would definitely impact your own working; it’s important to know their background. This also indicates to the recruiter that you are team player and cares to know about your colleagues. A definite Plus!

3. Company’s Culture?

Different companies have different cultures. Some companies have a more orthodox culture (especially real estate, medical) and some might have a complete modern culture (generally technological companies). You need to be aware about this as it might play an important role after a point of time in your new job.

4. Skills that interests the employer the most

If you are being called upon for an interview, the chances are pretty high that your resume has already been screened and you are being called for the interview only because you had mentioned that right skills that the employer is looking for. By asking the skills that interest the employer most would give direction to the positives of your resume and also providing you the relevant information as what is expected out of you.

5. Country background and how different it is from your home country

If you are going for an international placement where you would be out of country for a considerable time then this is an important question; if you have never been to the said country. This also helps the recruiter to brief you about the countries customs and if you would be able to adjust to it. This question also connects to the recruiter as he/she might understand that you are seriously considering about the job.

Above are the 5 questions that you should generally ask not only to create a great impression but also it would help you in understanding if the job is right for you or not. For there is more to job then pay and position.