Quality Control Engineer Job Description

As the name suggests, the  quality control engineers are having the responsibility of developing the quality controlling standards or rules in the industries. After the development, the next step is the application of the quality controlling standards in the industries.  The standards are closely related to the concepts like material utilization, the improvement of the manufacturing processes and the set of standards related to the product.

The main functionality of a Quality controlling engineer is as under :

  1. The testing of the products and the procedures.
  2. The inspecting the products and the procedures.
  3. Evaluation of the products and the procedures.

The quality control engineers are mainly from chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering fields. There are many short term as well as the long term courses focusing on the extensive training and real time issues to be dealt in this field.  The job also requires exceptionally good communicational  skills including both written as well as verbal communicational skills.

The job profile of a quality control engineer is a very promising career offering a handsome pay and package even at the starting levels. The average pay package of a quality control engineer is ranging from twelve thousand dollars to sixty thousand dollars.

A quality control engineer can also take up the responsibility of conducting training sessions and imparting training to the ones who are novice to the field. The engineers do write and compile the training materials which also act as a future reference for all the new joinees as well as new trainees.


The career growth as well as the future prospectus for the job profile of a quality control engineer are exceptionally excellent. The field is the hottest one in the middle- east countries and also in the gulf. It is an altogether new and a different kind of engineering application till date.