How to submit your resume/application on job boards?

In a digital era, everything has turned online and so looking for a job through online source is no more a magic. It is one of the basic requirements in today’s digital world.  Once you have decided to look for a job, the very primary step is to create an online profile for your own self is to make a professional resume, which carries all the required information an employer is looking for. This profile should carry the following information to make your profile perfect for the employer and also to inform him, what you are looking for in your job.

Ready with your Professional resume

  • The very first step is preparing a professional resume as per the job board’s requirement.
  • Before preparing a resume you should have it in mind that, your resume is your representative, who will showcase your skills and requirements to the employer. So try to make it based on the requirement.
  • The job board may have different formats for different jobs. Check the job profile you are looking for thoroughly, and prepare it as per accordingly. Your resume has to be industry specific.
  • Many may not be familiar with preparing such industry-specific resumes. So it is better to hand over the job to the professional resume writers who will get your information and make it according to the industry and job board’s standards. Resume Writing

 Posting resume- technically on job boards

  • Once the professional resume is ready with the help of a resume writing services agency, the very next step is to post it on job boards. Resume posting is also one of the complicated tasks if you are not familiar with the formats.
  • As each job board has got different formats for a resume, you need to check, on what format the job board demands and make it perfect to that standard.
  • For example, few job boards might look for text formats, some for pdf, word, etc.
  • Posting your resume with some key points will attract your employer in knowing, what you are looking for in a job. Based on that, he will go through your resume.

professional resume



Resume posting/profile on SMO.

  • Once the professional resume is ready in a particular format, then it is 80% ready to post it online.
  • For example, if you hold a profile on Social media optimization (SMO), then right from the career objective, there should be a point that explains your previous roles and responsibilities, your training, how skilled you are for the SMO profile, what you are looking for in your upcoming profile etc. Adding any certifications, training or internships relevant to the job, will remain as an advantage.
  • Once the profile is ready, then it is ready to be posted on job boards. Simultaneously, posting a job on Social Media Optimization is very essential today, that will help you in getting a job through various other pages, an employer is looking for.

Attending the interview calls

  • Once the employer considers your profile, suitable for the job, then they will start communicating.
  • If attending a phone call is an art, then attending an interview call is another art every job seeker should learn to master in.
  • Before attending the call, you must be in a noiseless place, which will help you hear each other clearly.
  • Listen properly to the employer or the recruitment agency, to better understand what his requirements are. Then, communicate with him, the roles or the challenges, you are looking for.
  • If everything goes well, then the employer or manpower consultancy will consider your profile for the next stage of recruiting, based on your performance.