Best PEO Service Provider in India: Outsource your Perfect HR Partner



PEO Service Providers

The 2023 business landscape is turning increasingly complex. Finding and managing a talented workforce is becoming daunting for business owners. Companies are looking out to streamline and expand their business operations.

The PEO Service providers are aiding businesses with recruitment, payroll, compliance, and more. They are emerging as a popular solution in India. Indian PEO services provide custom HR services, like leasing employees and administrative tasks.

Companies are searching for ways to focus on their business strengths. The top-notch PEO service provider understood this gap. They came with some excellent tailored human resource solutions. These teams have the most accurate industry-specific knowledge and the latest HR technology.

In this article, we will explain the following.

1. What is a PEO?

2. The need to opt for a PEO service provider.

3. The finest PEOs in the Indian industry.

4. How do companies boon about outsourcing HR services?

5. Which are the best Indian PEO service providers for your company?


What is a PEO?



PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. PEO is an employee leasing company that offers the opportunity to outsource HR services to other businesses. A PEO acts as a professional employer of the client company’s employees. A PEO service provider is a third-party company, a legal employer of the client business. It will be solely liable to hire and employ the workforce.

A PEO employee leasing company provides many PEO services. It includes recruitment, payroll, employee benefits, insurance, compliance, etc. These services help client companies to channelize their focus on core operations. Also, they can dedicate their resources to growing their business instead.

A PEO signs an Employee Leasing Agreement with the client company to lease employee (s) to them for a specific period or project-specific task. It’s an employment arrangement where the PEO will share every employee’s responsibilities and liabilities. In this process, the PEO company ensures to handle and process payroll and tax benefits more efficiently and intelligently.


Who are PEO Service Provider?



In the constantly changing business dynamics, there is an urgent need to recognize and implement new HR strategies. But it is no more a challenging task for business owners. By partnering with the PEO service providers, clients get additional time to manage many business tasks. 

Especially the ones that are time-consuming, mechanical, and motorized.

Most entrepreneurs and large companies are outsourcing their human resource and administrative services from a PEO company as it helps them to concentrate on their expansion and growth.

The PEO Service provider gets into an employee leasing agreement. In this, they join in a co-employment relationship with their clients. In this legal relationship, the PEO service provider becomes the employer of record who will provide HR services to the client on a contract basis.

The professional employer organization becomes to manage all employee-related complexities. It also offers services related to employee management. It includes drafting terms and conditions, employment agreement, payroll, taxation, compliance with labor laws, insurance schemes, risk management, etc.

A PEO service provider understands how to manage the employees who will work domestically or internationally for client companies on a specific time duration or temporary terms.


The Top 5 PEO Service Provider in India


PEO Service Providers

Selecting the best PEO service providers in India requires a detailed analysis of the most reputable companies in the industry. The criteria to handpick the top 5 PEO service providers are their experience and expertise. 

The most important factors considered before ranking the below PEO companies in the top 5 positions are:

1. Reputation

2. Customer support and responsiveness

3. Technology infrastructure

4. Pricing Models

5. Strengths and capabilities

6. Financial stability

7. Market size

8. Number of services

9. Legal Regulations

10. Transparency

11. Number of Domestic and International clients

12. Approach and practices

13. Innovation and customization

14. Payment Procedures

A thorough evaluation of these factors helped to classify and identify the top PEO Indian-origin companies. These are dominating most of the market sphere.

Here we list the leading PEOs in the Indian industry and the reasons that make them stand out in the immensely growing PEO market.




PEO Service Providers

It is a highly preferred PEO solution company in India by global clients. MME has a team of professional experts specializing in providing personalized human resource services to India’s top 500 companies.

This almost three-decade-old organization has its headquarters in the capital of the country and a market share of about 15%. MME has been catering to EOR, payroll, and hiring of global companies and helping the talented workforce meet growing industry demands.

The company has offered PEO services to many industries like education, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, IT solutions, etc. Thus, with such extensive experience, MME is a pioneer in handling PEO, HR, EOR services, and payroll operations in the domestic and international markets.

The company assures its clients receive effective and efficient services by streamlining their human resource processes and improving their productivity.

In addition to its cutting-edge technology and personalized approach, MME has a team of highly experienced professionals who are well-versed in the latest HR trends and practices around the globe.

One of the prime reasons which make MME bag the first position is its focus on technology. The company uses innovative software platforms that streamline HR processes, improve communication, and enhance the overall employee hiring experience for the client. 

The company offers global compliance and cross-border transaction. The cloud-based HR management system makes communication easy to manage. The software updates the record of the hired employees and benefits packages with many integrated features. 

MM Enterprises HR team has handled the benefits administration of multiple companies that have helped them to offer excellent pay packages to domestic and international employees based on their talent, experience, and qualifications.

The transparent online portal of MME has helped lakhs of job seekers to access information, submit quick requests, and receive prompt feedback in real-time.

The company has been excelling in doing

  • Employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Identity check
  • Reliable background check

The extensive network of their business partners provides job opportunities by signing employment contracts.

The MME expert team’s deep understanding of complex labor laws and regulations in India is helpful to clients. It assists them to ensure that domestic and international clients comply with these regulations. The payroll teams manage the business needs of clients. 


Sky Executive

PEOs are go-to solutions for businesses of all sizes and structures. Sky Executive is known for its all-in-one platform of recruiting, hiring, payroll, insurance, risk management, and employee managing services. 

With its headquarters in Pune, the company has established a renowned name among industry experts in hiring and onboarding skilled domestic employees for many international companies.

The Sky executive PEO set a standard apart from its competitors. It offers customized solutions that cater to each client’s specific needs. The team of expert HR has been providing transparent and personalized support to each client company and has won the loyalty of all customers. 

Its client base includes large corporations and small-scale companies across various industries like healthcare, IT, education, and hospitality.



Sky executive has adhered to all domestic or international labor law legal requirements and maintains strict confidentiality of clients’ professional details. 

One of its key strengths is its technology-driven approach to helping clients to ease out their complex HR routine tasks. The company has helped more than 1000 clients optimize their workforce management strategies. 

It helped to make informed decisions by providing high-quality technology to track employee activities. It has also offered value-added solutions to its premium client employee engagement, better benefit packages, employee training services, and many more.

By providing technology-driven solutions to its clients, Sky executive has recently gained a market share by adding some fortune-listed companies to its kitty. Their software can handle complex payroll calculations, tax filings, and administrative tasks. Their services are for rapidly growing companies looking for talented and skilled employees.

In addition, the company also offers strategic HR consulting services to help clients to improve their overall productivity by using employee engagement and employee training as its core practice to hire and retain talented employees. It also includes talent management strategies and performance management systems.

Sky Executive has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses looking to outsource their HR functions. The company knows how to use the global talent pool by using one platform for job seekers.



Established in 2002 with its headquarters in Hyderabad, Husys is a well-known name in the best PEO service provider industry. With a focus on delivering end-to-end solutions, Husys has a proven track record of providing high-quality HR services to its clients. Its mission is to provide effective HR solutions to manage employees.

Husys has served more than 5000+ clients with its cost-effective solutions in India and internationally. With a market share of about 25%, Husys has received positive feedback for its expertise and responsiveness from renowned clients.

Husys is a premium PEO service provider in India in partnership with People 2.0, a global force deployment platform. It has allowed the company to establish its expertise in global force management and expand its operations in new markets.

Husys has been practicing strategic HR practices to retain talented employees and offer them growth opportunities. Its services are 100% customized. They take time to understand the client’s goals and align their services around growth and revenue generation.

Their offering includes payroll management, PEO services, staff hiring, payroll outsourcing, compliance management, HR consulting, etc. What sets Husys apart from its competitors is its commitment to technology-driven solutions which simplify the client HR-related issues.


Global PEO Services

Another popular service provider in India, Global PEO Services, has been helping domestic and international companies hire employees from India without establishing any legal entity. With its headquarters in New Delhi, the company has a strong presence across India and caters to a wide range of industries to provide outsourcing HR functions and administrative tasks.

Global PEO service provider has served more than 170 countries with its wide range of end-to-end services like hiring, insurance, payroll benefits, immigration, compliance management, work permits, international expansion, talent acquisition, and global mobility.

They have been providing technology-driven solutions like software that streamlines HR processes and enables clients to access real-time employee data. Global PEO investment in HR technology has created customized employee reporting and analytics that have helped client companies execute informed decisions.

Their customer-centric approach has earned it a reputation as a trusted PEO partner for businesses looking to outsource their HR operations. The company is an excellent choice for businesses looking for reliable PEO services from a hugely educated and skilled country like India.


ALP Consulting

The leading HR and payroll outsourcing company, Alp Consulting’s headquarters are in Bangalore. What sets Alp Consulting apart from its competitors is its innovative approach toward HR management. It also offers customized solutions tailored to specific employment needs. 

Alp Consulting has provided HR and staffing solutions to almost all industries with the mission to bring the right people to meet the right company.

It is one of the largest PEO service providers having a market share of 30%. The company has gained a high reputation among its loyal clients. 

Alp Consulting has achieved a benchmark in the industry with its quality services, responsiveness, and expertise in PEO services. Their virtual staffing services have contributed to ensuring successful and outcome-oriented recruiting services.

Alp Consulting has a presence in 17 cities in India and has partnered with several top-notch companies in the country by providing Professional Employer Organization services. They offer end-to-end HR solutions like payroll management, compliance, risk management, HR consulting, staffing solutions, employee benefits administration, talent acquisition, etc.

It leverages technology to automate routine administrative tasks, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. With its advanced technology and experienced team of professionals, the company has hired and retained top-level talent from each part of India and offered its services to Fortune-listed companies.


The statistical data to understand the demand for the best PEO service provider



The statistical data released by NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organization) and the International PEO Service Market have charts, figures, and in-depth analyses about the present demand and future of the PEO industry globally.

1. The international PEO service market size is expected to reach USD 1424.82 million by 2028

2. Small businesses which work with PEO grow 7% to 9% faster

3. The return on investment on using PEO services in cost saving is 27.3%

4. 40% of companies who have been in business for less than a decade only opt for PEO services

5. 33% of decision-makers confessed opting for PEO as a first choice in 2022 business operations

6. More than 15% of employers with 10-99 employees collaborated with a top PEO service provider

7. 42% of young decision-makers between the age of 25 to 34 years are the strongest to opt for PEO services


Benefits of using PEO Services from Top PEO Service Provider


PEO Service Providers


If you also believe that talented employees are the backbone and driving force of the business. Then the best PEO service providers in India can help you get the skilled assets for your company. If you are also entering a new market or expanding your business operations, recruiting qualified employees should ensure your project is completed on time.

There are many benefits of hiring from the best PEO service providers in the country for all kinds of business structures like entrepreneurs, large enterprises, medium size or small business companies who are always hunting for effective employment solutions.

1. Cost Saving

Signing a co-employment agreement with an established PEO Employee Leasing Company, the client company experiences benefits, and the most path-breaking one is saving cost. A PEO allows the client companies to outsource services like tax payments, compensation proceedings, etc.

Thus, it reduces the overall administrative cost spending on the services like conducting interviews, hiring, enrolling, onboarding or off-boarding, training, and many more. The cost-saving benefit also includes fines and penalties a client company often faces due to mishandling of paperwork.

2. Efficient staffing brings quality talent

A PEO Employee Leasing offers an efficient workforce to client companies who are hunting for quality staffing. These might be the project-based talented employees who qualify the company’s work needs or the time-specific workers who complete the client’s country-specific program. These can also be the workforce skilled in highly specialized areas.

3. Immediate Vacancy Hiring and Fill-Ups

A PEO Employee leasing has a network of skilled, qualified, and talented employees who can help client companies to achieve revenue growth. Thus, a PEO quickly fills up vacant positions to maintain productivity for client companies.

Staff outsourcing from a PEO allows companies to hire efficient staff quickly as they have all kinds of talents in their database. The apt job seeker is just a call away to hired and trained.

4. Test New Market and Plan Expansion

When a client company is in a partnership with a legal employer of the business, a PEO service provider company, the client can temporarily hire as many employees as it wants to test new markets, especially during international expansion.

The client can add as many full-time and part-time employees, especially during the entry or expansion period. The company does not need to worry about legal or financial formalities. PEO companies find and hire crucial positions for companies in international sectors by assisting them in a smooth entry into the market segment.

5. Best Team of HR Experts

A PEO service provider has the expertise and a team of specialized HR professionals with immense experience in hiring and training a skilled workforce. A PEO service provider’s HR team handles vast employment operations every day. 

The client company can implement the latest HR strategies and understand the trending HR practices. It helps them to retain the talented employees in the company. 

6. Risk Management

The PEO service providers are responsible for compliance with labor laws and regulations. By partnering with a PEO, businesses can reduce their risk of potential lawsuits, employee resignations, etc. In short, a PEO can identify, minimize and proactively respond to operational risks the business owner might encounter with HR operations.

7. Handling Administration Services

A PEO will help a business owner to understand the benefits packages and bring skilled employees to the table. It is exclusively responsible for handling employee benefits like processing payrolls, maintaining leave or compensation coverage, and information about pay stubs. It assists organizations in managing complex administrative HR benefits.


Who Should Consider Investing In Services from Best PEO Service Provider?


PEO Service Providers


As a business owner, are you constantly contemplating if your company should hire PEO service providers to expand its core business operations? 

The answer is YES!

A Professional Employer Organization is a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs, small or midsize employers, and clients looking for expansion or temporary staffing. The PEO employers ensure employee compliance and tax benefit and mitigate risks of the employees outsourced by the client company under a legal hiring contract.


PEO offers benefits competitors have for the start-up entering their market segment. The start-up can get free from managing all complex internal HR-dedicated tasks by outsourcing these services. PEO employee leasing companies have been a popular solution among domestic and international entrepreneurial companies. These are looking for a skilled and talented workforce.

Investors always like entrepreneurs to hire experienced PEO service providers and overcome the unwanted expenses of employing people and setting up an internal department to manage them. 

PEO offers employee benefits to entrepreneurs who need help to focus on HR operations in-depth. Also, start-ups can access more competitive advantages as they need more capital for an elaborate HR process and have no time to manage back-office duties.

Large companies looking to expansion

For business expansion, a PEO service company is a critical step. The larger enterprises have hundreds of employees working under them. In a PEO partnership, a large-scale company can access an entire team of expert HRs. 

These teams provide insightful recommendations to the board about insurance, talent-retaining policies, tax benefits, etc. The best PEO service provider will take over the repetitive and monotonous HR or administrative responsibilities and give the teams more time to focus on revenue growth.

Larger enterprises have always driven higher efficiency by eliminating in-house HR departments and sharing an employee-handling relationship with an expert PEO service provider.

Small or Medium Scale Companies

A certified PEO service provider has ample experience and expertise to handle smaller firms, retailers, or medium-sized companies. These companies need more time to provide concentration on administrative or human resource tasks.

The PEO service provider offers tailored, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to growing companies. A PEO will smoothly manage business owners’ employee-related issues related to scalability or downsizing staff. The PEO handles all essential administrative tasks like payroll, insurance, compliance assistance, etc.


Factors to consider before choosing a PEO Service Provider



There are many professional employer organizations in India. Some are the best PEO service providers, some are average, and some are bad. In recent years professional employer organizations have expanded their reach, excelled in their performance, and gained many valuable high-ticket clients.

Companies that choose PEO service providers

1. Grow faster

2. Have a smooth expansion process

3. Have lower employee turnover

4. High rate of efficiency and productivity in the team

5. Higher employee engagement

So before you choose the best PEO service provider for your business, consider below mentioned factors.


Always choose the top players in the PEO Market.

As said, it takes work to remain in the top position in the competitive PEO market. The top PEO service providers have achieved the benchmark because of their consistency, experience, and excellent client relations. Always rely first on the top players for talent acquisition for your company.

Industry Accredited PEO

It is crucial to know whether the PEO company has all formal legal certifications and accreditation by the government of India. It is essential to understand that the interested PEO Company has good financial services and enough resources to provide reliable employee leasing services.

Contract structure and Cancellation policy

A fundamental rule before partnering with any PEO service provider is to evaluate the PEO agreement terms and conditions. It includes the structure of the contract offered, fees, contract length, termination clauses, and the cancellation policy. At any given time, the parties can feel the need to withdraw the services.

Defining the Business HR Needs

Making a detailed list of HR tasks your business would like to outsource assists you in selecting the right PEO service provider for your company. Every PEO service provider has their strengths and weaknesses.

The best approach is to carefully evaluate the PEO official website, testimonials, customer ratings and reviews, feedback, industry awards, felicitation, etc. Taking referrals from previous clients of the best PEO service provider helps make a sound decision.

Research, Comparison, and Evaluation

By outsourcing HR and administrative services; and partnering with the best PEO service providers is a crucial step for any organization. On the other hand, in-depth research before choosing the PEO company can also be a game changer for your business.

Research the best PEO service providers in the market, and compare their fees, business structure, services offered, and reputation. Compare and evaluate these factors to understand which suits your business needs the most.


Frequently Asked Questions while Choosing a PEO Service Provider

Do you still doubt how choosing a PEO can be the most beneficial decision for your company?

Here we have listed the frequently asked questions by the companies before outsourcing their HR services and signing the joint employment agreement with the best PEO service providers in India.

Are the PEO and the EOR services only used by large companies?

Any structure or size of business, despite the market size, can use PEO, EOR, payroll, and all administrative services from a PEO service provider. From a small company to a start-up, retailers, engineering firms, or large organizations that do not have an internal dedicated team for HR operations get into a professional employer service agreement with a PEO.

Will I lose control of my business by involving a PEO company?

No! You are partnering with a PEO service provider to outsource your HR operations. You will always remain in charge of your business and continue making all the prime decisions for growth. Your employees will remain faithful to only you. 

Should I choose a PEO or an employee leasing company?

A PEO employment partnership helps businesses to grow by offering competitive benefits to retain valuable employees. Employee leasing is a temporary employment arrangement. The employees get hired for a specific period or specific time. The project has a start and end date.

Should I select an insurance policy for my employees? Or the PEO company will do it?

Most PEO companies have multiple insurance and health policy plans their clients can give the employees. A PEO uses the best health insurance programs for the employees in it. It gains extra benefits by enrolling a high number of employees.

How much will a PEO company cost for its services?

The PEO services are custom-made for every business’s needs, structure, functioning, and demand. No fixed fee is charged by a PEO company, particularly. The cost largely depends upon several factors like the number of employees the client hires, duration of the contract, amount of services a client uses from PEO, type of occupation, domestic or international employees hired, etc.





All top-notch and award-winning PEO service providers in India stand out for their technology, compliance expertise, experienced HR management, and responsiveness to client needs.

By outsourcing payroll, HR, EOR, and administrative functions to a PEO service provider, businesses can free up resources to focus on their core competencies, leverage expertise, reduce risks and draw expansion plans.

By following the above-cited tips and tricks, start-ups, small or medium organizations, and large-scale companies can find their perfect HR partner.

All the renowned PEO service providers are the best in their ways. It is essential to understand which of the service providers seems a promising option. 

As each business has unique needs and strengths, comparing all the top PEO service providers help companies in informed decision.

If you are still in two minds, don’t hesitate to contact our team to understand better what would work best for your company.