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MM Enterprises is one of the leading permanent and contract IT staffing companies in India that excel in offering innovative and efficient staffing solutions to meet your fluctuating candidate needs. These staffing solutions could be short-term assignments or seasonal placements demanding temporary IT staffing or contract IT staffing needs.

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Apart from keeping pace with the latest advancements in this industry, IT staffing companies are in constant search of acquiring talented individuals. This is because technology is not the only factor for an IT organization to succeed and hence, there is a need to attract candidates with the right kind of talent and technical knowledge. At MME, we understand your company requirements and ensure to fill the staffing gap by hiring the most desirable candidates for you.

Whatever your requirements we ensure you receive agile solutions that give you the highly qualified talent that will justify your job requirements and will full fill the responsibilities with efficiency. The best workforce solutions we offer provide you with better time management and flexibility. This helps you to cope with the unpredictable crisis and gain in company growth.



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We can provide a line-up of efficient and greatly capable candidates in a short span of time.

Flexible solutionsFlexible solutions

Hiring the right candidates for your short-term, long-term goals and providing your business with all the essential flexibility.

Skilled expertsSkilled experts

With a team of highly experienced experts, we excel in fulfilling varied requirements for permanent or contractual-based recruitment.

Advanced TechnologyAdvanced Technology

To keep your hiring process smooth and transparent we ensure the utility of advanced technologies and systems for this process.


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Challenges You Face In Current Period

IT Staffing Services: Why Does it Matter for Small Companies

There are many IT companies in india competing to attract talented staff at different levels and positions within the company. Hence, it is difficult to identify these candidates who fit perfectly into your job descriptions. No organization can afford a bad hiring it causes, affects efficiency and the overall productivity of the work along with wastage of energy, time and money. The performance of your organization can be affected badly on an account of a bad choice hiring. Moreover, it is equally important that you retain the best talent for a considerable amount of time. Hence, it becomes necessary to hire candidates whose skills sets and standards match with that of company expectations.

Another challenge is to attract the best employees who may be spread across different parts of India. Often, many organizations are limited by geography when it comes to hiring candidates. Lastly, the IT industry is a dynamic one and therefore, employees need to be up to date with the latest happenings in this sector. This is where training and development of your employees becomes critical so that they are able to handle their rival peers in the industry. So training and development forms a crucial part in developing and enhancing your employee’s capabilities. In some cases, companies decide to hire temporary IT staff services to complete a particular project.


We Provide Right Solutions

We have a host of candidates for you to choose from for different levels and positions in your company. Our HR team seeks to understand your business targets and strategic objective before begin the recruitment process. Once we have an idea of the kind of talent that you are looking for, we find the best fit for you. For this purpose, we screen candidate’s details with respect to their educational qualification, any work experience if required and other technical and specialized skills that are required in today’s technology driven world.

Our IT staffing team, therefore, carries out a critical process of analyzing and then shortlisting pool of candidates for further hiring process. In another words, we have a robust selecting process and an effective talent acquisition model to acquire the right candidates. MME provides best IT staffing solutions to some of the fastest growing and biggest IT companies in india and so you can rely on our solution for your talent needs.

In fact, we also offer training and development services to our clients so that your employees are up to the company standards. We also carry out temporary hiring for our clients if they want. Although temporary staff hiring is not a new concept, it is crucial for managing projects that require special mind sets. Hence, if you are looking for temporary IT staffing solutions, then we can help you with it as well.


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Our IT staffing solutions is not limited to a particular location. We have our hands spread across top cities in the country and so we have a huge database of candidates for your any staffing solutions. Therefore, if you have any job requirement for your company, email us your details or give us a call and we will be quick to in respond and close your requirements.

When you are one of the fastest growing organizations in the IT industry, then your key is to recruit right stream of talent. We will help you ramp up the pace in this competitive world with our IT staffing and recruitment solutions.

We are the IT recruitment agency in india that functions with multi-faceted approach by identifying, engaging and retaining right pool talent. By gear up your hiring process with our IT placement & recruitment services we anchor your company growth.