Increasing global demand for Indian IT Engineers

Increasing global demand for Indian IT Engineers

IT fields like software engineers, software developer, AI, data scientist, machine learning, cloud and android ios app developers are among the most sought-after professionals by companies across sectors in the country, says a report by professional networking platform LinkedIn.

The Microsoft-owned firm, in its maiden ‘Workforce Report for India’, said job postings for IT engineers were the highest across multiple industries in the first six months of 2018 on its platform.

The volume of job postings for software engineers was twice than the demand for application developers, which emerged in the second place.

The demand for hiring in tech-related jobs is reflected across several areas as companies undergo digital transformation and employ new-age technologies like cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase productivity. Apart from tech-related jobs, business development managers and product managers were also among the top 10 positions that companies were hiring for & these were specially get benefits by taking help from the IT engineers recruitment consultants in Delhi India.

In India, more than 10 million new graduates enter the workforce every year. Companies look for certain skill sets and there is often a gap in terms of the skill sets being sought and those available. With this report, we want to bridge that gap offering insights into the various trends across industries, he explained. The report said the US is India’s top partner for talent migration in terms of volume in both the directions, along with other countries like Australia, US, UK, Singapore and Germany.

Based on data from its platform, LinkedIn found that legal, education and design industries were fast growing. The report said over 50 million professionals in India have LinkedIn profiles, while there are more than one million company pages on the platform.

From past few years, the demand for quality IT candidates have been enormously increased as technology has come out as a basic and essential component for any business to be successful. Just because of the expeditious and changing nature of the IT field, hiring right IT professional for your organization poses huge challenges.

Whether you are planning to hire full-time/ part-time, temporary/permanent or contract based for a long-term project or short term project, an effective top IT engineers recruitment consultancy in India will help you to meet the long or short term project objectives and help business firm to effectively deploy the ideal business solutions.

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