How to know if this International Job Opportunity Is Genuine?

Moving to some other country for work might be challenging, but everybody wants to do the same because of great financial and economic stability, improving lifestyle or future career growth prospects. Another bigger challenge of the international job is that many times it becomes very difficult to check whether the job you are applying for is genuine or fake as scammers are getting increased rapidly with more and more fake positions, appearing on various job search portals.

Job Seeker

As a job seeker, you should take care of below things while applying for an international job opportunity:

  • Strict No to any paymentInternational Job Opportunity

No genuine company or consultancy would ask for payment from the candidate for the sake of a job. Some candidates receive offer letters stating that they have been selected for a particular international job opportunity, for which they will have to pay some charges. These are fake job offers and candidate should say a strict No to any kind of payment.

  • Check the mail

Once you get the international job opportunity on email, you need to verify mail first at your end. Email should be coming from professional email id. Secondly, an email must be professionally written as real companies hire professionals who can write well.

  • Do background research at your end

Before you accept any international job opportunity, background research is mandatory. Google is the ultimate source of information. Try searching by the company name on Google, for all the information and if you don’t find any company information on Google, do not bother applying.

Also if you taking help from any international job consultant, check the reviews of consultancy firm too, try to find out stability, tenure from when the company and consultancy are serving. Try to find out a few employees who have been worked in future international employer, take reviews from them and decide accordingly.

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