How to control the misuse of offer letter?

Gone is the time when the job aspirants have to desperately run behind the companies for finding the profile of their choice. Now, its time for the employers to break their neck and search for the relevant candidates through recruitment agencies. For this, the companies have to be very cautious while issuing the offer letter to the candidates as most of them are using it just for salary hike in their current organization. To stop this trend, the employers have to pull their socks and cease the practice of getting befooled by the job seekers.

Arranging one to one session with the selected candidates is highly recommended as this will clear all the doubts of the aspirants. Moreover, the candidates need space to discuss everything with the employers before joining the organization. For instance, to get clarity over the issues of HR management that include payroll, leave policy, attendance, PF, Gratuity, salary slip and much more, the candidates need to talk with the company in person. This is the best opportunity for the employers to make them understand about the work culture and profile details of the company or they can simply ask them that misusing the offer letter is an ill practice and should not be encouraged. This is all what you can do as an employer, rest depends upon the ethics and moral code of the candidate.

The most alluring piece in the offer letter is the package details and this is what the candidates misuse for salary hike. The employers should only mention about the joining date, profile name and other terms and conditions in the offer letter. No need to provide the complete summary of the annual package and leave it for the last round of interview. This may lay a deep impact on the practice of misusing the offer letters. Other than this, the employers are free to communicate each and every detailing about the profile and the salary verbally. Handing over the offer letter after joining the company is another wise move that can be initiated by the employers.