How to check willingness of job change for candidates and save time

How to check willingness of job change for candidates and save time.

The important interview question whether an employee is really looking for the job change or not would come out in his answer. The reasons might be many like there might be issues of salary, supervisor, colleagues, policies of the company, market performance of the company, branding and sometimes there might be issues relating to some personal or circumstantial reasons. To find the actual reason the interviewer has to question very logically to find the correct reason.
In many cases the employees are seen to answer saying that he is happy with his current job and so not looking for the job right away. However, one of his friends has told him of the job and so exploring one in some other company would be better because that would pay something better. In many cases, the employees are seen hiding the main reasons in the fear of getting rejected for which they take the shelter of lies. But lies really don’t help in interviews.
The candidate sometimes fails to understand the reason of asking such a question. But the recruiters with an aim to hire candidates are all motivated by the goal to find a long-term with mutually benefitted employee. They by asking this question try to find out the environment in which the candidate has been working. Also the recruiters understand the psychology of the candidate like whether he would be interested to adjust in the new environment or not.
Some blunt answers like due to higher salary or being uncomfortable with the team or being with manager or the non-performance of the present company are rejected in the straightforward manner. It is always better if the candidate answers in the polished manner directing a host of issues but without blaming your present company. The recruiters do not encourage this blame game under any circumstances.