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Designation: – Personal Medical Case Manager – PMCM

Industry: Medical/Hospital/Healthcare

Qualification: GP/Internal Medicine/Paediatric

Location: Mumbai

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities

  • Case Management encompasses a process of reviewing a patient’s condition, reassessment of medical information, test results and imaging, consulting with leading specialists, presenting optimal treatment options to the patient and supporting throughout the treatment process. The role of the PMCM is to manage the medical process and drive it forward, liaising with other members of team and with any relevant external parties, with the goal of ensuring the patient is obtaining the best possible medical care.
  • The PMCM is responsible for conveying medical information and recommendations to the patient in a clear and accessible manner. In addition, the PMCM is to act as the patient’s advocate throughout the process outlined above. In order to achieve both these goals, the PMCM must develop a good, on-going rapport with the patient.
  • Ensuring high quality both of the medical process and customer service for all patients under the PMCM’s purview.


  • Each PMCM is assigned an allotment of new cases per month, each of which he is to manage to the best of his abilities.
  • Various quality assurance measures are applied to the PMCMs performance to ensure a high quality of service.other functions which whom the PMCM must work are the Nurses, Specialist Consultants (Internal & External) and the Research Department.

Medical Process

  • Intake: Following the nurse’s first contact, the PMCM will discuss the initial information obtained by the nurse to get an idea of the case, following which a thorough intake will be performed. Intakes should be documented on the system in detail, along with an assessment and necessary future steps, immediately after the intake conversation has taken place. Along with the Intake update Tasks will be set for both the Nurse and the PMCM.
  • Consolidation of Medical Information: The PMCM will instruct the Nurse on the medical information/test results/imaging that need to be obtained and will follow up to ensure it is done. The PMCM is responsible for reviewing the medical information and forming an accurate clinical picture, summarized into a medical report.
  • Consultations with Internal & External Specialists: The PMCM shall write a referral letter that includes all relevant medical information and test results in order to consult with  internal specialists and/ or leading external specialists.
  • Diagnosis: The PMCM is to act in order to be able to confirm or help reach a diagnosis based on the medical information, using one or more specialists’ consultations. Referring imaging for review and carrying out remote consultations is subject to the Remote Consultation Guidelines. If needed, the PMCM will discuss a specialist review directly with the Research Department and or the Global Medical Director in order to establish a deep understanding of the recommendations.

Treatment Plan: Based on the diagnosis and specialist consultations, the optimal available treatment options should be identified and upon need discussed with the Global Medical Director before recommendation and implementation. Upon need the PMCM will refer the patient to Quality medical specialists, based on the Research Department’s recommendations.

Supervision: Throughout treatment, the PMCM is to supervise the actual treatment

  • process, providing support and addressing any of the patient’s medical needs.

Patient Contact

  • The PMCM is to keep the patient informed of any review or diagnosis, ensuring at the same time that the patient comprehends the information that is conveyed.
  • When discussing treatment, the PMCM is to present the available treatment options and properly explain the medical considerations supporting a specific recommendation as well as the ramifications of each option. The goal is to support the patient in making an informed decision regarding his treatment.

Internal Conduct

  • Throughout the service the PMCM is to work together with the Nurse, making sure that both parties are on the same page regarding their mutual cases. To further this goal, on-going contact should be kept between the PMCM and the Nurse in addition to a weekly Call and Bi-Weekly Meeting to review open cases that will be carried out.
  • Feedback should be provided to the Nurse regarding her intakes in order to improve the quality of information retrieved and optimize the process.
  • The PMCM is to instruct the nurse regarding specific questions or red flags that should be looked out for regarding a specific patient. In addition, the PMCM should advise the nurse on FAQ that are relevant to a case in order to improve the patient’s access to required information.
  • Productively communicating the patient’s needs to the research department, such as location of specialists or hospitals so the treatment process can be carried out quickly and efficiently while always focusing on quality.
  • Keeping organized and clear documentation of the case on the designated EMR.


  • Acting in accordance with the established SLAs, quality standards and work procedure and guidelines. Performing tasks assigned by other members of the case management team in a timely manner.
  • Taking a proactive, patient-centric approach towards management of cases, always thinking of the next step in the medical process.
  • Being available and accessible to patients at all times. Serving as the foremost point of medical information and expertise for the patient.
  • Leading the medical team through the process and championing the patient’s best interests.
  • Compliance with the Medical Information Security protocols.
  • Keeping up to date on the latest medical guidelines and publications pertaining to patients’ conditions.

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