Five Tips for Getting Hired After a Career Break


Getting job after a long career break is not an easy task. Around 4% of employees have taken a temporary career retirement for six months or more. This analysis also disclosed that approximate 73% of women have taken career break for family reasons, whereas 47% of males for personal reasons.(According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Whatever the reason was behind you career break, returning back to work may be more challenging. You may take help from some HR Consultancy in India for job search; still you will face several issues. Below are the five effective tips to help you in increasing chances of getting hired after a career break.HR Consultancy in India

  1. Valid Reasons for career break

Before you start applying for job, understand the exact reason for this long career break. There must be a valid reason for this break that provides stability assurance to future employer. Most of the females take career break due to marriage, relocation after marriage or maternity reasons and these reasons are valid and justifiable.

  1. Update your resume

Don’t try to hide your career gap. You only need to represent this career gap very carefully in your resume. Your resume must be precise, professional and representing career break in an effective manner. MME, one of the leading HR Consultancy in Delhi is providing professional resume writing service, where our professional resume writers will draft your resume by highlighting your key skills, achievements, strengths and representing career gap positively.

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  1. Asses your current situation

It is important to assess your current situation first, where exactly you stand as of now before you start applying for the job. Just think about your affected knowledge, skills due to this long career break. One you get to know about the areas where you are lacking, it will be easier for you to work upon them.

  1. Update your network, apply on job portals

Once you are prepared with your resume and understand your exact requirements, it’s time to get updated on several job portals.

MME, one of the top Placement Consultants in Delhi provides professional HR Counseling service, where our HR experts will be in direct interaction with you. They will assess your skills, strengths, core competencies, career break and suggest you how to circulate your resume in an effective way. You will be updated with industry specific keywords that you need to put upon job portals, so that chances of your profile getting shortlisted will be increased.

  1. Stability assurance to future employer

This is very important for any employer to get assurance for candidate stability in their firm. Every company wants stable employee as they have to spend huge time, money in candidate training. So you as a job-seeker are needed to provide some kind of assurance for long term employment with the future employer by justifying your reason for career gap.