Headhunting process in India


Headhunting process in India | MME Recruitment Consultants in India


Companies check resumes with academic qualifications, degrees and proper experience of the candidates before recruiting them Headhunting process in India | MME Recruitment Consultants in India. Their accolades with achievements would reveal their abilities in handling different matters of the new company. Their competency would depend on their common sense and linguistic ability in communicating the right and the necessary things required by the company amongst the people working in the same organization. Understanding the right thing and transferring the thought in the right manner down the line is the required intellectual competency in the organization.

Such intellectual competency cannot be achieved by checking only the results of the candidate. It could be checked by putting the candidate in the real situation test. The questions would be so asked as if the candidate is working in the organization and he faces a problem. His problem-solving attitude, his way of handling people in the organization and above all his way of communication whether he has wit or not all could be tested which reveals the candidates’ intellectual competencies. Only depending on results or scores of the candidates cannot help any recruiter to assess their intellectual competency. Their IQ test could only determine their intellectual competency.

When it is about recruitment and hiring, time is an essential constraint. The longer it takes to find right and competent candidate for your work role, the more it costs and the more infuriating the entire process becomes.

For international hiring, the organization may or may not be aware of recruitment process, government compliance, recruitment laws, work environment and culture. They might not be aware about how to find out right talent from other country. In such situation, one can always take help from trusted and reputed recruitment consultants in India.

Whether you are a small scale organization with limited HR resources or international company, the reason for delayed hiring probably becomes out of control. Hiring speed really matters as it increases overall hiring cost, effects organizational reputation as an employer.

Nowadays, speeding up recruitment process in India is pretty easier, when you are hiring through some recruitment consultants in India.


Clear Pre-Designed Job Description

Job description is the first impression and only chance to attract and connect with potential employees. Not having a clear and well written job description means that you will end up with a large number of non-qualified candidates. Recruitment consultants in India, have pre designed, well written job description, which is sufficient enough to attract candidate’s interest.

Promote Job Ad on Adequate Portals

To get high quality and competent candidates, the companies have to promote their job vacancy, get traffic and share it on job portals. Earlier companies get high quality candidates, the faster they can go with recruitment process. Recruitment consultants in India, do job posting on adequate job portals on your behalf.

Extended Reach to Competent Candidates

Reputed recruitment consultants in India, have their own database of potential candidates. They use various software tools to attract right skilled talent, who fulfill your work related requirements and can easily get for your company. It will speed up recruitment process and save recruitment cost and time.

MME, one of the leading recruitment consultants in India, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is providing complete recruitment and HR services from last 25 years. The company has served for India and international companies with its professional recruitment, outsourcing, staffing services and payroll services. The company is dealing with approximate 500 clients across the globe from many locations


The shortlisted applications will now move through the interview process prior to receiving an offer letter or a rejection note. Depending on the size of the hiring team and their unique recruitment needs, several interviews may be scheduled for every candidate.

Evaluation and Offer of Employment

This is the final stage of the recruitment process. You should never take it for granted that the candidate will accept your offer. However, if your candidate has patiently completed all the paperwork and waited through the selection process, the odds of accepting the offer are high.


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