Get hired: A tips from recruiters for job seekers

Get hired A tips from recruiters for job seekers

The impacts of coronavirus will continue to be significant, and with devastating levels of job losses and business closures, it is not surprising many people are worried about their health and financial security. At this period last year it was unlikely that anyone could have imagined 2021 too would deliver so many huge challenges.

You can actively work on a job search. The below tips from recruiters for job seekers will help you in navigating or finding a new job to keep your career on track, plan for a career change during the pandemic, or use your time schedule to place yourself strategically and mentally to be prepared and competitive when the crisis eases. We at MM Enterprises helped out thousands of candidates on urgent basis who are looking for job change, who are unemployed from so long.

Get hired: A tips from recruiters for job seekers

Grow your skills

While you are searching for a job, always be expanding your skill set. Whether that is independent study, professional development at your current company, or taking freelance work to boost your experience, you want to be seen as a person who is always learning and improving.

Online branding

Your personal online brand matters more than ever. On LinkedIn, you can also write your own industry related articles and present yourself as a subject matter expert.

It will be easier to Google you. Some employers can Google you up before offering you a job. And your LinkedIn profile will most likely show up first. You can find a new job. You can search LinkedIn’s job board and apply for jobs. Or even spy on companies you want to work for.

ATS friendly resume

An applicant tracking system resume or ATS, in short is a type of software used by employers and hr. Recruiters during the hiring process to maintain, collect, sort, scan, and rank the candidates applications they daily receive for the open positions in their organization. The applicant tracking system was initially created for large corporates that are accustomed to dealing with several thousands of inbound job applications on a daily, weekly, or in monthly basis. Today, approx. 95 percent of globally connected fortune 5000+ companies rely on ATS software to help in streamline their recruitment process. It is very beneficial to collect and maintain all the information of candidates. Ask MME for the ATS resume today with free HR Counseling service in India.

Limit must be a two page

All the recruitment companies in India and hiring managers in the organization have their own multiple tasks to handle they do not have the enough time to read the numbers of daily applications with the reading of one application which is of 5 to 10 page of essay’s about you in a while. A professional resume writing must be in precise format only, two pages with the most featured information about you and your working responsibilities. Must follow the rule put only facts that you have done in your career not put the wrong information that dump you in trouble.

Use a clear design and format

As i discussed in the above point that they do not have enough time to read numbers of applications so this point is also co-relate with above.  When it is come to designing and formatting the only thing that you make up in mind is resume must be in precise and clear format do not use unusual formats that confuses the ATS, they also annoy recruiters and hiring managers who are in hurry to closing the position they have.  In that case you may take help from the top professional resume writers in India. As they only expect to find the relevant information about candidate in the specific areas only.

Consider recruiters who specialize in your field 

Not every recruiter fills every type of job. Most recruiters specialize in specific industries and job functions. For this reason, you will likely have the most productive relationships with recruiters specializing in your field or job function. You will even want to develop relationships with different recruiters based on geography, as certain recruiters will fill jobs in one city while others will focus on other areas.

Develop a contact network

Once you have targeted a career or specific position, you should acquaint yourself with professionals in that field or organization. These professionals offer you an insider’s view and can constitute your contact network, which can open doors that might otherwise remain closed. Your network can also consist of family members, friends, classmates, professors, and electronic discussion groups.

Don’t contact the employer directly

Once you are in the process of hiring with recruiters and after interviewing with the employer you do not need to contact them directly for proposal & all. Doing this is like same as going over the recruiter’s head & it may not work for you. So, trust your recruiter to see you through the right process.

Let recruiter negotiate about your salary package

Not only can you discuss your salary package with your recruiter and get their advice, but the recruiter can present your requests to the client employer. One thing that is very different when you work with an external recruiter is that they will want to know your salary expectations right up front. They will require it.