Five Essential Elements Of A Relevant Job Description

Most of the times hiring managers are so busy that when they write their job related requirements into formal job description, a lot of things are missing or clearly not written. In such cases, poorly written job descriptions become the basis on which recruiters search for candidates on job portals. Often, this leads to conflicting choices that waste a lot of time and effort of both the recruiter and hiring manager.

Poorly written and non-targeted job descriptions makes difficult to attract right qualified candidate.

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An effective job description must have following essential elements:

  • Job title and summary

An appropriate job title will help hiring managers define the general nature of a job. A job title must be specific and provide a sense of identity for the candidate. It must contain job role, industry, nature of work in a short and specific manner.Relevant Job Description

  • Compensation and benefits

Hiring managers must set realistic compensation and benefits. For many job seekers, compensation is the only factor in decision making.

  • Key responsibilities

Clearly define all job functions and responsibilities as it is directly related to the employee’s performance. It helps to benchmark the candidate.

  • Job-related skills

List out the job related skills required, level, knowledge, experience and core competencies required including any technical or managerial skills. If the job requires computer skills, list the hardware or software that candidate has to use.

  • Other Competencies

Competencies are the important element of a job description. Describe the other skills required such as computer proficiency, team work etc.

There are many job consultancies in Delhi, who can help hiring managers in finding right and competent talent for their work role. These will make your hiring strategy more efficient and effective by clearly setting the expectations and behaviors. Depending upon the expertise of consultancy, they might have a pre-written job description format for a particular industry and level of experience required.

When these job consultancies in Delhi make the job description available to the candidates during the application process, the candidate will have ample time to review and reflect on the job requirements. Most importantly, once you have made the final job offer and have the new employee. This will let you to hold the employee for delivering on all aspects of the job and avoid the conflicts.

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