Unveiling the Top EOR Service Providers USA: A Comprehensive Guide


Since the beginning of the new world era, the USA has been a leading business centre for the rest of the world with its exclusive avenues like Silicon Valley and a healthy corporate environment. After the rise of EOR Service Providers USA on the country’s business horizon, the process of employee hiring and management became more convenient and speedier. EOR services facilitated the procedure for hiring American talents for the best international businesses and made it look more accessible than ever before.

EOR stands for ’employer of record,’ which means a business firm hiring an external agency to act as a powered employer on behalf of the firm and handle all the managing tasks relevant to the employed candidates. Consequently, it becomes easier for businesses to harness international talents onboard, achieve efficiency in handling the post-hiring requirements, and aim for an overall advancement in the cumulative outcome of the company.


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Overview Of The USA

A country achieving extraordinary feats since its establishment in 1776, the United States of America has been a leading nation in New World history. Leaving a substantial military impact worldwide during the world wars, ideologically guiding a group of countries during the Cold War, and innumerable contributions in fields like science and technology, geopolitics, art and music, films, economy, defence, etc., the USA has been an activity-centred melting pot civilization in an absolute sense. 

The fundamental values emerging through the American War of Independence were nurtured by the numerous cultures brought by regular waves of immigrants to this country to shape a wonderful nation. The current robust figure of the USA in almost all the difference-making areas of development is only due to its ‘face growth’ attitude and a consequence of the lucrative American population.

Since its incepting history, the USA has been a corporate’s favourite destination for many due to its generous patronage of the industrial sector. The country has emerged as the most significant economic superpower regarding gross domestic product (GDP), ruling the global financial affairs such as trading (import and export). 

The USA is considered one of the top nations providing high standards of living for the residents. Excellent business brains have found a favourable environment in the U.S. economic structure that supports and promotes innovation. Such an environment has helped the intellectuals to practice their ventures. EOR Service Providers USA is one such positive outcome of this supportive environment.



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Employment Landscape In The USA

Before delving into the benefitting details of the EOR Service Providers USA, let us understand the bare employment landscape in the USA by looking into some challenges and opportunity scenarios:

High Labor Demand,

Higher degrees of job requirements are the most prevalent opportunity in the USA. The demand and supply analysis by the availability of job-seeking candidates in the United States needs to be more balanced. The number of job openings across all the industrial sectors has crossed the 10 million bars. The following table shows average job-opening rates in relevance with a particular industry –

Classified Industry

Job-opening Rates

(As of April 2023)

Leisure and Hospitality


Professional and Business Services


Education and Health Services


Total Private Services


Financial Activities


As the given table vividly mentions the high number of labour requirements in various sectors, there are also many in other sectors like transportation, information and technology, product manufacturing, etc.

The Talent Shortage Crisis

Although there is a higher number of requirements calling for qualified candidates in different business niches, the most excellent economy in the world continues to battle with the age-old challenge of talent shortage. There is a tremendous gap between the number of job openings and the number of qualified candidates available to fill the spaces. This disturbs the whole supply and demand analytics in the USA. Due to classical reasons like ageing, labour force participation has been reduced to 62.6% (in the post-pandemic years) from 63.3% (during the pre-pandemic years). Despite the shortage crisis, a slight positive impact could be seen in some categories of data, like the increased number of ‘prime-age workers’ (between 25 to 54 years) and women in the workforce.

The Role Of The Immigrants

Even though a high disparity could be seen in the number of Americans getting into the workforce versus the number retiring from the same, immigrants are essential in bridging the gap between these two extremes. Due to reasons like ageing, declining fertility rates, and a steady increase of the prime-age workers in the workforce, the decline of local Americans is seen. According to a recent research survey conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), many employers suggest that modernizing the U.S. immigration structure and buying the idea of immigrants can be a concrete solution to the labour shortage issue. About 73% of the employers (including H.R. professionals from 2,505 organizations from 19 distinct business niches) addressed the problem of a better immigration system, citing immigration as a potential means of economic growth and attracting global business talents.


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What Are EOR Service Providers USA?

As mentioned, the USA is a global business hub, ruling the world economy by inviting and patronizing several international business firms. EOR Service Providers USA are external organizations officially powered by a business firm to carry out international hiring for vacancies, manage post-hiring services like distribution of the payrolls, adhering to tax compliance, ensuring employee benefits, and extending legal assistance on various legalities levied by the local government, that are expected to be followed by the business firms hiring from that particular region. EOR solutions are considered the best solution for a business firm unwilling to establish its presence legally in a country with different employment laws. Still, they are in favour of hiring capable candidates from there.


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Top EOR Service Providers USA That You Can Hire

Here is a list of the Top 10 EOR Service Providers USA that provide excellent EOR solutions for your business firms:


Known as one of the leading EOR solutions companies, MME provides valuable assistance to its client business firms on international expansion, compliance, risk management, payroll, and benefits administration. MME is known for its efficient H.R. support system, which guarantees overall administrative efficiency for your business. This firm also ensures a simplified global expansion plan – a field where most business holders need expert thought. Besides this, MME provides its clients a time and cost-efficient deal, access to local expertise, and flexible workforce management plans. 


Supporting about 20,000 business firms worldwide, processing payments worth 5.5 billion USD, hiring 150,000 working professionals worldwide, and operating in over 150 countries, Deel has proven its excellence in EOR services globally. Leading global companies like Nike, Klarna, Shopify, Forever 21, Revolut, and more have chosen Deel as their hiring partner on an international level. From getting the candidates onboard rapidly by setting up quick contracts, equipment, and more, cutting down on unnecessary charges during payroll distribution and digital hassle, to staying compliant with the local labour laws, Deel claims to achieve each of these tasks with their efficient timeliness.


Remofirst EOR Service Providers USA claims to hire full-time employees from over 170+ countries, cutting down on your efforts to set up a separate legal establishment to hire capable job-seeking candidates. It is a platform wherein easy automation for calculating global employee hours, time offs, holidays, bonuses, and commissions is operated. A distinct payroll system is introduced by invoicing the client firms monthly in U.S. Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD), or Singapore Dollars (SGD) and attaining the objective of payroll distribution among the internationally hired employees in their respective local currencies.


Remote is an EOR solution company handling payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance, and more at a fixed rate for its client firms. A client-friendly and efficient platform, Remote, assures a fee return in the first 90 days of hiring them if the client firm is not satisfied with their management services. Owning their distinct legal entities across the world, Remote EOR proves to be a one-stop H.R. task solution, including tasks requiring meticulous working, viz. approving time offs and expense requests, processing job descriptions, compensation changes, supporting relocations, and most importantly, garnering expertise on the disparate labour laws constituted by different countries.

Papaya Global

Onboarding a specialized team of local experts who are based in different nations, are well-versed with the local language, and keep a thorough account of the happenings and updates on the expected compliance, legislation, labour laws, etc., Papaya Global gifts a perfect EOR solution package to its clients. Their software is inherently a user-friendly interface that stores employee data with minute detailed analytics and automatically showcases the changing global regulations on recruitment. Apart from this, Papaya Global ensures 24/7 customer support and personalized WhatsApp chats for its client business firms.

Velocity Global

Velocity Global is considered one of the best EOR Service Providers in the USA, known for the utmost importance given to adherence to legal compliances. Operating across more than 185 countries, Velocity Global provides several layers of security for safety assurance, virtual onboarding, contract management, international relocation, and visa assistance. With its globally-compliant equity program, it owns workspaces that are available in 120+ countries across the globe.

Oyster H.R.

Oyster H.R. is considered one of the best EOR service providers in 180 countries. They aim to be one of the best employee-affiliated service agencies to allow their client business firm to focus more on their strategic development instead of tiring their H.R. wings on managerial tasks like payroll distribution, international compliance, and benefit support services. Oyster HR offers built-in reimbursements and bonuses, a cost calculator to compare hiring costs in different nations, contractor-to-employee conversion tools, and other onboarding/offboarding services. Their low cost and contractor/employee analyzer tool, which enables quick and efficient choices for the companies, make them a favourite.

Atlas HXM

Atlas HXM aims to unlock smooth and localized client-firm onboarding experiences by providing solid documentation, automated systems foThey have a well-built network of local job-seekers in over 160 countries with a mastered expertise in managing easy distribution of the payrolls according to the different time zones of your internationally hired employees. They also claim to save about 87.5% of the amount of their clients and unidirectional EOR vendors.


Horizons gathers a trusted client base of over 1,500+ startups, SMEs, and large companies to provide all-in-one EOR solutions at the best and most affordable prices. Popular brands like Firecell, HomeToGo, Confr’eie des Domaines, etc., have expanded their avenues to many parts of the world, like the Asia-Pacific regions. It operates across 180+ nations, reducing the hiring time to a few hours and saving up to 85% of costs on hiring other EOR services.


Omnipresent as a leading EOR solution provider has marked its appearance in over 160+ countries handling employee compliances, benefits, and payroll – management, administration, and distribution. Many brands like Juni, Tessian, Learnerbly, Cube, Ravelin, and Supercede have partnered with the service to ensure smooth and convenient employee handling. Omnipresent offers seamless global mobility for your international employees through their trusted visa partners, a considerable decrease in the onboarding time (brought down to a few minutes), and a mutual support service for both – the employer and the employee. 


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How Do You Choose The Best EOR Service Providers USA?

Let us go through a few quick tips for hiring EOR Service Providers USA that are best suited for your business venture:

Ensuring Legalities

First, checking whether the EOR service provider ensures all the legal compliances expected while hiring an employee from the USA is essential. This is crucial to avoid penalties, fines, or any other legal hindrance in the hiring procedure. Legally hiring and taking up the responsibility of the hired candidate by displaying a local corporate presence, taking the tax authorities into account by registering the employee, payroll processing, filing taxes, and staying up-to-date in matters of H.R. compliance, etc., is an essential factor that should be taken in account.

The Degree Of Obligatory Split

EOR services are a type of co-employment practice that has a structure of distribution of responsibilities between the actual employer and the recruiting EOR agency. International hiring, payroll management and distribution, compliant hiring, and risk management are provided by the EOR agency. In contrast, their client business firm is responsible for conducting one-on-one meetings, setting goals, and managing learning and development. Different nations have specific labour laws and obligations, and the degree of responsibility split between the client firm and EOR provider may vary. It is, therefore, essential to specify the obligatory splitting before hiring an EOR management agency.

H.R. Solutions, Payroll, And Procedures

When an EOR solution company assures you to assist with various HR-related issues and operations, they ought to know the fundamental structure of the payroll systems and have a knowledgeable H.R. wing at their disposal. Thorough knowledge of U.S. tax legislation, relevant changes and updates, local employment law, client responsibilities, regulatory compliance, etc., is essential for hiring a suitable EOR provider. Also, a streamlined hiring procedure backed by a systematic post-hiring service can be a criterion to be sought after.


Why Is There A Need For EOR Service Providers in the USA?

Although the USA is a lucrative business destination for corporations and employees, it has various constituted laws changing from state to state. There is also a differentiation between the general and the federal regulations. This creates a lot of formalities and paperwork and involves many expected compliances to hire an employee from the country. EOR Service Providers USA proves to be an effective solution to ease these complications and conduct a hassle-free onboarding. The following are a few benefits of hiring an EOR service in the USA:

Expansion Made Easy

Expanding your business to several parts of the world requires efficient local staff to understand better and connect with the local targeted audience. EOR companies become essential here as hiring international talents in a seamless, easy, and timely way is one of the primary objectives of the EOR agencies. Hiring internationally is a game-changer in expanding your brand and reaching a global platform.

Compliance Made Easy

EOR services meticulously monitor the developments in labour laws in the countries where they operate. They look after their client firms’ expected compliance with the hiring, labour, and termination laws, financial reporting, mandatory benefits for employees, insurance coverage, license application and renewal, and lastly, tax filings and payrolls. This safeguards your firm from any legal fines or penalties.

Costing Made Easy

Hiring an EOR solution company for overseas hiring and payroll management cuts down on your costs of maintaining an in-house hiring team, training, studying legal compliances, establishing a legal presence in the country of hiring employees, etc. EOR solutions are highly cost-efficient and provide an onboarding staff that leads to overall profits and brand-building. Funds for building an infrastructure for in-house hiring resources are also saved and directed to a healthier pocket.



Legal Aspect Of Hiring EOR Service Providers in the USA

The following are some of the legal aspects by the EOR Service Providers USA:

Legal Aspects

Payroll Cycle

The United States has a separation of federal and general laws, which leads to differences in payroll laws among the states. According to state laws, Monthly, fortnightly, or weekly payments are required, creating desperation in the payroll cycles.

Minimum Wages

As of the year 2022, the limit for federal minimum wage is around 7.25 USD per hour. This law also has variations, as there are different bars for minimum wages in other states.

Sick Pay

In the USA, a worker is protected from termination during an unpaid leave for twelve weeks per year under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The criteria for availing of this leave are at least working time of a year and 1,250 hours with 50 other personnel applicable to a 75-mile radar.


Employer Tax

The employers’ tax includes 21% of corporate tax at a distinct VAT rate for different states. The employers’ tax also consists of the social costs.

Social Security

Social security is levied on every employee at about 13.65% of their salary, which is further bifurcated into:

  • 6.2% OASDI (Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance)
  • 1.45% of Medical Insurance
  • 6% FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax) 

Employee Tax

The employee tax at a federal level ranges between 10% and 37%. Furthermore, there are differences between the taxes and the state’s laws.


Notice Period

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) states that a 60-day notice period should be rendered to an employee in case of a collective dismissal.

Probation Period

It has been stated that the probation period in the USA should be at most 60-90 days.

Employment Termination and Severance

The labour law favours the employing companies by allowing them to terminate the service of any employee at any time for whatever reason, until and unless the cause is illegal. Severance pay is not applicable without any contract or a collective agreement between the employee and the employer.



The United States, is now a playing ground for corporates, inviting all the game masters to hire the best of players onboard and set on a journey of unending expansion and exploration in the global business spectrum. The only criterion to avail of this golden opportunity is teaching the best EOR Service Providers USA to level up your employee administration and rise out in the corporate sky with flying colors. Whether established or a small to medium-sized operational firm, every major and minor player from the business world should gauge the potential impact and huge difference the EOR service-providing agencies will have on the post-hiring managerial tasks industry. Having a good and diverse workforce to make it to a global level and expand your market share, EOR is a master key that would help you open new doors of numerous opportunities and make a difference on the worldwide business frontier.



What is the EOR Service Providers USA?

EOR Services is entirely a third-party organization that becomes the legal employer of your employees and holds liabilities of recruiting, employee benefits, employee taxes, and employment contracts. 

What are the services offered by the EOR Service Providers USA?

An EOR acts as a powered employer on behalf of the firm and handles all the managing tasks relevant to the employed candidates. Therefore, it becomes easier for businesses to harness international talents onboard and efficiently manage the post-hiring requirements.

What is the meaning of PEO?

PEO means professional employer organization. They provide small and medium-sized businesses with some H.R. tasks and risk management through co-employment.

What are some of the best EOR Service Providers in the USA?

MM Enterprises, Papaya Global, Remofirst, Deel, and Omnipresent are some of the best EOR services in the USA, providing the best of the best payroll and compliance assistance.

What does EOR stand for?

EOR particularly stands as an abbreviated term for ’employer of record’. EOR acts as a third-party organization for hiring international candidates on behalf of business firms.

How can I hire an employee from India?

You can swiftly hire an employee from India by partnering with an EOR service provider specializing in the Indian market and employment compliances for international business firms.

Will we need to set up bank accounts in the country we wish to engage a worker in?

No. The actual employers do not need a banking facility or local funds because the EOR is handling all the legal presence of their client firm in the native country of the employee. EOR providers have their separate legal entitlement to save the efforts of their client business firms.

How can I pay my foreign worker compliantly?

You can quickly pay your international employees by availing of the payroll services of an EOR service provider. EOR service providers have disparate systems for managing compliances and ensuring that the worker, the Social Security office, and the local tax authorities are paid on time.

What accounting responsibilities do the business firms need to take into account?

The business firms hiring EOR services are primarily responsible for keeping regular pre-funding sources ready to ensure the employee gets paid on time. The payroll schedule created by the EOR service agencies has to be followed by the client business firms to achieve speed and efficiency from the EOR provider.

What are social costs?

Social costs are the statutory cost of employment or the employer’s tax burden. It includes FICA funding Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in the USA. Every country has a different approach towards the state-provided benefits that directly impact social costs.