Top 10 EOR Service Providers in India This Year!

EOR Service Providers in India


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Are you looking to enhance your business operations? Discover the top 10 EOR Service Providers in India this year! But first, let’s understand the definition and overview of EOR services. EOR, or Employer of Record, is a solution where a company outsources its employee management and payroll responsibilities to a specialized provider.

With EOR, businesses can focus on core operations while enjoying benefits like compliance, HR support, and streamlined processes. Now, let’s dive into the list of leading EOR Service Providers in India, empowering organizations to navigate complex employment regulations and optimize workforce management seamlessly. 

Understanding EOR Services

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What are EOR services?

So, what exactly are EOR services, and how can they benefit your business? Let’s dive in and explore the advantages of this innovative solution. EOR services, also known as Employer of Record services, provide a complete outsourcing solution for managing your employees and handling all the administrative tasks that come with it. When you partner with an EOR service provider, they take care of tasks like payroll, benefits administration, tax compliance, and HR support, so you can focus on what you do best.

Immense Knowledge: 

One of the best things about EOR services is that they offer knowledge about regional employment rules and regulations. As a result, you won’t need to be concerned about legal or regulatory issues. You may remain stress-free because the EOR provider will take care of everything. Consider how much time you’ll save by letting the professionals manage personnel. The EOR Service Providers in India will handle all the necessary paperwork for terminations and recruit onboarding. Instead of becoming bogged down in administrative duties, you may concentrate on expanding your firm.


Another benefit of EOR services is their adaptability. The EOR Service Providers in India make it simple to grow into new markets or swiftly scale your staff for a project. They manage the hiring procedure so you can quickly and easily integrate new team members, not to mention the advantages and assets of EOR services. These companies frequently give attractive employee benefits packages like health insurance, pension programs, etc. Doing this may make your workplace inviting and draw top talent to your business.

Effective and Efficient: 

EOR Service Providers in India guarantee accurate and timely payroll payments to your employees. It keeps people engaged while allowing you to devote valuable time and resources to tactical plans that advance your company. Moreover, EOR services offer a thorough and effective way to manage your staff. They guide you through employment laws, guarantee compliance, and open doors to new advancement opportunities. You may streamline your workforce management procedures and concentrate on what matters—your company’s success—by working with a reputable EOR service provider.

Kinds of EOR Services Given By EOR Service Providers in India

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EOR Service Providers in India are aware of the many needs that organizations may have. They provide a variety of specialized services; as a result, to guarantee efficient operations. Let’s examine their various EOR services in more detail, and each catered to satisfy particular needs. 

Payroll Administration and more!

These companies mainly handle payroll administration. They take care of all the minute details, such as figuring salaries, deducting taxes, and ensuring workers are paid on schedule. Businesses are relieved from the stress of paying payroll, enabling them to concentrate on what they do best. EOR Service Providers in India also offer assistance with compliance and legal issues. They manage contracts and employee documentation while staying current with labor rules and regulations. 

Most importantly: Benefits Administration!

Benefits administration is something that EOR providers can handle. They oversee employee benefit arrangements, including retirement plans, health insurance, and other incentives. It not only makes it easier to recruit top talent, but it also makes sure that workers feel appreciated and well-cared for. 

Human Resource Services.

EOR service providers also give thorough HR assistance. They support the hiring, onboarding, and offboarding procedures, as well as the organization of personnel records and the upkeep of HR systems. Their experience improves efficiency, streamlines HR procedures, and fosters an enjoyable working environment. Even more specialized services, such as workforce analytics, are provided by some EOR Service Providers in India. They assist companies in gaining insightful knowledge about their employees, facilitating strategic workforce planning and well-informed decision-making.

Hiring and Recruiting!

EOR Service Providers in India also assist employers in hiring foreign workers to process work permits and visas. In doing so, they ensure a smooth transfer and compliance with all legal requirements while navigating the complexities of immigration procedures. The committed customer assistance these suppliers provide makes switching to EOR services easier. Throughout their involvement, they are available to resolve any queries or worries firms may have immediately. By utilizing these services, firms can optimize staff management, maintain compliance, and streamline operations, paving the way for success and growth. 

What Role Does EOR Service Providers in India Play?

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EOR Service Providers in India is your ultimate legal partner!

They play a vital role in helping businesses hire workers in different regions without getting tangled in complex legal requirements. Previously, it was challenging for companies to employ workers beyond their home region if they went through the costly and time-consuming process of setting up local legal entities. It put global hiring out of reach for all but the most well-funded enterprises. That’s where EOR service providers step in to make a difference.

EOR Service Providers in India is your ultimate source of talent!

They level the playing field, giving businesses of all sizes access to a global talent pool, even in places where they don’t have a legal entity. By partnering with an EOR, companies can bypass the headaches of setting up legal entities. EOR Service Providers in India shoulder the responsibility of managing local legal requirements, allowing businesses to focus on finding the right talent. 

EOR Service Providers in India provide access to global expertise!

They open doors to diverse markets, enable expansion into new locations, and facilitate collaboration with professionals across borders. Whether it’s hiring remote workers or establishing a physical presence in a different country, 

EOR Service Providers in India offer flexibility and efficiency. 

They remove cost and administrative complexities barriers, making it easier for businesses to tap into the international talent and seize global opportunities. With the support of EOR Service Providers in India, companies can adapt to changing market demands, scale their operations, and navigate the complexities of international employment seamlessly. 

Why Should You Hire EOR Services?

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EOR Service Providers in India provide a seamless and effective option for hiring professionals from other nations. Let’s look at the benefits of using EOR services for your demands regarding international employment. Consider locating the ideal applicant for your company; however, they are abroad. Hiring them as contractors might offer more stability and benefits than they seek. Although setting up a legal corporation in their nation appears to be an option, the difficulties and expenses quickly become prohibitive.

Committed staff and significant resources are needed for international expansion. It can be time-consuming and expensive to deal with local officials, fill out substantial paperwork, and make repeated journeys. It’s a process that requires knowledge and a significant expenditure. EOR Service Providers in India ease worldwide employment by negotiating the complex terrain of global employment legislation. They have the legal framework to support hiring workers from different states, provinces, and nations. You may access a pool of talent from around the world by working with EOR Service Providers in India without having to deal with complicated legal issues.

Top 10 EOR Service Providers in India

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1.    Horizons

Horizons, formerly known as New Horizons Global Partners, is well-known for its remarkable services. The company is a prominent player in the Indian market for EOR service providers because of its superior performance in assuring compliance, managing payroll, and addressing tax concerns. Horizons help businesses introduce themselves to the Indian market as a significant resource. Additionally, they give you access to a wide range of highly trained workers, enabling you to hire top personnel who align with your company’s objectives. 

2.    MM Enterprises

MM Enterprises is a committed business that takes pride in serving as your co-employer and human resources division. They are genuinely ready to help you because they know how serious you are about succeeding. One of India’s top EOR Service Providers, their excellent payroll outsourcing services are created to be cost-effective and risk-sharing. You can trust MM Enterprises’ experience to efficiently handle your payroll obligations, allowing you to concentrate on attaining your company’s objectives.

3.    Insource India

Insource India is a trusted partner for businesses aiming to establish and expand their operations in India. With their assistance, multinational companies can tap into India’s vast consumer market of 1.3 billion people and leverage the country’s pool of talented tech professionals. Insource India has a proven track record of solving clients’ challenges and providing practical solutions, earning the trust of businesses worldwide. Whether launching operations or overcoming obstacles, Insource India is committed to helping clients succeed in the Indian market.

4.    Remunance

Leading EOR service provider Remunance in India focuses on managing non-core activities to promote company expansion. Remunance offers all-inclusive services that enable people to reach their full potential thanks to their extensive experience. Their dedication to stakeholders, employees, and clients ensures a confident and honorable road to success. Remunance, one of the top EOR service providers, provides various solutions that let companies concentrate on their core skills while leaving administrative and HR responsibilities to the pros.

5.    Skuad

Skuad is a cutting-edge EOR solution provider revolutionizing how businesses interact with top experts worldwide. A platform run by seasoned HR professionals enables enterprises to create diverse, distributed teams that transcend geographical boundaries. Accept a healthy work-life balance where pursuing personal interests doesn’t mean sacrificing time with family and friends. Skuad, one of India’s top EOR Service Providers, combines state-of-the-art HR support with cutting-edge technology to enable smooth global hiring. 

6.    Cliq HR

Leading EOR service provider Cliq HR provides complete solutions for companies seeking practical and legal worldwide employment. Cliq HR reduces the complexity of managing a multinational workforce due to its significant expertise in HR and labor laws. Their offerings cover benefits management, payroll administration, legal compliance, and employee onboarding, ensuring efficient operations in many jurisdictions. Cliq HR’s standout characteristics include personalized assistance, reduced procedures, and an intuitive platform, enabling companies to concentrate on their primary goals. 

7.    NN Road

A reputable provider of EOR services, NN Road is known for its all-inclusive offerings and client-focused philosophy. NN Road helps companies through the challenges of worldwide expansion since they are thoroughly aware of foreign labor laws. They offer services that ensure flawless operations across borders, including payroll management, legal compliance, HR administration, and talent acquisition. Some of NN Road’s standout qualities are personalized service, cost-effective solutions, and a dedication to compliance. 

8.    NH Global Partners

Leading EOR service provider NH Global Partners, formerly known as New Horizons Global Partners, offers a variety of solutions to assist companies in expanding internationally. NH Global Partners ensures that hiring foreign personnel is simple and compliant by heavily emphasizing compliance and risk mitigation. They provide comprehensive help throughout the employment lifecycle, including payroll administration, tax management, HR support, and legal compliance.

  9.    Velocity Global

Velocity Global is a reputable EOR service provider known for its comprehensive solutions that simplify global expansion for businesses. They offer various services, including international payroll, compliance management, and talent acquisition. With their global expertise and local knowledge, Velocity Global enables companies to navigate complex international regulations and efficiently establish a presence in new markets. Their key features include a technology-driven approach, personalized support, and a vast network of in-country experts, ensuring seamless and compliant employment solutions for businesses expanding their global footprint. 

10.    HUSYS

HUSYS is a well-known EOR service provider that focuses on giving companies all-inclusive HR solutions. They provide services, including payroll management, compliance support, and employee benefits administration, with a focus on the needs of the customer. HUSYS is unique in its ability to manage the intricacies of HR and offer specialized solutions catering to each client’s requirements. Their important traits include a solid technological foundation, committed client service, and a keen emphasis on upholding regulatory compliance. 

Why Hire an EOR Service Provider in India?

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Get access to a Global Talent Pool.

By teaming up with EOR Service Providers in India, you gain access to a vast global talent pool that may otherwise be challenging. These EOR providers have established networks and strong relationships with local recruitment agencies, job boards, etc.

Get relief from Administrative Burden.

Partnering with an EOR service provider takes a significant weight off your shoulders by relieving you of the administrative burden of employing workers. With the EOR handling employment-related tasks, your HR and administrative staff can redirect their focus to more strategic and essential aspects of your business. 

Maintain laws and regulations.

Navigating the intricate web of local regulations when hiring employees in different countries can be overwhelming, and it is where EOR Service Providers in India prove invaluable. Their comprehensive understanding of various countries’ legal and regulatory frameworks ensures your business fully complies with local laws. 

Enjoy the flexibility in working.

Flexibility in managing your workforce is crucial for business success, and an EOR service provider offers precisely that. They enable you to hire employees on a temporary or contract basis, allowing you to adapt your workforce according to demand fluctuations or specific project needs. 

Innovative Expertise

Managing employment compliance across different countries requires specialized knowledge and resources. EOR Service Providers in India bring precisely that to the table. Their deep understanding of local employment laws and regulations ensures your company complies with all legal requirements. 

Payroll and Benefits Management

Efficient payroll and benefits administration is crucial for a smooth operation, especially when managing an international workforce. An EOR service provider handles all aspects of payroll processing, including tax withholdings and social security contributions. 

Risk Mitigation

Mitigating legal and financial risks is paramount in international business operations. When you partner with EOR Service Providers in India, they handle employment-related tasks, ensuring compliance with local labour laws and regulations. It significantly reduces the risk of legal disputes and penalties. 

Access to advanced technology

Most EOR Service Providers in India now offer technology platforms that streamline processes and centralize employee data. These platforms simplify data management, granting you easy access and control over your foreign hires in one place. 

Downsides of EOR Service Providers in India

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Time Limitations

In certain countries, there are limitations on the duration of employment through an EOR solution. For example, in Germany, individuals cannot be hired for more than 18 consecutive months under the local Arbeitnehmerüberlassung (AÜG) regulations. It can pose challenges for client companies seeking long-term team members, necessitating alternative approaches such as establishing a local entity to hire employees directly.

The powers of the Client Company are Restricted.

While employees work under the day-to-day supervision of the client company, formal disciplinary actions must be carried out by the EOR. It means that HR processes requiring disciplinary actions may involve coordination with the EOR, potentially leading to delays and the risk of non-compliance with the client company’s directions. Clear contractual agreements between the EOR and the client company can help mitigate this issue.

Certain Activities Need Local Incorporation

Expanding globally often involves more than just hiring local staff. Certain business activities, such as entering supply contracts under local law or accessing government subsidies, may require provincial incorporation. In these cases, more than relying on an EOR solution may be required, and establishing a local presence may be necessary.

Co-employment or ‘Joint Employment’ Risk

The determination of who legally counts as the employer can vary across countries. Regardless of the contractual terms between the client company and EOR, the legal definition of the employer is determined by local laws. In some jurisdictions, there is recognition that two companies can be considered joint employers, which may have implications for employment regulations and obligations. To minimize these risks, reliable and responsible EOR service providers manage their relationships with client companies and employees.

How to Choose the Best EOR Service Provider in India?

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Determine Your Specific Needs

Assessing your unique needs and goals before hiring EOR Service Providers in India is an excellent place to start. Consider elements like the nations you intend to operate in, the size of your team, and the degree of assistance and knowledge you need. Check their qualifications as well for the most outstanding evaluation.

Expertise and Experience

Choose EOR Service Providers in India who has a solid track record and a wealth of market knowledge in India. Consider their knowledge of regional employment laws, rules, and cultural quirks. A provider with a vast network and a track record of success can speed up the hiring procedure and guarantee compliance.

Service Offerings and Flexibility

Analyze the variety of services all EOR Service Providers in India offer. Ensure they manage crucial duties, including benefits administration, payroll processing, and legal compliance. Examine their adaptability to your business requirements, such as project-based employment or temporary workforce.

Compliance and Risk Management

Adherence to regional rules and regulations is essential when conducting business in India. Check to see if the company providing EOR services has a robust compliance framework, including a complete understanding of tax rules, employment laws, and reporting requirements. To reduce the danger to your company’s finances and legal standing, find out about their risk management techniques.

Technology and Reporting Capabilities

Think about the EOR service provider’s ability to innovate. The platform to manage employee data, process payroll, and generate reports should be secure and effective. Real-time reporting and analytics access can give you insightful information about your personnel and assist you in making defensible judgments.

Client References and Reputation

To evaluate the potential EOR service provider’s reputation and level of client satisfaction, ask for client references. Speak with current or former customers to learn more about their interactions with the supplier. Assessing their dependability and professionalism can also be aided by online evaluations and the sector’s reputation.

Support and Customer Service

Analyze the EOR service provider’s level of assistance and customer support. Addressing any potential concerns or issues requires prompt and effective communication. Ensure they have a committed support staff to help you during the engagement.

Pricing and Cost Transparency

Recognize the EOR service provider’s pricing model and guarantee cost transparency. Compare price structures and find out whether there are any extra costs or hidden expenses. A dependable supplier will give you a detailed breakdown of pricing so you can plan your spending for their services.

Scalability and Future Expansion

Consider the provider’s capacity to assist your company’s expansion and growth ambitions in India. Examine their ability to manage an expansion in the number of employees, react to shifting regulatory requirements, and, if necessary, offer support in additional locations.

Common Myths About EOR Service Providers in India

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Regarding Employer of Record (EOR) service providers in India, several common myths can mislead businesses. It’s important to separate fact from fiction to make informed decisions. Let’s debunk some of the common myths surrounding EOR Service Providers in India:

Myth: EOR service providers are employment agencies

Reality: While EORs may assist with employment-related tasks, they are not traditional employment agencies. EORs handle administrative, legal, and compliance responsibilities on behalf of businesses.

Myth: EOR service providers only benefit large corporations

Reality: EOR services benefit businesses of all sizes, including startups and SMEs. They provide access to resources, expertise, and compliance support that might otherwise be challenging for smaller companies to handle independently.

Myth: EOR service providers are expensive

Reality: The cost of EOR services can vary depending on factors such as the scope of services required and the workforce size. However, partnering with an EOR can be cost-effective in the long run, considering their expertise, time savings, and risk mitigation.

Myth: EOR service providers take complete control of HR functions

Reality: EORs handle specific HR functions related to employment administration, payroll, and compliance. However, the client company retains control over strategic HR decisions, such as hiring, performance management, and employee development.

Myth: EOR service providers are a temporary solution

Reality: EOR services can be utilized for both short-term and long-term engagements. They offer flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, whether temporary staffing, project-based work, or long-term workforce management.

Myth: EOR service providers only deal with clerical work

Reality: Although administrative activities comprise a sizable portion of EOR services, credible suppliers also have a firm grasp of tax rules, benefits administration, and local labor laws. They serve companies with challenging HR needs as a strategic partner.

Myth: Employee engagement needs to be improved by EOR service providers.

Reality: EORs concentrate on administrative and compliance matters, freeing client organizations to prioritize promoting employee engagement, culture, and growth. By assuring fast and correct payroll processing, benefits administration, and compliance with employment rules, EORs may improve the employee experience.

Myth: EOR service providers should refrain from expanding internationally.

Reality: Businesses that are developing internationally can significantly benefit from EOR services. They assist in navigating intricate international legislation, guarantee adherence to regional labor laws, and streamline HR procedures in new markets, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies.

Myth: The industries in which EOR service providers can operate are limited.

Reality: EOR services can be used in various sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and technology. The adaptability of EOR solutions to different business sectors results from their flexibility and scalability.

Myth: Employers have little control over EOR service providers’ personnel.

Reality: Although EORs take care of administrative duties, they closely collaborate with client organizations to guarantee employee compliance, performance management, and adherence to corporate rules. Clear expectations and effective communication are critical.

Businesses can better grasp the benefits and value that EOR service providers offer by busting these myths. Working with a renowned EOR may give Indian companies the support, knowledge, and compliance help they need to prosper in a competitive and fast-paced business climate.

EOR Services VS AOR Services

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Businesses have two effective alternatives for worldwide development and managing a dispersed workforce: Employer of Record (EOR) services and Agent of Record (AOR) services. To make wise selections, it is essential to comprehend how these two techniques differ. Let’s see how EOR and AOR services vary from one another:

Definition and Role

A client company’s employees are hired and managed legally by an Employer of Record on their behalf. They handle compliance, benefits, payroll, and other employment-related duties. A client company and an insurance provider are connected through an Agent of Record, and they aid in the acquisition of insurance coverage and streamline insurance transactions.

Employment Relationship

EORs create an employer-employee connection with the personnel they supervise on the client company’s behalf. They take care of all obligations about employment and guarantee adherence to labour rules. AORs create no employer-employee relationship. They mainly concentrate on assisting with insurance coverage and expediting insurance-related activities.

Legal Responsibility

As the employer of record, EORs are legally responsible for workers’ compensation, labor regulations, tax duties, and employment contracts. AORs are not considered employers for legal purposes, and they facilitate coverage and deal with insurance-related transactions.

Scope of Services

EORs provide comprehensive services such as tax withholding, legal compliance across numerous jurisdictions, employee onboarding and offboarding, payroll administration, benefits management, and HR compliance. AORs are generally focused on providing services connected to insurance, such as buying insurance policies, helping process insurance claims, and doing administrative work.

Employee Relationship

The EOR, who manages their payroll, benefits, and other employment-related issues, has a direct employment relationship with the employees handled by the EOR. Workers and AORs do not share a direct employment relationship; they only participate in insurance-related transactions and policies.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

EORs ensure that local tax laws, employment contracts, and other legal obligations are followed. They ensure that regulations are followed correctly and stay current with any modifications. AORs concentrate on insurance-related compliance, including observing insurance rules, providing accurate documentation, and speeding up claims processing.

Global Expansion Support

EORs offer crucial assistance to companies that are going worldwide. They avoid complicated legal and regulatory environments while assuring compliance in many nations and optimizing HR procedures. As their primary concentration is on insurance-related services rather than managing a worldwide workforce, AORs often do not provide help for global expansion.

Businesses looking to grow abroad or manage their staff effectively must know the differences between EOR and AOR services. While AOR services facilitate insurance transactions and coverage, EOR services include extensive employment support, legal compliance, and assistance with international expansion. Businesses can select the best solution to effectively meet their demands by assessing their unique needs and goals.


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Companies expanding into India should consider hiring an Employer of Record (EOR) service provider. The benefits are substantial, including accessibility to a worldwide talent pool, a lighter administrative load, and adherence to local laws. An EOR can provide flexibility in employee hiring and management, administer payroll and benefits, and reduce legal and financial concerns. But it’s essential to be aware of some things, like possible deadlines, restrictions on the client company’s authority, and the necessity of local incorporation in some situations.

Businesses can maximize market potential in India while reducing operational complexity by carefully weighing these variables and forming a partnership with a reputed EOR service provider. Evaluating EOR service providers in India can give companies the assistance and knowledge they need to negotiate the regional business environment successfully. Businesses can streamline their expansion efforts and achieve sustained growth in the dynamic Indian market by utilizing the advantages and considering the factors.