Big Data and Mobile Apps Will Fundamentally Change How HR Does Its Job

ESTPORT, CT, Jul 21, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Brian Sommer, a leading Human Capital Management and HR technology expert for 32 years, says that Big Data analytics, mobile applications and other fast-emerging technologies will fundamentally change how HR does its job.

Sommer’s predictions highlight the sixth edition of “Firing Line with Bill Kutik(R)”, the new web video series for the HR community, which debuts today on You Tube at

“I think what’s really interesting at this time is that besides just the Cloud, things like Big Data analytics, in-memory database technology, all new kinds of mobile technology — all this is coming and it’s coming at the same time,” Sommer tells Kutik.

“And that creates kind of a competency of technology change hitting all at once…an opportunity for HR technology vendors as well as HR executives to take advantage of some very profound things that will change their processes. It’s going to change their technology. It’s probably going to change their perspective about what HR really should be doing going forward.”

Sommer also issues a call to action and a warning for HR execs who don’t stay abreast of these fast-developing innovations. “Those best HR executives I run into are the ones who play in traffic frequently, who invite a lot of vendors and stuff into their office and see a lot of demos,” Sommer said.

“They get to all the right shows, and they’re taking chances and experimenting with this stuff because they’re looking to see things that are transformed. So, if you don’t get out there and become cosmopolitan, you’re going to be road kill.”

To date, the monthly “Firing Line” series, which began in March, has received 10,000 views on YouTube.


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