Best EOR Service Providers in India: Select From The Top Players

Best EOR Service Providers in India


Are you trying to find the Best EOR Service Providers in India? Well, your search ends here. India is generally renowned as one of the top outsourcing destinations since it has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and a significant supply of highly skilled individuals. An Employer of Record (EOR) may be the best option when hiring individuals worldwide because it will prevent you from challenging legal and administrative problems.



The absence of a legislative minimum wage in India’s private sector makes it a popular option for businesses searching for cost-effective alternatives. This article will lead you through the reasons, steps, and undeniable advantages of selecting an EOR service in India. Continue reading to learn more about the Best EOR Service Providers in India so you can decide on the ideal partner for your company’s development and expansion. Explore the EOR services market in India to grasp this developing, talent-filled country’s potential fully!


Best EOR Service Providers in India: What Is It?



An employer of record (EOR) in India is a valuable service provider that facilitates the hiring, managing, and paying of employees in countries where you lack a legal entity. With an EOR, you can entrust critical tasks like payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and local compliance, allowing you to concentrate on your core team.

Businesses often turn to EORs to expand their operations into foreign territories without the hassle of establishing a local entity, which can be costly and time-consuming. This partnership enables companies to quickly and cost-effectively employ workers in other countries, regardless of size. 

Employer of record services encompasses various essential functions within human resources and legal departments. Beyond payroll and benefits administration, they may also provide advisory services to assist companies in expanding their teams into new markets.

It is important to note that Best EOR Service Providers in India do not involve “co-employment,” where two companies jointly employ an individual. Instead, the EOR is the sole employer on paper in the country where the employee works. However, in practical terms, the EOR only interferes in the day-to-day work life of the employee beyond handling HR-related paperwork.

When you engage an EOR, you manage your team members employed through this arrangement just like any other employee. You lead and direct them while EOR Services efficiently handles all the administrative and legal formalities, streamlining the employment process for your international workforce.


History of EOR Services



Outsourcing and its Impact: Best EOR Service Providers in India

“Employer of Record” (EOR) as a third-party contracting solution can be better understood by delving into outsourcing or contracting out history. For a long time, businesses have been outsourcing various tasks to external parties. For instance, cleaning services for office spaces have long been delegated to third-party companies. This outsourcing trend has gained momentum in the 20th and 21st centuries, leading to significant economic consequences. Research by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that outsourcing middle-income jobs overseas has contributed to a “hollowing out” of the employment market. The proportion of jobs in the top quintile has increased, while the middle three quintiles have experienced a decline in employment opportunities.

The role of the employer:

The idea of outsourcing the employment function is a more recent development, stemming from the emergence of the legal concept of an “employer” in response to labor movements and severe working conditions in the mid-19th century. Before this, workers were essentially independent contractors. The advent of the employer brought about defined functions and responsibilities, which included recruiting, hiring, negotiating working conditions with employees or unions, directing day-to-day activities, organizing payroll, deducting income and payroll taxes, ensuring worker health and safety, and compliance with labor laws.

Outsourcing employer functions: 

Modern recruitment agencies such as the Best EOR Service Providers in India began in 1873 when Gabbitas & Thring, a UK firm, provided recruitment services for private school teachers. Recruitment firms focused on temporary labor in the following years and evolved into “contract staffing” or “temp” agencies. Another notable example of outsourcing arose with Automatic Payrolls Inc, established in 1949, later known as ‘Automatic Data Processing’ or ‘ADP,’ a Fortune 500 company. ADP specialized in handling practical payroll tasks, printing checks and pay slips for client companies’ employees, eventually transitioning from manual to automated processes.

From employee leasing to the employer of record:

The idea of outsourcing compliance and employers’ tax responsibilities gave rise to Employer of Record services. Though precise records are scarce due to limited regulation before the 1980s, labor leasing in the late 1960s can be seen as an early precursor to EOR services. In labor leasing, a third-party managed services company leased employees to client firms for temporary or extended periods. By doing so, client companies avoided pension plan obligations associated with regular employers. Federal laws in 1982 and 1986 formalized this arrangement and provided a “safe harbor” for client firms, leading to the establishment of the Employer of Record role. Now most companies have relied on the Best EOR Service Providers in India.


10 Best EOR Service Providers in India




Multiplier is one of the Best EOR Service Providers in India that gives businesses HR and global payroll services, consolidating tasks under one supplier. They provide payroll processing, tax compliance, benefits management, and worker’s compensation. The team of experts provides continuing support, ensuring adherence to local rules and ordinances while helping businesses overcome challenges. 

Their website provides helpful resources like the TalentWiki and the Work Permit Database, which compile essential data for recruiting internationally. Organizations can dependably outsource HR-related tasks with Multiplier, freeing up resources for crucial business operations and global expansion.



As your co-employer and human resources partner, MME, a committed company and one of the Best EOR Service Providers in India takes these responsibilities seriously. They are aware of your dedication to achievement and go above and beyond to help you at every turn. They provide cost-effective and risk-shared solutions, specializing in excellent payroll outsourcing services. 

With their broad range of experience, MME effectively handles all payroll-related tasks, freeing you up to fully concentrate on attaining your company’s goals. Count on their assistance to help you face human resources difficulties with confidence so that your business can prosper to new heights.



Deel is one of the Best EOR Service Providers in India. It empowers companies to hire quickly in 150+ countries—no need to set up new entities for international expansion. Access a global talent pool effortlessly. Deel manages your international team from onboarding to termination. Their user-friendly web app simplifies worker management.

Enjoy international benefits, contract management, and expense tracking. Customise contracts with stipends, bonuses, and stock options. Streamline and optimize your workforce with Deel’s integrated solutions. Say goodbye to the complexities of global employment. Experience seamless and efficient HR processes with Deel’s comprehensive services.


Papaya Global

Papaya Global is an automated SaaS platform that simplifies global workforce management. It is one of the Best EOR Service Providers in India. Recruiters benefit from barrier-free global hiring. The software streamlines onboarding to cross-border payments in 160+ countries. User-friendly web app enhances worker management. International benefits, contract management, and expense tracking are included features. 

Integrated contract management allows customizations like stipends, bonuses, and stock options. Papaya Global is your end-to-end solution for international team management, from onboarding to termination. Say goodbye to complexities in HR processes. Manage your workforce efficiently with Papaya Global’s comprehensive services. Embrace seamless global hiring with their state-of-the-art platform.


Velocity Global

Velocity Worldwide is one of the Best EOR Service Providers in India. They provide a full range of services to help businesses expand internationally. With their assistance, firms can hire in more than 185 nations without having to deal with the trouble of forming legal entities. Their Employer of Record (EOR) services manage HR, payroll, and compliance tasks to guarantee efficient international operations. 

The software makes it possible to manage expenses, administer benefits, and onboard new employees quickly. The solutions offered by Velocity Global lower risk and complexity while giving users access to a wide range of expertise. Utilize their dependable and effective services for hassle-free personnel management and international expansion.



Talent500 offers global workforce management software with employer-of-record services. Outsource employment responsibilities seamlessly. Manage recruitment, hiring, payroll, and tax filing—access operation support experts for a smooth process. Ensure compliance with local regulations effortlessly—built-in compliance for employment, operating zones, labor laws, taxes, and insurance. 

Stay updated with regulation changes, and mitigate non-compliance risks. Talent500 streamlines your entire employment process. Simplify HR management and focus on core business goals. Experience hassle-free global workforce management with their reliable and efficient platform. Trust Talent500 to handle your employment needs with expertise and precision.



Foxhire provides extensive Employer of Record services across 100+ countries. They excel in financial, administrative, insurance, and legal matters. From payroll to benefits administration, all employee functions are expertly managed. Enjoy smooth employee onboarding, background checks, drug screening, and fingerprinting. Foxhire handles workers’ compensation, unemployment claims, and employee terminations. 

Health benefits administration, employment contracts, immigration, tax compliance, and IRS matters are efficiently covered. Trust Foxhire for seamless workforce management, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Focus on your business while they handle the complexities of global employment. Experience peace of mind with Foxhire’s comprehensive and reliable services.



Remofirst is one of the Best EOR Service Providers in India that liberates employers from geographical limitations—access global talent effortlessly with their EOR platform. Hire and manage employees or contractors in 150+ countries without setting up local entities. Simplify international payroll with their efficient services. Summarise invoices for consolidated payments. 

Automatic calculation of hours, time off, holidays, bonuses, and commissions. Just review and approve the monthly invoice for payment. Employees get paid in their local currency, enhancing convenience. Remofirst streamlines your global hiring process, saving time and effort. Enjoy a seamless, worry-free experience with their reliable EOR solutions. Source talent worldwide with ease through Remofirst.



Rippling is an all-in-one platform for HR, payroll, and IT needs of global businesses. Run payroll effortlessly, paying each team or employee in their local currency. It is one of the Best EOR Service Providers in India. They provide EOR and PEO services alongside their software—benefit from compliance monitoring, automated tax filings, and precise time tracking. Reporting is made easy with their comprehensive system. 

Rippling automatically assigns country-specific compliance training for EOR employees, eliminating the need for manual tracking—no need to worry about employee compliance training requirements for different countries. Everything is handled seamlessly within the Rippling platform. Simplify your HR and payroll processes with Rippling’s reliable and efficient solutions.


Safeguard Global

Safeguard Global is one of the trusted and Best EOR Service Providers in India. They help businesses expand their talent reach across borders. With their Employer of Record (EOR) services, companies can hire and manage employees worldwide without establishing local entities. Safeguard Global ensures compliance with local laws, taxes, and regulations. Their comprehensive platform handles payroll, benefits administration, and HR tasks efficiently. Simplify workforce management and focus on core business goals. 

Access a diverse talent pool without the complexities of global hiring. Safeguard Global’s expertise ensures smooth operations in over 179 countries. Experience seamless HR processes and mitigate compliance risks with their reliable solutions. Trust Safeguard Global to safeguard your global workforce.


Best EOR Service Providers in India: Why Do You Need One?



Access to a Global Talent Pool

Businesses can access a worldwide talent pool that might otherwise be difficult to access by engaging with the Best EOR Service Providers in India. EOR suppliers can locate the most potential candidate from other countries because of their networks and ties with regional employment agencies.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Business owners can lessen their administrative burden by working with the Best EOR Service Providers in India. Companies can focus their HR and administrative staff on core business operations by outsourcing employment-related work to the EOR, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Respect for Local Regulations

When recruiting workers abroad, navigating local restrictions can be difficult and time-consuming. The Best EOR Service Providers in India know regional laws and rules, ensuring that firms follow the law. This is vital because national laws differ significantly in areas like tax duties and employment legislation.

Greater Flexibility

The Best EOR Service Providers in India give employers more options for hiring and managing staff. They can help hire contract or temporary workers, allowing businesses to change their personnel. Businesses must deal with changing consumer demand.

Access to Specialised Knowledge

Firms can save time and money by utilizing an EOR’s local knowledge. The Best EOR Service Providers in India thoroughly understand employment laws and rules, assuring compliance and lowering the possibility of fines and legal issues. Additionally, companies can avoid the expenses related to establishing legal entities abroad.

Payroll and Benefits Management

Benefits management and payroll processing are handled by EORs, who also deduct taxes and pay social security contributions. To recruit and keep employees, they also give access to local benefit packages, including retirement plans and health insurance.

Risk reduction

Businesses reduce their financial and legal risks by giving an EOR charge of employment-related duties. EORs ensure that local labor regulations are followed, lowering the possibility of conflicts and fines. Additionally, they provide insurance protection for businesses against financial losses, such as workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

Technology Platforms

A large number of EOR providers provide technology platforms that centralize employee data and make management and control easier. These platforms simplify procedures and give quick access to employee information, improving productivity and transparency.


Why Hire Employees In India?



India has an ever-growing talent pool.

India is a popular destination for work because of its sizable and growing talent base. Oxford Economics forecasts numerous wealthy countries will experience a skills shortage by 2021, whereas India will have a surplus of college-educated, competent individuals. Approximately 3.1 million students enter the workforce each year in India, which continues to have a robust talent market.

The 2020 New Education Policy, a component of the India Digital strategy, emphasizes technology use and education. Rapid internet access, widespread digital literacy, and a safe online environment are all required under the government’s “digitally empowered” society development plan. As a result of these actions, India can now control the global technical market.

India is the leading destination for sourcing tech talent.

India remains the top country in the world for finding IT talent despite the rising need for workers with specialized knowledge of technology. Over 1,000 delivery facilities for Indian IT and BPM have been developed in almost 80 different countries, according to the India Brand Equity Foundation. 

The IT sector’s export income is anticipated to increase by 8–9% yearly, reaching US$135–137 billion, as 40% of Indian developers upgrade their skills over the next five years. With investments reaching a record high of US$14.5 billion in 2019, the Indian government is concentrating on infrastructure development to meet this demand. The likelihood of a rapid increase in the country’s e-commerce market makes India another alluring location for firms.

Hiring talent in India is cost-effective.

Talent acquisition is less expensive in India than it is elsewhere. For example, salaries for web developers are lower in this region than in other Asian nations where hourly wages are significantly higher. Businesses looking for excellent employees at a reasonable price are drawn to this cost advantage.

India is passing legislation to protect international companies

This law safeguards both individual privacy and commercial hiring of Indians. Providing them with access to a secure environment encourages foreign companies to enter the Indian market.


Best EOR Service Providers in India: How To Select The Best?




Research the company and check customer reviews. Look for a trusted provider with a proven track record of success. Recognition from research firms like Everest Group and NelsonHall can indicate a reputable EOR service.

Direct or Indirect

Consider whether the EOR is direct or indirect. Direct EORs own local entities, providing faster and more direct employee support. Indirect EORs rely on multiple third parties, leading to slower processes and higher administration costs.


Choose an EOR with extensive industry experience and knowledge of local regulations. Atlas has entities in 160+ countries, serving diverse industries while ensuring compliance with employment laws.

Support Services

Evaluate additional support services the EOR offers, such as employee onboarding, payroll management, benefits administration, and in-country compliance. Look for a provider that meets your specific needs.

Speed and Flexibility

One of the main advantages of EOR partnerships is the increased speed and flexibility in entering new markets. EORs can set you up in new markets within days, compared to the months it takes to set up local entities. Choose a provider that can adapt to your changing business needs.


Consider the fees associated with EOR services. While they may seem costly, EORs offer significant savings compared to setting up entities in multiple countries. Partnering with the Best EOR Services in India can save businesses up to 87.5% of costs by removing the complexities of navigating local laws and paperwork.


Best EOR Service Providers in India: Challenges Related To It



Potential Time Limits

In certain countries like Germany, there are time limits on how long employees can be hired through an EOR solution. For example, the local equivalent of an EOR solution in Germany allows hiring for a maximum of 18 consecutive months. This limitation can impact companies seeking permanent team members, requiring them to explore other options, like setting up a local entity or subsidiary for direct hiring.

Limitations on Powers of Client Company

While day-to-day supervision of employees lies with the client company, formal disciplinary action must be carried out by the EOR. This can lead to delays in implementing punitive measures and pose a risk if the EOR does not comply with client company directions. To address this, contracts between the EOR and the client company should specify that the EOR must act according to the client’s directions. Tri-partite agreements between the EOR, client company, and employee can provide additional assurance of rights and obligations.

Some Activities Require Local Incorporation

Expanding globally may involve more than just hiring local staff. Some organizations may need to establish provincial incorporation to enter into supply contracts or apply for government subsidies under local law. More than relying on an EOR solution may be required in such cases, necessitating local establishment.

Co-employment or ‘Joint Employment’ Risk

The definition of an employer varies by country, and regardless of the contract terms, the legal test determines who is recognized as the employer. In the United States, under the National Labor Relations Act, two companies can sometimes be identified as joint employers. Responsible EORs must manage their relationship with client companies and employees to minimize co-employment risks.


Which Industries Should Hire EOR Services in India?



Healthcare Industry

Using EOR services in India is advantageous for the healthcare sector. EORs can assist healthcare organizations in hiring qualified doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel swiftly and effectively because of the rising need for experienced healthcare experts. To free up healthcare practitioners to concentrate on providing high-quality patient care, EORs can also manage payroll, benefits administration, and compliance with local healthcare regulations.

Infrastructure Sector

For various projects, the infrastructure industry—which comprises businesses in the construction, engineering, and real estate sectors—often needs a temporary workforce. The Best EOR Service Providers in India can help with the project-by-project hiring of engineers, project managers, and skilled labor. Due to their flexibility, infrastructure businesses can increase their personnel effectively to meet project demands without creating local entities.

Telecom Industry

Access to top people is necessary to support innovation and growth in the highly competitive and fast-paced telecom sector. Network engineers, salespeople, and customer care personnel are just a few of the positions that the Best EOR Service Providers in India can assist telecom firms in filling with competent candidates. Companies may concentrate on providing cutting-edge services since EORs shorten the employment process and guarantee adherence to telecom rules.

E-Commerce Sector

The booming e-commerce industry in India requires a large and agile workforce to manage logistics, customer support, and order processing. The Best EOR Service Providers in India can efficiently handle the recruitment and onboarding of warehouse staff, delivery personnel, and customer service representatives, allowing e-commerce companies to scale their operations rapidly.

Information Technology (IT) Sector

India’s IT sector is renowned for its skilled workforce, but companies often need help navigating complex labor laws and regulations. The Best EOR Service Providers in India can assist IT companies in hiring software developers, IT support staff, and project managers while ensuring compliance with local IT regulations and tax laws.





The Best EOR Service Providers in India have revolutionized the outsourcing of human resources. Their all-inclusive offerings and constant assistance have revolutionized how firms handle employee management. Some of India’s Best EOR Service Providers stand out for their remarkable services tailored to meet different corporate objectives. They are known for being trustworthy and effective due to their knowledge of compliance, payroll management, benefits administration, and risk mitigation.

Companies may securely extend their operations in India by working with these top EOR players without worrying about setting up legal corporations or negotiating burdensome HR obligations. The benefits include adhering to regional labor rules, improved hiring flexibility, and more straightforward administrative procedures. These EOR service providers enable firms to concentrate on their core skills, encouraging growth while delegating complex HR management chores to professionals. They have made a priceless contribution to India’s commercial environment.