Are you losing your potential staff ?

Are you losing your potential staff?

loosing your potential staff



Losing a potential employee is a great loss for the company. The loss is not only in financial terms but also in various other aspects.  The loss of an employee is high, due to the cost involved in recruitment, training and other processes of it. But once a potential performer quits, then the other ordinary performer has to take care of his role, until the company finds a replacement. Though there are many complications involved in this process, it is still unavoidable. There are few areas to concentrate if you ever want to avoid this situation and let us discuss on it.

Employers Vs Employees expectation must match.

The very important area is maintaining a good term between the employee and an employer. This happens only when each other’s expectation matches mutually. If one doesn’t match, then the situation is worse. The employer has to be concerned about the employee’s welfare and other basic need. Employee’s comfort is very important, as it is the driving force to continue working in this company. His personal need has to be considered seriously. Once the employee’s needs are satisfied by the company, he then looks after the company’s expectation and he will turn into a loyal employee. A clear understanding, mutual help and clarity about the work will match each other’s expectation.

Transparency in business and job role among them.

Transparency will always help your employee to stay back with you. Lack of transparency is the major reasons for many employees to leave their job. Because they will be given a set of instructions before joining the office and it will be entirely different inside the office. It is applicable for the workload, medium of communication, remuneration etc. Being transparent will help your employee stick to you for a longer period.

Appreciate the employers in achievements.

Appreciations and appraisals will help keep the employee happy and satisfied with the employer. It can be monetary as well as complimentary. Appreciations are a sign of reward for the employee for his performance. It also encourages him to achieve more .

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Appraisal based on performance.

Appraisals in monetary terms will keep him satisfied and encouraged in his workplace. Recognition is an important expectation in a company, and appraisals are a solid proof for it. Appraisals work as a motivating factor for an employee to perform much better in the upcoming days and enjoy the benefits of appraisals.

Official get together once in a while.

Official get together is another sign for an employee, to intimate that your employer is worried about your welfare, comfort and to keep you stress-free. It is also refreshment for them, as their usual meeting place is the office. Team outing and get together will keep your employee happy as well as relaxed. It also develops an attachment between the employee and the employer.

Follow a Professional HR.

Follow a professional HR system that benefits both the employee as well as the employer. This will satisfy your employee without any hesitation. This will have a transparency about the welfare measures, which are offered to the employee. Once he has clarity about the need, anything that is offered is an added benefit. Following a professional HR system, will always keep you both well informed about the welfare measures and other benefits that are offered. This is something good for the employer as well as the employee.

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