A Great Opportunity to Work in Oman As An Production Manager- Hydroponics

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MME Introduce, excellent job opportunity for your bright career. Find below the details and revert back if you are from same industry and taking care of similar job responsibility. Only Serious job seekers need to share their application. We Are Urgently Hiring for Production Supervisor in Leading Agriculture Firm in Oman.

Greetings from MM Enterprises, New Delhi (www.mmenterprises.co.in)

Designation: – Production Manager- Hydroponics

Job Location: Oman

Qualification: Masters/Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture

Experience: Should possess a min of 10 years’ experience in a hydroponics project of repute

Sponsorship: Single, no family sponsorship.

Benefits:  Accommodation, Transportation,, medical etc

Job Responsibilities:  

  • Planning, coordinating and executing shade house activities by work assignments, setting priorities and directing the work of the subordinate employees as per set priorities by management.
  • Preparing and implementing annual budget for shade house operations.
  • Supervising and providing technical assistance to Production Supervisors and shade workers.
  • Plays an important role to oversee the day to day operations on the work area.
  • Advising management on better and improved farming techniques and new innovations.
  • Prepare schedules for planting, pruning, wrapping, weeding and harvesting on the shade house as per the budgets made.
  • Maintaining transparency with the Management
  •  Maintenance of shade house structure, including irrigation systems, machineries, farm roads, fire breaks and waste management facilities in the farm.
  • Appraising the performance of Production supervisors and Group leaders.
  • Identifying staff development and training needs and ensure that required training is obtained to the respective persons.
  • Prepare and submit regular report to management on shade house operations and activities.
  • Ensure that all machinery and equipments are maintained and all crops in the shade house is harvested in the right maturity and time.
  • Ensuring cost savings in all possible areas of operation by means of mechanisation, and showing the best method of operations so as to improve the efficiency of the workers.
  • Identifying the appropriate and cost-effective plant protection chemicals and fertilizers for the crops and sourcing it.
  • Keeping records of all day to day activities of the shade house.
  • Ensuring the safety of the workers inside the shade house.
  • Preparing for Global G.A. P audit every year.
  • Liasoning with Pack House Manager and Sales team every day
  • Conducting regular varietal trials and reporting the findings to the management
  • Impart regular training to Production Supervisors and Group Leaders
  • Visit markets regularly to understand quality parameters and competitors’ activities

Expected Capabilities

  • Ability to identify between diseases, phytotoxicity, nutrient deficiency, nematode damage.
  • Be able to name the diseases common to our area and the crops we grow in the shade house.
  • Ability to find valid, accepted, scientific information sources to correctly identify specific plant diseases.
  • Ability to identify correctly insect pests common to our area.  General idea of difference between sucking insects and feeding insects.
  • Ability to correctly identify mites and the damage they do as opposed to a virus.
  • General knowledge of and ability to plan for controlling disease and pests with multiple methods.
  • Problem Solving – observational talent to see problems, old as well as new, preferably before they go to significant economic damage.
  • Make a plan for growing a specific product – variety selection, plant nutrition program, plant protection program, schedule of operations.  Selection and sourcing of inputs.  Capital equipment selection if needed.
  • High level of curiosity – proactively does his own research, keeps up with the latest news from suppliers and publications as to what is new in crop protection, plant nutrition, irrigation, fertigation, equipment
  • Labour management and ability to work with a multi-cultural work force

Irrigation and Fertigation Management

  • Calculate flows per hectare
  • Manage pumps and pump heads
  • Ability to do ET calculations – reference (ETr) and (Etc) for crop stage.  Correctly calculate from Etc for example how much time between irrigations so as not to run out of available water
  • Calculate irrigation time and flow from our irrigation system to meet the ET
  • Calculate the correct amount of N, P, and K using PPM standards developed here, the amount of standard fertilizers we need to apply to reach those levels.
  • Do irrigation designs, demonstrating from standard charts pipe sizes appropriate to the flow required for the area and using friction loss charts

Equipment Management

  • Ability to operate equipment used in his area of operation
  • Understanding of the maintenance schedule of equipment used in your area of expertise
  • Familiarity with the operator’s manuals for such equipment – maintenance schedules, safety hazards, manufacturer’s recommended operating procedures
  • Enough familiarity with your equipment that you can instruct others on how to use it.
  • Ability to calculate cost of ownership of a farm implement and its cost of operation and when it would or would not be beneficial for us to mechanize an operation.

NOTE: We are not having any registration charges Or service fee from job seekers but don’t entertain unwanted job seekers who are not serious for their job change. Expecting genuine application to avoid fraud & Fake candidates.

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