5 Reasons Why Your CV is Being Rejected Every Time

When the candidate applies for the job, CV is the document that reaches to the recruiter and makes first impression on them. Generally hiring managers don’t have sufficient time to go through the entire resume; they just have very few seconds to do initial screening of resume. So, your CV must be impressive, so that it might not become a rejected CV. You can opt for professional resume writing services from any good resume writing service provider company.

Professional Resume Writing Services

Here are few important reasons, why your CV is being rejected every time you apply for the job:

  1. Irrelevant resume format.

There are different opinions on how a resume format should be according to the industry. Every industry requires different kind of resume format. If the candidate’s resume is not as per the current industry standards, there are high chances of CV being rejected.

  1. Missing industry related keywords.Resume Writing Services

Hiring managers use certain industry related keywords to search for a candidate. If those keywords are missing into your resume, it is probably possible that your CV not getting shortlisted every time. So, get all the industry related keywords being added into your resume by taking help from professional resume writers and increase the chances of CV getting shortlisted.

  1. Job responsibilities not mentioned properly.

One of the major reasons of your CV being rejected is that hiring managers don’t find job responsibilities, KRA’s in a well structured format into your resume. All the job responsibilities, accomplishments must be mentioned in proper find, so that hiring managers can easily decide, whether the profile is as per their requirement or not.

  1. Misleading information.

Now a day, companies are doing background check before taking candidate on board. Many candidates trip themselves with the misleading information such as inaccuracy of dates to cover up the employment gaps, incorrect salaries, exaggerated career accomplishments or job titles etc.

  1. Length of the CV.

If your CV is too lengthy, recruiter might not be interested or have sufficient time to go through the entire resume. The resume must be short, quick and creating positive impact on recruiter at one glance. If you go for our professional resume writing service, our experts will help you to put all the required information in resume in short and precise format. Your CV should be easy to read and quickly get to important information such as employment history, key skills and accomplishments.

MM Enterprises, one of the top resume writing service provider, ISO 9001:2008 certified company is providing professional resume writing service from last 25 years. They have the team of professional resume writers, who will help you out to draft the CV as per current industry standards. Experts will add all the industry related keywords into your profile, so that chances of being your CV rejected can be minimized.

Professional Resume Writing Services