5 HR Solutions for Recognizing Employees That Won't Break the Bank

All right, so you want to do some employee recognition and make sure people who work hard get properly rewarded — that’s a great idea. Most employees want to know that their efforts on your behalf are noticed, and few things are more depressing than the belief that the company doesn’t care about them. Even better, knowing recognition is possible can help other employees work harder — and the end result will be a major gain for the company.

Still, what kind of employee recognition can a small employer offer without fracturing your budget? After all, money isn’t always a good motivator — the most expensive rewards may not be the best ones. Let’s take a look at some of the more affordable HR solutions you could use to recognize your employees.

  1. Newsletter Recognition
    If you have a company newsletter, a section highlighting special efforts people have made can be an outstanding way of making sure everyone knows how well they’ve been contributing to the team. Try to avoid things like “Employee of the Month” or “Best of…” segments, though — this kind of recognition can feel temporary at best. Instead, honestly talk about their actions and what the results were — especially if they work remotely, since employees who aren’t in the office all the time often need to be managed in different ways.


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