5 HR Roles That Solve Business Problems And Impact Revenue

By Patrick Willer, Workforce Innovation, SAP

There’s no good reason why HR departments should look like they did 20 years ago, but most of them still follow the same thinking. Technology has changed the world — and businesses — profoundly over the last two decades, and it continues to do so.

I’ve seen HR organizations, structures and services remain more or less the same over this time, but we can’t solve today’s problems using yesterday’s thinking. It’s time to make a change and add new roles to HR.

Here are five ways to bring your HR department firmly into the 21st Century. And I’ve ranked them in order of importance.

1. Social Collaboration Manager
It’s the core responsibility of HR is to engage the workforce to execute the company’s vision, mission and strategy. That makes social collaboration critical because it:

  • Involves all lines of business
  • Breaks down department barriers, as well as hierarchies
  • Brings people together

It’s time for HR to take ownership of Social Collaboration. Appoint a social collaboration manager who can make social collaboration work in your organization.

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