Why employers prefer technical sales employment?

There exist few good technical sales recruitment agencies that come forward to bridge that gap between jobless employees and recruiting employers. In this era of technology where there is ever increasing dependency on technical products like laptops, internet, ipad, ipod, other electronic goods like LCD, invertors, air conditions etc, there is increasing demand for technical sales representatives in the market. Technical sales employment is on high these days. Every big and small organisation is offering extended support to its customers in order to gain competitive edge over other companies in the market. Also, it is a self explanatory thing that a technical sales representative team is a direct revenue generating team of any company. Any company relies heavily on the sales team.

There are agencies who offer technical sales employment that can be trusted. Their agenda is to place candidates into the right company which exactly fits their career profile. Testimony of recruitment agency’s performance can be easily taken from many students and companies who have already acquired their services.

There are many students and already employees having correct aptitude for technical sales employment but are still fighting to land in a good company of their choice. And to their dismay, most of the times they end up facing lots of failures. Approaching a well established and experienced technical sales recruitment agency is a wise decision in such a scenario. It would not be exaggeration to say that they make your career path quite easy. They not only give your right options but also offer further guidance and counselling in the process of recruitment. One on One attention is rendered to an individual. More than often than not, we do not come to about good job openings. It is only through a recruitment agency we are always up-to-date about the job openings in the market.

To conclude, rely on good recruitment agency for technical sales employment and secure your future with them.

Current Recruitment Activities in India

Placements and Recruitments are one of the biggest factors on which the people stress on before taking admission in any college of the world. The people tend to think in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) factor when considering any college for admission. This trend is very common in a number of MBA and other post graduation colleges where the fees are exceptionally higher.

Recruitment as said before plays an important role in the service industry. The companies ensure that they get the right talent at the right time and would take any number of measures to retain it. The recruitments can be either off campus or on campus. The on campus placements involve the companies visiting various colleges across the country for the recruitment. The college must have good relationships with the HR department of the company so as to ensure the continuous placements. Another means through which the recruitments are done is through the Off Campus Placements. In this the companies doesn’t visit any specific campus for recruitment but instead it makes its process of recruitment open to all initially so that everyone gets a fair chance to participate in the placement activities.

All the government departments and PSUs have the off campus mode of selection and recruitment of the candidates. This ensures that the PSUs don’t favor only those colleges which are funded by state and central governments. There are advertisements that are released inviting participants followed by a test which would screen out most of the applicants. This is followed by a round of interviews leading to the final selection of the candidates.

The Banking sector has also become much more refined and organized in which the people can apply for the vacancies. The IBPS (Indian Banking Personnel Selection) test is organized for the employment in 19 nationalized banks in the country.

Taking in view of the current economic scenario, the hiring sentiments of all the private sector companies has been low. The IT giants like Infosys and TCS announcing their weak and dismal results for the 4th and 1st quarters of 2011 and 2012 respectively, says the state of economy and tighter job conditions. Moreover, the credit rating agencies such as S&P and Moody’s have further downgraded the economy which shows the slow state of economy. The IIP figures and manufacturing output rates are also out which shows that the recession is indeed coming to India especially in Automobile, Real Estate, Banking and other core major sectors of India.

How to Evaluate Technical Skills?

In this era of technology, there is high demand for people with state-of-the-art technical skills. With more and more technical companies opening up, the rate of absorption of technical engineers is touching skies. But the key thing is to remember that no job comes to you without having up to the mark calibre for it.

Every organisation is very careful while making selection of their employees especially when it comes to evaluating technical skills. One cannot go wrong in making selection of technically skilled manpower for the company. One mistake and it can cost them the entire reputation they have successfully built over years.

Now the big question is how to evaluate technical skills so as to ascertain that the right selection is made. Recruitment is no game. It requires years of expertise to identify people with technical skills. Only a recruitment agency, with a team of highly experienced experts, can evaluate technical skills. A recruitment consultant follows a standard regime to recruit potential candidate from the masses. After conducting rigorous research, manpower recruitment agency prepares a fine set of questions to test the technical skills. The candidates who clear a particular threshold can only be given green signal to appear in further interviews.

At every level of evaluation, genuine interest of the candidate is identified so as to filter out fraudulent cases. Thus, the risk involved reduces multi-fold with recruitment consultants hiring process.

Psychometric test is a test which helps in understanding character of the candidates. Most recruitment agencies adopt psychometric testing as their selection criteria. Let recruitment consultancy bear the burden of recruitment process and the recruiter can concentrate on other aspects of the business. Evaluating technical skills is no more a worry as recruitment agencies comes to rescue you and thus, help you take your company to greater heights with the best workforce in the world.