Staffing Agencies in Delhi, India

When companies have an open position and don’t have the time, expertise or resources to manage the employment and recruitment process, they often take help of staffing, payroll agencies in india to fill those open positions. Staffing agency provides qualified and professional experienced talent for your work position on a temporary or permanent basis.

Staffing services is one of the major crucial functions in the organization. By taking help from staffing agencies, firm can save a lot of time and effort in employing, positioning and monitoring the competent. Other areas of department such as employee orientation and training, payroll management, retention and termination also could be handled by staffing agencies.

For Staffing Manpower Outsourcing

Staffing Companies is responsible for end-to-end employment solution starting from recruitment to separation of the employee; everything is maintained at staffing agency end. As an employer, you can save a lot of time and money involved in below steps and pay attention more on your core business by taking help from staffing agencies in Delhi, India:

Manpower Planning

The first step of staffing agencies is to understand the client’s requirement and search for the potential candidate with desired skills and competence.

Recruitment and Selection

Staffing solution firms also do initial screening, interviewing, selection, documentation, entire placement activities at their end, thus saving a lot of time and money of the firm.

Orientation and Training

After the placement, the candidate has to provide information they need for working comfortably in the company. Training, Induction and Orientation programs are the way of introducing new candidates to the firm and their work role.

Payroll Management and Performance Appraisal

Few of the staffing agencies manage attendance, salary and payroll of the employee at their end. They are also responsible for assessment and employee’s performance throughout the given time.


Staffing Agencies in Delhi, India also maintains the record of individual gains, in return for employee’s contribution, efforts towards the company.

Employee Transfer, Leaving or Retirement

MME, established in year 1994 is one of the leading recruitment and Staffing Company in India, providing complete HR solutions to prestigious companies in India and abroad. We are and Indian, Delhi based company providing our quality services to our more than 500 clients across the globe.

We are offering outsource staffing solutions, which can free your organization from non-core activities such as recruitment, staffing and payroll management and lets you focus on your core business more. We are highly committed to provide efficient and quality services to our clients. As a leading Staffing Agency in India, we understand that every firm has different culture, expectations from its employees; we try our best to meet client’s expectation.

For Staffing Manpower Outsourcing