MME is the most competitive recruitment consultant in India in Singapore. The aspirants looking forward to blossoming their career life in this developed country may contact our team and find the way out. At the same time, our gesture towards the Singapore employers is affirmative, and we try to explore the desired candidate for the companies there. The support and endeavors of our highly professional team cannot be ignored in our journey toward getting into the international recruitment platform.

We, The Singapore Recruitment Agency in India, perfectly understand the requirement of employers in Singapore and accordingly hunt the right talent in India. Being on the positive side of greeting deserving candidates, Singapore companies count upon our recruitment expertise. With full enthusiasm and passion, we serve the employers’ needs and fulfill all their expectations. We manage the hiring and screening processes efficiently and streamline the same as per the current trend of the market. Regarding the latest advancements in technology, our team is highly proactive in it and embraces new tools to expedite the selection procedure and complete the project within the given time.

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Singapore Recruitment Consultants in India- ISO Certified Quality Recruitment process to hunt the talent of India.

From screening candidates through various networking channels to the shortlisting and final placement in Singapore, our team strives hard to appease the clients. In today’s competitive world, where the demand for high-grade Manpower recruitment consultants is in full swing, MME has improvised its work in every aspect to outshine other players. Singapore is undoubtedly a hub for employment in various sectors, and we act as a medium between employers and job seekers. We also assist the selected candidates with work permits, accommodation, and other visa documentation.

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Manpower Consultants in India-  Providing Quality Manpower for Singapore’s Various Industry Sectors

Singapore is a Worldwide leader in various economic segments, including foreign exchange and financial centers. It has a diversified Economy, with its main role being—financial services, manufacturing, oil-refining, etc. Singapore exports are refined petroleum

  • Computers 
  • Electronics,
  • petroleum refining
  • Chemicals,
  • Biomedical Sciences 
  • And Many more.

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Recruitment Consultants in India for Singapore to get the estimation of  Average Salary In Singapore.

   Sl. No                                     PositionsAmount in Singapore Dollar
      1Software Engineer  $49,655
      2Marketing Executive  $35,079
      3Account Executive  $33,704
     4Senior Software Engineer  $67,797
     5Operations Manager  $68,812
     6Administrative Assistant  $24,150
     7Business Development Manager  $67,919