Project Manager’s Roles & Responsibilities

The name project can be uttered in every field where there is some work that needs to be completed within the given time. This could be as small as the school assignment or as big as the NASA mission. In each of the cases, the common thing is the existence of the project manager that holds the capability to begin the project right from the scratch and guide the team members to complete the same within deadline. Handling a project is not a job of an individual or two, rather it involves a team and group of people that work under the assistance of the project manager to drive the project successfully. Let’s get familiar with some of the major roles and responsibilities of the Project Manager:

  • Planning and Execution Of The Project

To run a project efficiently, planning plays a significant role. If the project manager fails to involve in the proper process of planning that includes framing the layout of the tasks, identifying the best resources etc, the results may not be favorable. Note that apart from making a road map or plan for the project, the project manager is expected to execute the same effectively.

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  • Meeting The DeadlinesProject Manager Recruitment Consultants

The purpose of the project will be defeated if it is not completed within the given time. Project Manager needs to keep this key fact in mind and push his team mates to expedite the process of the work. A responsible project manager would convey his team about the deadline in the beginning itself and streamline all the activities in a manner that the project get accomplished on the dot.

  • Budget Estimation And Allocation

If the budget of the project goes up, even if it meets the deadline, the project manager can’t take a sigh of relief. A good manager would estimate the cost of the project in the beginning itself and set the budget accordingly.

  • Leading The Project

Without a shadow of doubt, project manager should possess leadership skills to provide perfect guidance to his team and motivate the members for proper run of the project. He or She needs to take the stand every time and review the work quality on the project. Sometimes the project manager may have to take spontaneous decisions and sort out the issues as and when they come.

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  • Organizing The Team

Organizing is a broad word that is not limited to the planning and implementation of the project, rather the project manager needs to exhibit his managerial skills and assign the tasks to the team in a realistic manner. Apart from this, making the team more organized by briefing about the methodologies and tools and setting the targets also fall under the responsibilities of the project manager.

  • Monitoring The Tack Of The Project

Keep a vigilant eye over the complete procedure of the project is highly important for the project manager. This will not only give him a clear picture of the team efficiency but also provide the real status of the project.

  • Risk management

No project, whether big or small, can run smooth without hindrances and risks, but a competent project manager uses his sharp acumen and analyse the risk factors in the beginning. He accordingly makes strategies to mitigate the impact of those risks.

  • Ensuring clients’ satisfaction

The bottom line of every project is customer satisfaction. Good project managers always involve the clients in their projects and intimate them about the status of the project. The regular updates will be given to appease the clients.

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