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IT manager is someone, who is responsible for planning, co-coordinating and directing information system related activities in the organization i.e. overall performance and lets the company fulfill their IT related requirements. From hardware, software to the network management, IT managers can also be in charge of installation and maintenance of the software in organization. They are well trained and able to perform any IT related task.

Role of an IT Manager. IT Manager - MME IT Recruitment HR Consultancy

Just as the time and technology changes, the role of IT manager has also been changed a lot. IT managers have the responsibility of not only maintain a building, but also to ensure that the organization uses the best products and latest software are available to keep business competitive.

As IT is growing tremendously, there is no contradiction of the fact that this field will have a lot of opportunities in future. The salary package of IT managers varies depending upon the competence and experience of the candidate in field. There are huge numbers of job opportunities available for IT managers in India as well as other countries like Singapore

  • Australia
  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Middle East
  • Germany and other developed countries.

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The candidate just needs to have right potential and competence in the field. In this regards, you can also take help from some well known IT manager recruitment consultants in India.

The average salary of IT managers in India is approximately 1,047,559 per year. Generally, people in this category are having more than 20 years of experience. If they are having excellent knowledge of Java/J2EE, project management or oracle, this salary can be increased. In countries like USA and UK, the salary can range from 107,740 USD to 175,890 $.

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