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Today is the era of technology and digital advancement. There are thousands of job opportunities available to choose from. Development and new revolutions have given birth to increasing job opportunities for the right skilled candidates.

A full-stack developer is among the most rewarding positions in the modern IT industry. The technological world is getting bigger and creating more opportunities for technology specialists. It is greatly revolutionizing, especially in the development field, where a software developer requires more than one skill. The more skilled a developer is, the more desirable they will be to companies.

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What is a full-stack developer?Full stack developer recruitment consultancies

A full-stack developer is a technology specialist who can work on the front and back end of any web or mobile application. They know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other front-end and back-end programming languages. They are usually responsible for designing user interfaces, designing user interactions on websites, developing databases and servers for website functionality and coding for mobile application platforms.

Full stack development is one of the best career prospects in today’s digital world, with great future scope and unlimited growth. Several full-stack developer recruitment consultancies can help you get suitable opportunities for you. Before becoming a full-stack developer, the employee needs to have the following necessary skills:

  • Git, GitHub and SourceTree
  • Javascript
  • Backend language, e.g. Node.js or python
  • Database and web storage
  • HTTP and REST
  • Web architecture

The demand for full-stack developers in India and abroad.

Full stack development is one of the topmost and most demanded professions in India and abroad. Now a day, it has become a desired choice for hiring in both startup companies and established large-scale firms. A full-stack developer is among the highest-paid professionals in India and other countries.

According to a recent survey, the average salary of a full stack developer in India is 6.25 LPA, while it is 110,523$ per year in the USA. These estimates are based on the salary figures submitted by full-stack developer employees in the last 36 months.

MME, one of the top full-stack developer recruitment consultancies, has provided full-stack workforce services to its Indian and non-Indian clients for a long time. MME is one of India’s top-ranked IT recruiters, providing its services globally. It has recruited the best candidates in reputed countries like :

  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • The Middle East and many more…

MME recruitment consultancy for full stack developers understands the candidate’s requirement and provides a suitable solution.

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