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The demand for environmental consultants has been growing daily with the rapid change in climate and environmental factors. The environmental consultant works for public or private sector companies, addressing various environmental issues, e.g., air and water pollution, soil contamination, etc. They must have the technical knowledge and expertise on environmental regulations and be able to suggest companies on how to conduct thorough environmental assessments.

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A bachelor’s degree in the environment is standard to become a successful environmental consultant, while some employers look for consultants with master’s degrees and experience. Firms, including private companies, wildlife organizations, all levels of government, and nongovernment organizations, are hiring environmental consultants. There are a few environmental recruitment consultants in India that can help you get the right opportunity to become a successful environmental consultant.

A typical environmental consultant addresses issues such as waste management policies, air assessment, development of conceptual models to identify and consider potential contaminant sources, environmental impact assessment, etc.

Environmental engineering has massive scope in India as well as abroad for professionals. Many industries are hiring environmental consultants to manage their industrial waste. They are required in all production and manufacturing companies. The average salary of an environmental consultant is Rs. 443,732 per year in India. Most professionals switch to another job when they have more than ten years of experience in this field. Skills are very important to get high pay environmental consulting job.Employer form image

Top Environmental Consultant’s Recruitment In India

Environmental consultants are in high demand in Western countries as they have more resources to focus on environmental issues than in undeveloped countries. Countries like

  • Canada
  • USA
  • UK
  • UAE and China are having highest demand for environmental engineers and consultants.

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