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In the world of outsourcing, a global employer of record providers is another avenue to help simplify the complex hiring process for a business owner. The laborious work of creating a new overseas entity for your business can be difficult, so why not make it easier with some local experts? It would be best to account for banking, insurance, tax, compliance, and more, ensuring the local infrastructure is set up and sufficient to employ workers.

The Employer of record services provides an infrastructure that eliminates the need to worry about most tasks. They allow a business to hire an employee in global markets compliantly, without the need for an entity or local employee onboarding process. A Global EOR service provider will hire workers on the client company’s behalf while taking on legal responsibility for them. This includes compliance with all payroll management processing and employment and the employment process.

The Employer of record will handle human resources and payroll processing for the new employees. At the same time, your management teams are responsible for managing their day-to-day work, just as you would be any other staff member. This means you benefit from an extended workforce minus the risk.

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How Does MME Employer Of Record Services Help?

The service scope of the Employer of Record Services is broad; therefore, the client can customize it according to their needs. Generally, the EOR is responsible for the personnel functions assigned by the client. They will also ensure that the client controls the business operations. The Global EOR services will provide an end-to-end solution for the client’s business needs and is the legal entity tasked to carry out the following duties.

  • Process the payroll of workers.
  • Arrange the work permits and visas for the client.
  • Provide consolidated invoicing.
  • Study the host country’s labor laws regarding worker protections and local contracts.
  • They manage all payroll and taxes withholdings.
  • We are staying updated on local labor laws and regulations.
  • We are providing ongoing HR support.
  • Assess legal benefits for the client.
  • I am creating timesheets and implementing incentive schemes.
  • Terminate workers on behalf of the client.
  • We are ensuring a quick entry or exit from international markets.
  • Cost savings compared to entity setup.
  • Ability to hire top talent quickly.
  • I am drafting and maintaining compliant employment contracts.
  • Act as a channel between government authorities and the client.
  • Onboarding of the workers.