An Electric Engineer deals with electricity, electro-magnetism, and electronics. They are in demand in every such industry that deals with electronics and covers almost all the industries in the world, be it aerospace, automotive, construction, marine, rails, utilities, defence, or mobiles. Electrical engineers can work on various technologies, from designing household appliances, shaping car engines, lighting and wiring buildings, rails, aeroplanes, telecommunication systems, electrical power stations, and satellite communications.

As a leading Electrical engineers recruitment consultancy, we meet the challenge of screening, recruiting, and hiring the best electrical engineers for our clients globally. MM Enterprises offers its services of recruitment and HR consultancy for both national and overseas companies and has decades of experience in recruiting engineers.

We know the importance of looking beyond skills and knowledge. By applying the well-developed understanding of our experienced engineering recruiters and exclusive tools, we identify individual competencies and motivations and match the same with the unique need of our clients for long-term retention and high performance.

As a professional Hiring agency, we offer permanent and temporary electrical placement services in various domestic, international, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our expert consultants will work closely with you to match your requirements to suitable positions and assist you in every step of the recruitment process and find you the best talents in the following fields:

  1. Electrical engineer
  2. Control & instrumentation engineer
  3. Testing & commissioning engineer
  4. Field service engineer
  5. Electrical Maintenance Engineer
  6. Senior application engineer
  7. Inspection Engineer
  8. Senior service engineer
  9. Power Project Engineer
  10. Welding inspectors

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