Dot Net Developer

If you are an employer dealing in software development, website, web and mobile application development or any other core IT sector, you might require the team of dot net development professionals to fulfill your requirements. Typically a dot net developer must comprises essential skills such as programming languages, coding, architecture, system design and knowledge of databases. The demand of Dot Net Developers has been increased to great extent from last few years.

Dot net developers are mainly employed in system and software houses, IT companies, telecommunications, engineering offices for technical planning etc. For hiring a great and competent dot net developer, you can take help from some reputed dot net developer recruitment consultancy in India.Employer form image

What does a Dot Net Developer do?

Dot net developers are mainly responsible for designing, implementing and development of software, web or mobile applications. They are involved in writing high quality code to meet customer requirement. They develop technical interfaces, specifications, architectures, client displays, user interfaces. As it is the complex programming job, so they must be in proficient with :

  • Programming languages and paradigms.
  • Development platforms.
  • Frameworks.
  • Databases.
  • Analytical thinking and communication.

Future scope of Dot Net Developer.

Over the decade, demand of dot net developer in India and abroad has been increases up to a great extent. They are much in demand in countries like

  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • Dubai
  • UK
  • Germany and other developed countries.

A recent survey shows average salary of dot net developer in India is 401,916 INR per year, where as it is 97,519 $ /year in USA. It can clearly be identified that dot net developers are having a bright future both in India and abroad.

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