Career planning is a major responsibility. You should never step back in realizing your career potential. MME can be a great starting point of your career counseling. We can identify your skills and interest and explore some suitable careers that you may enjoy.

MME Career Counselling

Our Process for counseling only begins after understanding exactly what do you need and where you wish your career to go. We believe in maintaining long term relationship, as over the years of experience we have analyzed that candidates become our client. So we deliver genuine for career and profession counseling services.

HR-Counselling services

Professional Resume Writing Services

MME HR professionals not only give advice in choosing the right career but we also give the advice to make impressive professional resume as per industry standards. We understand how a well-written resume is paramount to making a positive impression to potential employers. Thus, our experienced professionals give their suggestions for how to highlight your skills, experience, and achievements. We try to make it look more professional, clear and concise.

Last but not the least; we also give adequate advice to the candidates for how to face an interview. We prepare our candidates for how to answer the interview questions posed by the employers. We teach our candidates how to personable and likable while being professional at the same time. Our career counseling service begins with the following steps:

  • Understanding the Self-understanding
  • Generate Career Options
  • Gather information about career options
  • Make decisions and plans.

HR-Counselling services