Career with Recruitment Agency

In case you are wondering how to begin your job search and have no clue so as to who to approach for the precise help, then you certainly need to seek guidance of a renowned recruitment agency like MM Enterprises. Recruitment consultancy is formed to serve the exact purpose of informing the job aspirants about the suitable openings across the globe and also guide them reach there. The numbers of benefits that can be derived through a recruitment agency are boundless.

The very role of recruitment consultants is to share your burden of recruitment process, thereby making your safe landing in your dream company easy and smooth. You just have to submit your resume with them. After a quick research they keep you intimated about the relevant and great job openings nationally and internationally. They help arrange for an interview at a local venue. After interview, your final round of interview is fixed with the employer. And not to forget that they prepare you for the test at every level of interviews.

Recruitment consultants are a great friend to those who are either working full time or are studying. Therefore, with the support of recruitment agency they are able to cope and save time. Only by registering with an agency they can take immense load off their head.

It is needless to say that these recruitment agencies possess numerous connections than any individual would have with renowned firms worldwide. Registering with them is undoubtedly is an edge over others. Having registered with them multiplies your chance of getting recruited in the company of your choice.

Moreover, to your surprise, the recruitment consultancies do not charge you anything from you for vivacious and vital service. They are funded by the employers’ company only. Thus, you can call it a total win win situation! You can always feel free to discuss and seek advice from the expert career counsellors. You are open to discuss your skills, experiences, requirements, career goals and aspirations with them, which will help you determining the best company matching your capabilities or skill set. Be very alert and vigilant while making selection of recruitment agency. Go for only well reputed recruitment consultancy. This important decision will influence your successful landing in the right company.

A well-paying and satisfying career should be your priority as it is a very important phase of your life.

Industries in India that offer maximum Job Opportunity today

With the continuation of the economic recession in the USA it is no wonder that the general view is that the job market in India has also suffered a setback which is quite evident in the moderated job opportunity scene in the present times. The work in the IT and the ITES sector mainly depends on the demands from the US market and the negative financial vibes from those quarters are bound to hurt job market in this country. However in stark contrast to this popular belief the latest survey in the job scene which was done by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) has shown a far rosier picture. Quite surprisingly the job market here is showing a steady as well as significant growth presently. These findings come as a welcome relief amidst speculations to the contrary.

ASSOCHAM has delved into city wise trends in the job market and have come up with the industries which are offering maximum job opportunity today. Together with all the major Indian cities such as Delhi which have maximum jobs on offer along with Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore even the other cities such as Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and  Kolkata have also seen spurt in the job market. However there is no doubt in anybody’s mind regarding which industry reigns supreme as far as the creation of the job market is concerned- IT sector. Even with so many detractors, this IT sector is mainly responsible for keeping a large section of the Indian population employed. While the recession has slowed down the recruiting process it is just negligible and the hiring of candidates is definitely on even in the face of adversity at all the levels and the companies are trying everything possible in order to attract the best talents. About 36.3% of the jobs are being created in India by the IT sector which is making it maximum at the moment. Second to this IT sector other industries which also create job opportunity are the Financial and the banking sector which is creating 8.5 % of all the Indian jobs. After these come the Engineering and the Manufacturing sectors with 4.5% and 3.9% opportunities. Finally pharmaceuticals and telecom industries claim around 2% of the workforce each. Other industries such as the advertising, real estate Event management have a negligible employment opportunity which is not even worth mentioning.

Career in Manpower Recruitment

A recruitment consultant has manifold responsibilities the foremost of which is matching the right skills with the right job. Companies hire manpower recruitment consultants like MM Enterprises in order to employ the most suitable candidates for various jobs. This conserves time, energy as well as help to cut costs significantly.  Clients as well as advertisers provide details regarding different vacancies to the various manpower recruitment consultants. For finding the candidate who will be just right for the client requirements the recruiters depend on the specification provided by the companies and act accordingly.  Other things to consider may be the company structure, the present employee scene as well as the working conditions present in the company. The main criterion for having a successful career in manpower recruitment is excellent people skills besides being able to successfully gauge situations as well as superlative communication skills. This latter is important because recruitment consultants need to deal with both the candidates as well as the clients; therefore an aptitude for sales is vital.

Being a good communicator will help the manpower recruitment consultant to reach the end objectives without any hitches. Also being nimble minded and quick reaction time helps a lot. Many times situations go out of normal control and a propensity to think on your feet will surely come in good stead for any recruiter. The field of recruitment offers myriad challenges to the initiated so that it never gets boring. Always there are newer avenues to explore and ever changing situations to deal with.  One of the downside to this job may be the pressure and the mental stress that is the part and parcel of any recruitment career. Many times situations just go out of the control and a cool mind is required to deal with it in the right manner so that a positive conclusion can be reached without much heartache. In order to remain successful as a recruiter you need to maintain both candidates and clients well balanced. As a recruiter a person may have to go through many a lean phases, mostly when there is global recession and companies halt or minimize the recruitment process, there may be a dearth of clients. Similarly some periods may see sudden spurt in the hiring scene of various companies which sets the manpower recruitment service boom.

Every business goes through upside and downsides and even the recruiting career is not immune to it. In order to become successful in any career what you need is an optimistic outlook which will help you to tide over rough waters successfully.

Top 10 Suggestions for Manpower Hiring

If you are suffering from manpower related problem lately or if you are thinking about cutting labour cost, then you must consider outsourcing your manpower requirements so as to save on your labour cost.

Have you ever wondered why so many companies have started outsourcing manpower services? What are the benefits they derive from it? What are the problems with local workers or in-house team? Do not go anywhere looking the answers, we help you gain insight on hiring manpower agency…read on…

Here you will find the most appropriate suggestions for manpower hiring.

1 Hire manpower agency to reduce cost on manpower:

It is much cheaper to recruit offshore employees on local workers, it is so because on doing this employers do not have to pay for health benefits, insurance and various other bonuses.

2. Offers flexibility to focus on business:

Outsourcing manpower agency allows you to give more attention to other operations of your business thus rendering boost to your workflow, lead time as well as core competencies.

3. To fulfil your unrealised needs:

Outsourcing recruiting company does not limit your resources to local spheres but expands your resources transcending local boundaries of your office walls.

4. For efficient risk management:

With the help of offshore freelancer companies the risk factor can be controlled efficiently and the damage caused can be minimised significantly.

5. Helps in hiring highly qualified and skilled employees:

Hiring professional manpower agency gives direct access to skilled, specialized and qualified experts who can help your business grow drastically.

6. Stay profitable and competitive with professional recruiters:

Hiring offshore labour and their services will result in better quality work thereby enhancing your profitability and competitiveness manifolds. You do not have to pay for overtime service, bonuses, allowances, etc to an outsourced labour. Hiring manpower services is 100% win-win situation for your business.

7. Go for reliable and trusted manpower hiring company:

Before you assign the responsibility of hiring professionals for your company always perform a background check on it. Check for their credibility, market goodwill and reputation in order to avoid unpleasant experiences in future.

8. Keep a close watch on their efficiency:

You ought to be more vigilant initially. Keep a track of the time taken to deliver the work and also analyse the quality of services delivered.

9. Avoid making upfront payment:

As it is always advised to observe caution. ‘Prevention is better than cure.’  Don’t make upfront payment before knowing the quality of work delivered.

10.  Avail additional assistance:

Apart from manpower outsourcing assistance they provide many additional services like making candidates familiar with the work culture of the organisation, getting visa to candidates recruited abroad, etc.

In the light of above suggestions, hiring manpower services is a 100% profitable investment.

What is quality in Technical Sales Engineer

Technical sales engineers combine technical knowledge with sales skills to provide advice and support on a range of products. Clients are usually technical staff from non-retail organisations, such as factories, public utility providers, local authorities and hospitals. The emphasis of the work varies depending on the level of technical knowledge needed to sell a particular product or service.

Technical sales engineers are a key point of contact for clients and provide both pre- and after-sales advice as per experienced employment consultants. They liaise regularly with other members of the sales team and colleagues from a range of departments, such as research, development, design, purchasing, production and quality, as well as senior company managers.

For any Technical Sales Engineer tasks typically involve:

  • searching for new clients who might benefit from company products or services and maximizing client potential in designated regions;
  • developing long-term associations with clients via managing and interpreting their requirements;
  • persuading clients that a product or service best satisfies their needs in terms of quality, price and delivery;
  • negotiating tender and contract terms and conditions to meet both client and company needs;
  • calculating client quotations and administering client accounts;
  • providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education, and after-sales support services;
  • analyzing costs and sales;
  • preparing reports for head office;
  • meeting regular sales targets and coordinating sales projects;
  • sustaining marketing activities by attending trade shows, conferences and supplementary marketing events;
  • making technical presentations and demonstrating how a product meets client needs;
  • liaising with other members of the sales team and other technical experts;
  • helping in the design of custom-made products;
  • providing training and producing support material for other members of the sales team.

Responsible for all technical aspects of the sale the role of Technical Sales Engineer is critical to the sales success of any organization as per expert recruitment gencies.

This is a technical role carried out in the context of the company’s sales process.  It requires the individual to have a comprehensive knowledge of all technical aspects of the Company product set.  This knowledge must be able to be communicated to a wide range of personnel in the prospect organization, both technical and business, in such a way that the features and benefits of Company’s product offering is understood to be beneficial in the context of the prospect’s business challenges and strategic goals.

For more details contact a professional Engineering recruitment firm like MM Enterprises.

Production Engineer- Roles and Responsibilities

With the growing number of industries and manufacturing units across the globe, there is an impending need for professionals to fit into the roles of Production Engineer and assume responsibilities of production management. The role of a production engineer is not restricted to one area in the industry but rather blends in at each and every step of product manufacturing.

Production Engineering is a discipline of engineering which combines mechanical knowledge, designing and manufacturing aspects of the production. The product could be a washing machine or a television set, a digital camera or even a sports car, a production engineer is a must for the smooth transition from a prototype to a manufactured product. With a large number of products being made available in our markets today, there is a huge demand for those who possess these skills to look into different domains of an industrial set up.

A production engineer is responsible across different areas in a factory setup. S/He looks into the design of the product, wherein the quality as well as the feasibility of the product is assessed. Once the product is finalized and brought in for manufacturing, the product engineer becomes in charge of overseeing the job of the manufacturing department.

Basically, a production engineer interphases between the development of the prototype and the actual manufacturing of the finished good. This post offers a huge scope for shining in different steps of production and offers a challenging work environment.

Since, a production engineer is responsible for scaling up of production it is required of him to calculate yield and cost effectiveness of the manufacturing process. Other duties usually include timely improvement of production techniques, incorporating quality all along the manufacturing process and mitigating hurdles which arise during production. A production engineer must also be technically sound to help or guide technicians in event of a breakdown.

However, production management cannot involve just the technical skills. People skill is very important too, in production. Maintaining employee morale, conveying goals, tasks and training of employees requires good communication skills. Putting forth difficulties faced during production to higher level management in an amicable manner is not only important but also effective. A production engineer must also be aware of labor laws and be able to foresee potential risks when finalizing manufacturing process. Overall, a multi-disciplinary position, production engineering, needs a competent person with a wide array of skills.

Refrigeration Technician Job Description

Profile Defination

Refrigeration Technician basically does the job related to refrigeration unit of air conditioning units or cooling units in refrigerators. Typical duties includes maintaining refrigeration units, cooling system, identifying problems, servicing and taking necessary action like repair and replacement of Refrigeration unit and its parts.  Their task also includes suggesting solution to the various problems that can arise in Refrigeration units.

Essential functions

•         Providing new installation service, repairing the existing ones and replacing the tempered parts of Refrigeration units.

•         Inspecting various systems and its components like ventilation unit, cooling units, exhaust fans and other sections to ensure proper functioning of the device along with safety and identifying necessary repair and maintenance service.

•         Diagnose problem and failures in refrigeration systems the purpose of identifying system faults and damaged equipment that need repair or replacement.

•         Performing routine maintenance assigned for the purpose of ensuring proper functioning of refrigeration systems.

•         Cleaning the parts like coil, drain lines, cooling towers, condensation pans and other essential parts to ensure that unit operates properly.

•         Preparing technical documentation and record on various issues, material, logs time and specifications. This provides written support in compliance with conveying information.

•         Requesting parts and necessary equipments for the purpose of inventory maintenance to ensure the availability of required items and tools to complete the necessary installation and repair work.

•         Technicians also need to coordinate with administration and other trading staff to complete the ongoing project or work order efficiently.

•         They also have to report work progress to the supervisor in order to take appropriate and necessary action in case there are some issues or delay in work.

•         They also have to maintain tools and equipments to ensure the availability of necessary thing for safe operating conditions.

•         Transport various tools, equipments and supplies to the job site.

•         Performing other related duties assigned by the supervisor.

Essential qualification

Essential skills requirement includes the ability to perform single handedly the technical task and interest in upgrading the skills in order to meet the challenges in the field job. Specific skill required for satisfactory performance include practical exposure to operating tools and equipments used in installation, servicing, repair and maintenance of Refrigeration units. Technician should also have the knowledge to deal with hazardous material and should the capability to perform in unusual situations of field sites. They also need to maintain accurate record of planning, working logs and technical specifications.

Sound knowledge is required to perform basic arithmetic calculations, fractions, percents and ratio operation as it is required when dealing with maintenance work. They should also have knowledge to read the technical specification, compose variety of document and involve in technical group discussion to solve recently arisen technical issues.

Technician should also possess the ability to perform the task as per the defined and strict schedule to meet the deadline. They should also be capable of gathering, collating and classifying the data using various Refrigeration measuring equipments. They should be flexible to work under variety of circumstances with different approach and techniques as based on the site requirement.

Typical responsibilities include working under supervision and making use of standard practices, protocols, method, leading and guidelines. It is also required for them to coordinate with other departments for various purposes like budget expenditures, deadlines and for other technical support. Generally the job required the technicians to make field visitors, standing and walking in the site to monitor the work. The also required to work under minimal temperature variations and in some hazardous conditions.

Essential education requirement is to have any combination of equivalent high school diploma supported by approved apprenticeship under authorized and reputed Refrigeration firm or unit. Technician should hold at least 2-3 years of experience in the repair and maintenance work of heavy and light Refrigeration equipments. They should also have training certification for accredited training institute.

Machine Operator Job Description

Machine Operator

The switches on the lamp, the knobs on the electric gas, oven, and the key on the computer, the nuts and the hardware that holds everything together are all made up by machines and to operate, fix, enhance those useful machines we need operators. Machine operator is the technical person who holds command and operates on various types of machines. A Machine operator may be a factory worker who plays a vital role in the production of millions of goods.

They are in-charge of safety and efficient use of manufacturing units like lathes, milling machine and grinders that creates the millions of consumer products and goods. Typically there are two types of machine operators: tenders and setters. This classification is created by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Tenders basically run and monitor the machine while it is in the working mode, they also inspect the machine periodically throughout the various shifts and do adjustments in the machine speed and load material in the machine. Tenders are also responsible for quality control by comparing the product that machine produces with the actual blueprint of the design. In case the machine is producing even a minor error, it’s the responsibility of tender machine operator to pull off the machine from active work and correct the error.

Setters on the other hand are responsible for preparing the machine for operation by equipping the machine with all appropriate tools and ensuring that tools work effectively and in good working condition.

Additionally machine operators are also categorized based on the machines they operate, eg they may be called as lathe operator, drill machine operator, press or printing machine operator. According to the career information stated by various universities and industries, machine operator conduct basic operations on machines for the production of goods.

Typical duties to be performed by machine operators

•         Their duties comprises of setting up the machine and operating metal fabricating machines to perform task like rolls, shears, press, cutting, bending, straightening, brakes, providing structural shapes to the metal plates according to the design blueprints.

•         Their task also includes reading and understanding the blueprints, design & engineering specifications and orders to determine the machine mode, product methods, techniques and sequence of operations to be performed.

•          Selecting right position, secures dies, blades, templates, squares shims, right gauges and tools are also the part of operations to be done by machine operators.

•         Adjusting controls, fixing even a small error in the machine, position and clamping stops, adjusting rolls, regulating machining factors, pressure, depth of ram stroke and machine speed are all part of task.

•         Making alignments according to layout marks, cutting blades manually or using hoist, positioning  the work piece according to start and stop.

•          Start machine and keep a close eye on the job produced by the machine, changing dies, adjusting machine parameters for different jobs and in successive phases are all part of typical duties to be performed by machine operators.

Minimum qualification

Machine operator should be a high school diploma graduate or should have equivalent job experience as a machine operator, setters or tenders. They should have knowledge to study and understand the blueprints of design to operate independently. Should have solid math background including algebra, trigonometry, geometry and basics of statistics.  Machine operator normally learn thing by observing and assisting experienced senior officers, so it is required that operators should have certification of training on various machine or should have experience gained during apprenticeships.

Working hours, remuneration and benefits

Typical working hours range from 35 to 40 hours a week, with weekend off. They can work in shifts of morning or in evening. Overtime will be given if operator works more than his normal working hours. Salary depends upon the type of machine on which operators work and kind of job he does. An average salary varies based on the country of appointment and the experience levels. Workers also get other benefits like bonus when production and turnover is good, paid holidays, medical benefits that cover the family also and opportunity to earn premium pay.

Electrical Technicians Job Descriptions and Work Details

Electrical Technicians are technical persons with Electrical and electronic background who help in designing the electrical circuits, developing various electrical equipment and devices, manufacturing the large and heavy electrical units, do the testing of various developed electrical parts for quality and safety and take care of the repair of all electrical machinery and circuits.

What they Do?

Electrical components and electronic components are used simultaneously at almost every place. While Electrical components provide power electronic components control the equipments. Electrical Technician generally performs the duties under the supervision and monitoring of electrical engineers.  They also have to coordinate with design, development and testing team to provide them the necessary assistance in performing medium tasks. Technicians perform a variety of different tasks that depend upon the need of employer and superiors. Some technicians who work under the power unit have to work on generation and transmission of electricity or they sometimes also work on units that uses the electricity to run power machinery.

Where they Work?

Other areas where electrical technicians are in heavy demand are the industries dealing in manufacturing of electrical equipments and machine parts. Telephone industry also recruits technicians for various tasks like for looking after the safety of the lines and at the nodal telephonic center to look after the electrical equipments that run the telephone lines.

Major employers of electrical technicians are public utility companies, institution and plants that generate their own electricity, large industries that make use of electricity, military bases, hospitals, colleges for handling electrical parts in laboratories, government electrical power generation plants where they need technicians to monitor switch boards to ensure that plant is operating efficiently. Technicians also have to sometimes inspect the electrical generation units, generators, transformers and other heavy electrical equipments.

They may also be a team leader of junior and field electrical workers who perform the routine work at power generating stations. It is required of them to understand the basics and advanced levels of electrical engineering technology concepts to diagnose the electrical problems. They need to repair the parts and equipments directly or they may also direct others to do it. Other responsibilities include monitoring the plan, action done and record the results of test done on various electrical equipments in order to suggest necessary changes in the design for efficient working.

Command on electrical Tools

Electrical technicians should know how to work with hand tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, wire cutters, soldering irons and pliers. They should also know how to read readings from precise instruments such as voltmeters, which is used to measure electricity. In addition to this they must know how to read and understand the blueprints and engineering handbooks.

Education and training

They should have diploma or a degree in related field from certified institution; they should hold the certification as electrical technician from accredited training center.  They should have done at least two years of apprenticeship in any authorized and recognized electrical or power generation firm.

Opportunities in the employment outlook

Technicians can often get promotions on the basis of skills and experience they get during their tenure. It’s a normal practice that technician can get themselves specialized in one area of technology and on the basis of their experience they can get promotion up to the level of supervisor and manager of crew of technicians. Highly experienced technicians also have the opportunity to advance to the position of sales representative, instructor and technical writer.

Typical Working Conditions

Technicians have to typically work around electric current which can be dangerous, but the record of electrical industry is good in this respect. In general, electrical technician works in offices, manufacturing units, power generation plants, construction sites and laboratories. Technicians who will be placed in power generation units or production lines may have to work in high noise level. Working hours may vary from 35-54 hours a week based on country and work culture. Even sometimes technicians may be exposed to chemical, toxic material hazards from electrical equipments.

Mechanical Technician Job Description

A mechanical technician directly works under the supervision of senior mechanical engineer or an expert. Responsibilities of mechanical technician includes assisting the engineer in machine design, construction, modification of variety of machines, maintenance, working on mechanical tools, consumer product and dealing with various mechanical equipments. Mechanical technician can be given any type of work related to mechanical engineering in sectors like automobile industry, power saw, and elevator industry or in nuclear reactor plant. Mechanical technician need to dealing with large machines and delicate tools and need to focus on mechanical engineering technical aspects.

One of the major roles of mechanical technician is to test the mechanical products before it is brought into use or delivered in the market for sale. For example he/she may have to do the setup of mechanical equipment, installation and monitor the system on many aspects of testing. Mechanical technicians in automobile industry need to monitor the crash testing in cars. In addition to this they also have to sketch and layout what the test will show. Through testing their responsibility is to determine what need to be changes, improved, removed or modified in the piece of equipment to make it better, effective and more efficient.

Analyzing and recording the data are also part of duties performed by mechanical engineering technician. Other roles of mechanical technician includes determining the cost of the particular product, comparing the practical value of product based on the current market, sketching new machine parts and tools and writing reports under the supervision of mechanical engineer.

Primary Objectives of mechanical technician:
Primary objective of these executives includes assisting mechanical engineer in the maintenance of industrial machinery, working on wide range of products that range from power saw, air conditioners, and automotive industry to nuclear plants. They also have to work in the fields like elevators and printing industries. Mechanical technician also have to work on tools that make products. Mechanical technician also have to work closely with the engineers who create and improve the products, they also have to work with design and development team and have to assist team in their work.
Tasks to be performed as mechanical technician

  • Typical task to be performed by mechanical technician includes analyzing the test results with respect to design and requirement specifications and need to give inputs to improve, modify or adjust the equipment design to meet the requirement specifications.
  • They also need to evaluate various design tools, measuring equipments and ensure that they perform as per the specifications.
  • They also have to devise, fabricate and install new or modified components such as industrial machinery, measuring instruments and equipments.
  • Their task also includes discussing design methodology, method of manufacture, drafting techniques and other aspects with senior staff in order to coordinate corrections.
  • Operating on lathe machine, grinders and drill are the part of mechanical technician typical task.
  • Reviewing project blueprints, specifications, objectives, procedure, test manuals and instructions also comes in the responsibility of Mechanical Technician.

Knowledge required by Mechanical Technician
Mechanical Technician should possess the knowledge of machine, tools, machine or industrial design, use of tool, repair and maintenance. He/she should have practical exposure to different application of mechanical engineering science and technology. They should be aware of the principles, various techniques, procedures and equipment used in design and production of goods and services.  They should have knowledge of arithmetic, geometry, calculus, algebra, statistics and their possible applications. Knowledge of computers and electronic circuits, chips, processors and related work is desirable. Other skill should include: active listener, comprehensive reading ability, critical thinking, effective communicator, ability to define optimal solution to complex problems and a team player.