What information should a CV include for Overseas Job?

Writing a CV for securing an overseas job can be a little complicated because the format changes depending on the place you are applying for, where you are currently located and your current work status. Following are some of the details that you must include in your CV and highlight them appropriately so that the hiring manager can see, at first glance, why you are a strong candidate for the job

What information should a CV include?

Work Experience: Though most CVs have this mentioned but you need to make sure that you add the exact work duration; i.e. your stating date with an organization and the last date that you worked for that organization. This helps recruiting manager to gauge your stability factor and also helps in mapping your employment timeline.

Organization Profile: Along with the name of the organization you have worked, you should also succinctly mention the company profile i.e. the sector in which the company is and the brief description of the company in your own words. This helps recruiters to understand the company profile from your perspective.
Project/Product Details: Apart from the organization name, you also need to mention the project/product of the company you were working with so that a recruiter can understand the industry experience you might have.
Designation and Roles/Responsibilities: Any CV is incomplete if you do not mention your exact designation along with the roles and responsibilities that you were entrusted on you. Please be as clear about your roles and responsibilities as you can be as these are taken very seriously by recruiters to understand your work profile and it helps in gauging you as an employee so please do not use some fancy words to highlight your roles and responsibilities as these are measured against your achievements.
Achievements: For every designation that you have worked on you also need to mention what where your achievements during your time with that organization. While mentioning your achievements you need to mention numbers. For example, mentioning your achievement as “was able to increase the productivity of the team” is vague. A right example is, “was able to increase team productivity by 15% in last 2 Years”.
Strength and Weaknesses in given Profile: Along with your achievements, you need to mention what where your strengths in that particular position and what what you consider your weakness with appropriate examples. For example, you can mention “technical knowledge” as your strength and can back this with how you were able to clarify doubts of your team when they were stuck in some technical issues.

Skills: You need to mention a set of expertise that you bring to the table while infront of a recruiter. These skills can be specific to the job in hand and also your other skills that you have acquired over the time.
Reasons for Leaving Past Organizations: Though this question would always be asked by a recruiter at the time of your interview but you can be a step ahead and mention your reasons why you left or planning to leave your current organization. This helps the recruiter to ask the right questions and you to explain your reasons in detail.
Why you want to move Overseas?: Once again, every recruiter would ask you this question at the time of interview but it’s a good practice to mention why you would like to move overseas to the recruiter country for work.
Passport Status: This helps the recruiter know who soon you can join their organization and also it helps them plan their recruiting schedule accordingly.
References: For each organization that you have mentioned, you need to mention atleast 2 references that can be contacted to authenticate what you have mentioned in your CV. This helps build confidence in a recruiter and your chances of getting selected.

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willingness in Hiring Indian Engineers

Willingness in hiring the Indian Engineers
Indian Engineers have the adequate knowledge in different streams. They are professionally qualified with sufficient knowledge to meet the demands of the market. They have a very formal approach to shift anywhere or at any part of the globe. They are fond of evergreen jobs and if gets the basic opportunity to prove themselves then they do not leave that spirit. They keep that challenge in their minds at any time.
Hiring Indian engineers means that they are well-equipped with technological skills. Since technology has the global demand in the global market, so these Indian engineers are skilled and innovative in their approach to fulfill the needs of the global demands. They could cope up with any sort of learning earnestly to satisfy the employers and could soon make the new learning into a user-friendly and time-saving tool.
These Indian engineers could submit the job on time with great deal of accuracy almost towards perfection. Moreover, these engineers are economical and efficient to the highest order. They can cope up with any modern technology which rejuvenates to the present requirement. For instance, in this globalized world there is a high demand of the programmers across the globe. If these programmers are from India then they could handle and deliver software with great accuracy and efficiently. The foreign employers if hire these Indian sensitive programmers then they should cheer their offshore success.
India is a densely populated country with abundant of human resources. The other countries should recognize the potential of India. They should know that Indian engineers are intellectually strong and able to make any program economically. As a result, along with other engineering fields, the engineers available from different categories of engineering streams have attained success globally and are being recognized by the foreign employers. But these Indian programmers are recognized in doing miracles in the stream of programming which indirectly gave the global offshore success. For all these reasons there is willingness in hiring the Indian Engineers.

How to check willingness of job change for candidates and save time

How to check willingness of job change for candidates and save time.

The important interview question whether an employee is really looking for the job change or not would come out in his answer. The reasons might be many like there might be issues of salary, supervisor, colleagues, policies of the company, market performance of the company, branding and sometimes there might be issues relating to some personal or circumstantial reasons. To find the actual reason the interviewer has to question very logically to find the correct reason.
In many cases the employees are seen to answer saying that he is happy with his current job and so not looking for the job right away. However, one of his friends has told him of the job and so exploring one in some other company would be better because that would pay something better. In many cases, the employees are seen hiding the main reasons in the fear of getting rejected for which they take the shelter of lies. But lies really don’t help in interviews.
The candidate sometimes fails to understand the reason of asking such a question. But the recruiters with an aim to hire candidates are all motivated by the goal to find a long-term with mutually benefitted employee. They by asking this question try to find out the environment in which the candidate has been working. Also the recruiters understand the psychology of the candidate like whether he would be interested to adjust in the new environment or not.
Some blunt answers like due to higher salary or being uncomfortable with the team or being with manager or the non-performance of the present company are rejected in the straightforward manner. It is always better if the candidate answers in the polished manner directing a host of issues but without blaming your present company. The recruiters do not encourage this blame game under any circumstances.