What is the role of a professional recruitment Consultancy

A recruitment consultancy or a recruitment agency is responsible for connecting employers with vacancies to be filled at their organisations and job seekers looking out for job opportunities. A recruitment agency renders a platform for both job seekers as well as head hunters where they can suit their respective requirements. It is a great source of information in this time and age where information is everything. Timely received information can change your life forever.

Role of recruitment agency towards employers

The recruitment agencies collect, filter and store data of job seekers with their substantial details. Whenever any organisation is looking out for workforce for their organisation a recruitment agency is easily able to connect them to the candidates having desired set of skills. The employers come with their requirements they are looking in a candidate for the role to be filled. A requirement agency strictly works on the framework laid by the hiring organisation. It saves a lot of time and effort on screening, filtering and interviewing potential candidates.

Role of recruitment agency towards candidates

A recruitment agency not only helps job aspirants by notifying them about the job openings but they also help them by leveraging their skills to increase their chance of success in their job search. This way they guide candidates on how to go about the interview processes. A recruitment agency supports job seekers by suggesting them new job roles and opportunities which they may not have pondered earlier. Thus a recruitment agency helps you identify your calibre thereby opening fresh job avenues for potential candidates. They also prepare them for interview questions. What should a candidate expect, how should he/she respond to diplomatic questions, etc. They also help candidates with polishing their resume by highlighting the essential features.

What are the Safety norms to prevent fraudulent overseas recruitments

An international recruitment agency is the one which helps you get your desired jobs in abroad. An overseas recruitment agency is very helpful in making you aware of the possible great job opportunities worldwide. But it is utter essential that you stay alert and vigilant while selecting overseas recruitment agency. Where there are international recruitment agencies which bring to you life turning job opportunities, then there also exist fraudulent overseas recruitment agencies which lure candidates in the name of foreign jobs and rip them off their money. Thus, one should be very careful while selection of an appropriate recruitment agency.

Go about an experienced and well established recruitment agency only. Many new start ups come up every year claiming themselves to be ace in overseas job placement. But they lack experience and efficacy in their domain. On the other hand an experienced overseas recruitment agency which has been working in this domain for past several years is quite reliable. Having spent years in this profession is itself a batch of faith. They should be following an organised and proper approach to reach out to recruiters. There should be assurance of actual recruiters being involved in the recruitment process.

When selecting an overseas recruitment agency do not settle for any overseas recruitment agency. Look out for the one which is able to answer all your queries with transparency and confidently in black and white. There is nothing stopping you from doing a background check and collect reviews from people who have sought their services. Taking an opinion always helps. A professional recruitment agency will have a strong online presence. They are accessible anytime from anywhere. This is what builds up the trust factor in the recruitment agency. After all overseas recruitment is not a game.

What are the new norms in Kuwait for Indian employees

In order to combat expats out numbering the local population Kuwait government has issued new norms. Expats make up two third of the total population of about 3 million. Kuwait government announced that they will reduce the count of expats in the country by minimum of one million by cutting down about 100000 yearly over a period of 10 years. This measure has been adopted because of the observation that there is a downfall in the number of native people involved in planning and development. This fall is not due to downfall in birth rate but due to more number of foreigners arriving in the country. The government of Kuwait is also working on the cracking down on false work visa acquisition and also on fixing loopholes in current licensing system.

The government of Kuwait also announced that no new work visas will be issued from now on but there is no clear indication about renewal of existing work visas. Moreover, they have laid tough rules on work visa acquisition. Indian employees are also facing the wrath of this new visa acquisition rule. Hence acquiring visa to work in Kuwait has become quite difficult now. The competition has increased manifolds now. Only those who are fit for the jobs there and prove themselves to be exceptionally good can pave their way to companies in Kuwait. No doubt expats in Kuwait enjoy a highly luxurious lifestyle and a life of dignity and respect. Doors to Kuwait are not closed yet but they are still open for those who can prove themselves to a valuable asset to the organisations.

To avoid getting end up in fake visa processing trust only reputed and experienced recruitment agency which lives on the grounds of trust and honesty.

What are the job responsibility for Civil Engineers

Civil engineer is an engineer who pursues civil engineering as his discipline. Civil engineering is an engineering branch which deals with designing, constructing, and maintaining of bridges, highways, tunnels, bridges, dams, other private and public infrastructures.  The crucial aspects in civil engineering are contracting engineering and consulting engineering. A consulting civil engineer carries the responsibility of designing aspect of a construction project whereas a contracting civil engineer is responsible for actualizing a design created by consulting engineer into a real standing architecture. A civil engineer also caters to responsibilities like selecting site for the final construction work. Some of the other roles played by a civil engineer include:

  • Detailed analysis of the various factors concerned with construction.
  • Searching for construction site, investing it and doing its further analysis before finalizing it.
  • Charting out the key essentials and checking the feasibility factors. Any change if required on the site location is also drafted properly.
  • Drafting a careful and detailed design to match client’s requisitions.
  • A civil engineer is also responsible for doing review, project design approval and reports approval.
  • A civil engineer is help responsible for determining the potential risks and challenges involved in the planned project.
  • He is therefore expected to undertake quintessential measures and initiatives in order to manage risks.
  • Civil engineer must also do a thorough checking of all the tools and techniques which are to be used for construction purpose.
  • He is required to constantly monitor the operations on the site and keep a close watch on the staff’s functioning.
  • Carefully schedules the construction plan under his supervision.
  • He is also responsible for ensuring that the project culminates with the stipulated time and also with the defined budget only.

How to hire a payroll outsource agency

Every company owner either big or small wants to have a faithful payroll management system such that his employees are paid well on time and there is no error in the payrolls. You could hold an in house payrolls team but considering an external payroll management agency will have its inherent benefits.

Generally, an in house accounts team is more expensive. An in house accounts team not only includes accountants but also encompasses software costs. In essence a company has to bear the full time cost of hiring accountants and software for not so full time work. Huge investment is required to train the in house accounts team to teach how to use the payroll software.

On the other hand hiring a payroll outsourcing agency is a better solution for managing your payrolls. As you hire a payroll outsourcing agency you are bound to cut down on the number of errors and unnecessary costs that you might incur otherwise. As a payroll outsourcing agency is composed of a set of polished and experienced accounts professionals the error propagation is quite less. You do not have to bear the infrastructure cost, software cost and other added responsibilities.

Going for a payroll agency which is within your reaches is a wise decision as you can approach them with your queries and requests anytime without giving a second thought to it. They do their work diligently and flawlessly. A payroll management company is responsible for sending in reports, taking care of taxes, payments etc. you can keep a close watch on their activity and ask for reports periodically without having to bother all the time. You can reach them for any change or shift in business plans and ask them to customize their services accordingly. Choosing a payroll agency should be done very wisely.

What are the major role of a Recruitment Agency between employers and employees

A recruitment agency is gaining tremendous popularity among both employers and employees. It is  primarily because a recruitment agency is playing a very pivotal role in the society that is of bridging the gap between headhunters and job seekers. It is a very noble profession too. Earlier when there was no concept of recruitment agency then seeking the right job used to be a helluva task. Most of the times people were not even aware of the job opportunities, only the privileged ones could savor the benefits of such job openings. Similar issues were faced by the employers as they could not communicate about the job openings to their potential employees. Hence the gap was wide.

Recruitment agency has a major role to play. An experienced and well-established recruitment agency is appointing employees at various positions according to the employer’s desires and expectations. Hiring the services of a renowned recruitment agency liberates the top management of the employing company from excessive stress as well as work burden.

A recruitment agency works in accord with the guidelines quoted by the employers. Searching for right candidates is never easy. Thus, hiring a professional service for carrying out the tedious task of talent recruitment is indeed a smart way to minimize the burden of recruiting manpower. It is much economic move as hiring the services of a recruitment agency is much cheaper than acquiring an in-house human resource management team. It is highly rewarding too as a recruitment agency keenly focuses on the quality of the candidates rather than the quantity hired.

Job seekers are also seeking advantage of the far reach of these recruitment agencies. Most of the companies especially MNCs are hiring candidates through recruitment agencies. Therefore, being in touch with a recruitment agency is anytime useful. They assist job seekers in every possible way in getting the best job they deserve.

ISO certified recruitment agency is the best source for quality hiring

With the concept of human resource gaining popularity, it is very important to know whom to entrust the responsibility of hiring human resource for your own company. We know that this decision making is never easy. Relying on the ISO certified recruitment agency is the best source for quality hiring. To ascertain that the hiring process goes smooth and results in the desired output then trust only ISO certified recruitment agency only. There are many fake recruitment agencies that lurk their customers by making false promises and also rip them off. In such a scenario, looking for ISO certification before shortlisting a recruitment agency services should be a mandate.

An ISO certified recruitment agency is not only reliable and efficient but cost effective also. Again, it is very low on expenses as compared to other non ISO certified recruitment agencies. This becomes another strong reason to hire the services of ISO certified recruitment agency only. Such an agency runs on its principles and convictions. Deviating from any of its standard is out of question. They take pride in saying that each and every recruit that they make for a company is worth a million dollar. They simply put their heart and soul in recruiting the quality talent to suit organisation’s needs. They hire every candidate as if they are hiring for their own company. They think of a candidate from the prospective that whether this individual can add value to the organization or not.

An ISO certified recruitment agency is thriving by leaps and bounds just because they are equally concerned about your growth. They put you in the spotlight and work behind the scenes day-in and day-out as they are confident about your success. An ISO certified recruitment agency is doubtlessly the best source for quality hiring.