What Is The Difference Between Certified Recruitment Agency And Uncertified Recruitment Agency?

In this era of high competition where every other firm is claiming it to be the best in the market, added load comes on to the customer’s shoulders to identify between genuine and fake service providers. Indeed, same is true with the recruitment agency. If you are looking for jobs or if you are an employer and looking out for manpower then this is for you. You must understand the difference between a certified recruitment agency and an uncertified recruitment agency.

A certified recruitment agency is the one which possesses certification from a registered certification bureau. A certified recruitment agency is thought to comply with the guidelines set by the certification agency. A recruitment agency, which is certified, is responsible for shaping career of thousands and millions of candidates.

A certified, reputed and professional recruitment agency is able to read dreams and aspirations of the deserving candidates and thus, exert themselves in fulfilling such dreams. They follow well defined, structured and custom steps before hiring a new candidate. They treat every new client as a new project and put in their entire effort in placing the candidate in the best company worldwide. Same is true in context with employers. They leave no stone unturned in bring value to the company. A certified recruitment agency knows that each and every employee is an asset to the company.

On the contrary, an uncertified recruitment agency launches itself in the market with a sole motive of filling their pockets with bout of money by luring job seeking innocent people. Such hostile people are least bothered about candidate’s future. They are inconsiderate of the employers’ expectations. An uncertified recruitment agency is responsible for misleading good, deserving candidates thus spoiling their career for lifetime.

Demand of Construction engineers in UAE and Saudi

Saudi Arabia is the house of two Islamic holiest pilgrimages, Mecca and Medina. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Its economy is largely dependent upon petroleum and oil export. Structural designs and construction is contributing greatly towards the growth of the country’s economy.

Saudi Arabia’s government is highly supportive of expatriates from around the world to help them with their booming economy. Its government is putting the best foot forward to invite skilled and talented workforce from nations like Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, East Africa and Middle East Countries. Structural designs and construction projects are on full swing and hence construction engineers are on high demand in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has among the fastest growing economies in the world with a high per capita income. Thus, it is evident that it offers job security to all. Saudi Arabia and UAE are among the most viable and promising carrier destinations in the world especially for those who are heading out for construction jobs.

Civil engineering jobs in Saudi Arabia are getting hold of high force as real estate segment of the country is witnessing large scale development. The blooming realty market has generated demand for trained and veteran construction officers, engineers, supervisors, managers, etc.

Understanding your jobs and responsibilities and thus preparing well in advance for the same will give you edge over others. Penning down a good detailed resume with the help of experts can ascertain your position in one of the construction companies in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Take maximum benefit of this ever increasing demand of construction engineers in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is definitely a job destination for many. Go and grab yours before the opportunity stops! Ride high tide in your career.

New York: Laura awarded Top Women Leader

Laura Hay has been named ‘Top Women Leader’ in Consultancy by Consulting Magazine 2012. Laura Hay is working for KPMG LLP an Insurance company as National Sector Leader. Hay was introduced under Leadership segment and was awarded for the same by the US audit, tax and advisory firm.

Hay has been serving the Insurance Industry for more than 28 years. Her work is concerned with Audit, Advisory and Actuarial segments. The Global Insurance Leadership and the US Financial Services Leadership teams are also headed by Hay.

Over 1000 professionals are comprised in a team which is headed by Hay. Hay also works for Financial Service Sector where more than half of the Leadership positions are now occupied by Women Leaders. She is working proficiently for Insurance Industry as a National Sector Leader, as quoted by Consulting magazine.

“It is expected for Laura being recognized for Leadership. Be it Insurance sector or promoting young professionals or leading any diversity programme, she is works hard in every dimension. Laura has proved her ability by achieving results in short time and also motivating people to work hard. She deserves the honour she is being awarded with” said Lynne Doughtie, Vice-chair advisory.

Hay has worked for a Mutual Life Insurance company before joining KPMG. She joined KPMG in the year 1993 and is serving as a member Board of Directors along with KPMG foundation.

Laura is working with many women in KPMG and is involved with mentoring work under ‘Leaders Engaging Leaders’ program. Laura is also working for future leaders under the program ‘Insurance Senior Manager Network’. The program offers exposure to young minds with Industry perspectives.

“I am deeply honoured to receive this award and humbled to join the ranks of all the tremendously talented women who have been recognized in the past. I hope that young women professionals will view awards like these as an inspiration to pursue and achieve their goals” said Laura Hay.

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Netherland: Smart Highways glow in dark

Roads in Netherland are being constructed smartly to promote safe and comfortable driving experience. The designing and planning of smart roads is carried by a duo of Dutch design firms. A new trick to improve visibility at night and during winter season is implemented by Studio Roosegaarde and Hejimans Infrastructure. The simple trick is just a ‘new paint’. The paint used in Smart highways is treated with Luminous Powder. The Luminous content added to paint helps it get charged during day time and glows continuously for ten hours at night.

The ‘Dynamic Paint’ technology is also being used in the design. The dynamic paint works at certain temperatures. The paint glows when ice crystals are formed over it and this makes drivers cautious about pavement and forces them to drive carefully.

The design aims for every car and driver irrespective of make, model or price. Every driver will be benefitted with the technology, not just those who pay heavy price for high-tech information systems. The ‘Smart Highway’ plan has been awarded with the ‘Best Future Concepts’ at the Dutch Design Awards, where its first prototype was introduced.

The plan is under final consideration and changes are being made in the design. The change comprise of an ‘Electric Priority Lane’ which charges electric vehicles, the time they drive over and ‘Wind Lights’ which illuminates only when a car approaches it. “The first phase of construction of Smart Highways will be completed by mid-2013. The phase will not include charging lanes as the technology is not fit at this particular moment, says Roosegaarde and Hejimans in a meeting.

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Ontario: Labour Ministry to keep check on Civil Supervisors

Ontario: Labour Ministry to keep check on Civil Supervisors

The Inspectors from MOL (Ministry of Labour) are keeping a close eyeon the working of Civil Supervisors at the construction sites. They will keep a constant check on the safety measures taken by Supervisors for workers present on the project site. Surprise visits will be made during the months of September and October.

Feeble supervision may lead to hazards. This includes workmen not wearing proper equipments at construction sites or not following rules and regulations for Safe construction, says Inspector.

The Inspector will take care of:

  • Construction projects are carried out by skilled Supervisor.
  • Supervisors execute regular inspections at site.
  • Supervisor must ensure every worker, working at construction site wear safety equipments, protection devices.
  • Supervisors should make new and young workers understand the job at construction sites and provide them adequate supervision.

Supervisors were involved in several violations under the Provincial Offences Act in 2011, as told by Ministry of Labour. Part I summons is an offence in which the offender has to attend the hearing in court and if declared, pay a fine of $1,000. The offences forced Supervisors to ensure every worker wear Safety equipments and head gear for fall protection and to ensure the safety of workers with protected railings. Since 2008, MOL has conducted more than 345,000 surprise visits at construction sites and issued more than 560,000 compliance orders.

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