How to Find Trusted Recruitment Consultants in India

There comes a threshold in a graduate’s life where he/she has to move out in search of job. It is very essential to choose your job wisely at the beginning itself because whatever you choose for yourself will be defined as your career path for whole life. But, the irony is that the most people get confused or just overlook the actual job opportunities because there are so many companies in the market. They are just baffled so as to where to start looking for job or which company will be the best in their favour.  As a result of which they feel very low on confidence.

The solution to all these worries lies in consulting a recruitment agency in India. Indeed, a recruitment agency is the one which guides through the recruitment process till you get the job of your dream. They are a one point contact for any job around the world.  A recruitment consultancy has tie ups with MNCs around the world. Now, the big question is how to determine that which recruitment consultancy is the most trusted and noble.

We would suggest go by the reputation. The number of placements done in a particular field does count. A team of well qualified professionals are highly precise in placing their candidates in the best company for them. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to them. Check if they ensure placement in a well reputed company at a deserving salary. A recruitment consultancy should be in a position to prepare you for any test. Give you moral support and also arrange for visa in case of abroad placement.

Using recruitment consultancy should immediately come to your mind when job search is on your mind.  Trust only the best to the best job of your choice.

Emirates Airline Needs 4500 New Staffs

In the upcoming year which starts from April 1, 2012, around 4500 staffs are to be recruited by Dubai-based Emirates airline, the Arab world’s largest carrier, for filling up a wide range of vacancies. The recruitment process will be carried out across all continents, Said Alison ward, vice-president of recruitment at emirates, to emirates 24I7.

In addition to 570 pilots recruited last year, nearly 450 pilots, 4000 cabin crew and hundreds of operational staffs will be hired in the next fiscal year, he confirmed.

By far, a large number of cabin crew staffs have been recruited by the Emirates airline in Chicago, Houston, Washington DC, Miami, Los Angeles and other states of USA. An open day recruitment drive will be holding up in Seattle in the month of March. Besides, the upcoming months will have more recruitment drives going on in the states of Atlanta and New York.

Staffs for pilots, cabin crew and engineering jobs are hired by the airline on a monthly basis throughout a year. Aspirants looking for other positions such as IT and airport operations or any other vacancy with Emirates or Dnata can have useful information online at the official websites of these airlines regarding recruitment process and positions. Mostly open days are held by the airline as it will soon be coming up with more number of vacancies for airport operations, engineering roles, cabin crew and IT in the upcoming year in UAE.

Besides conducting operational roles for Emirati high school graduates for various operational roles, the airline has successfully conducted open days for cabin crew staffs for the new Concourse 3 at Dubai International Airport. The growth rate of Emirates has touched new high as it receives additional aircrafts every year with nearly 35 new aircrafts added this year itself.

With 162 aircrafts, around 30 million passengers of 122 cities across the world availed the service of this airline in last fiscal year which led the profit margin crossing Dh5.46 ($1.49 billion) to march 31, in the year 2011. With $ 55 billion order coming its way, Emirates has decided to add 2-4 aircrafts every month (Boeing and Airbus) and one A380 on monthly basis.

However, in order to keep the safety and standards of the airline at par, it has been decided to hire qualified and experienced candidates, especially for the recruitment of captain roles.

How to choose a CEO?

Choosing the top most position for the company is highly responsible task for any organization. It involves hell lot of considerations while carrying out the procedure of CEO recruitment. A CEO is chief executive officer of a company. A CEO is expected to perform multiple roles in the organization say:

  • Giving boost to the value of stock of the firm
  • Pondering over and deciding on which upcoming technology to invest in.
  • Formulation and executing profitable strategies for the exponential growth of the company
  • Strength the operational as well as strategic team for the benefit of the company.
  • Re-evaluate running operations and dissolving of unprofitable operations
  • Serving as a responsible and respectful communication channel between firm and diverse audience
  • Bear dynamic global competition
  • Introduction of new products into the market.

The list does not end here itself. There are endless inherent roles and responsibilities of a CEO, chief executive officer. It would not be wrong to say that it is a 24 x 7 job. Carving a niche for the company among the global competition is never a child’s play. The fundamentals of a well recognized company today lies in the hard work and sincerity put in by the people involved in the decision making. Undoubtedly, CEO’s role cannot be overlooked in any organization.

As it is rightly said, big position comes with big responsibilities. The recruitment process of CEO is a big question? The very answer lies in the need for recruiting a CEO of the company. Indeed, so far we have learnt that what a CEO does, thus keeping in mind that these requirements we can choose a CEO. A potential candidate must possess all of these fundamental qualities of a CEO for this position.