Importance of Technical Skills

Technical skill refers to the acquisition of technique of doing or performing any job. And being good at technical skills gets you closer to your dream job easily. Take an example of a mechanical engineer whose technical skill is to repair vehicles; on the other hand, a computer engineer has the technical skill of writing programs and manufacturing hardware. Having mastery in whatever technical skill you have can take you to the peak of your career.

Technical skills refer to performing those special things which can only be acquired through education or training. Technical skills can also be referred to the expertise and experience a person or individual has with any electronic devices.

Without having hands on practical experience or technical knowledge of the job to do, it is a total disaster to hire such an individual by any firm. There is a race among the strongest. As it is rightly said survival of the fittest policy. A recruitment agency is a guide which shows you the way to your dream technical job. There are many recruitment agencies out there who boast of extraordinary placements within a few days. But it is essential to remember that not all recruitment agencies are that promising. One should be very wise and alert while counting on any recruitment Consultancy.

As a measure to which, look for their past placement records. If they seem reliable then only go for such a recruitment agency. These consultancies have strong connections with the top notch MNCs that is why they are the best people to approach for technical job assistance. Technical skills are highly valued and the people with technical skills are highly regarded by the companies thus there is a huge possibility of attracting a fat package. Recruitment agency helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and thus enables you to leap forward in your career.

Professionals’ Worth in Industry

The word professional means relating to a person’s work, especially work that requires special training. According to the current market analysis it has been revealed that trained professionals are increasingly in demand. Consequently, students those who opted for professional courses like B. Tech., B.E., B.Ed., M. Tech., MBBS, CA, CS, etc are having higher absorption rate into the market as compared to those who are pursuing traditional courses. It makes sense also, as students coming from professional courses are more competitive and trained to do their job. Their aptitude to understand a problem at hand is way much sharper and efficient. Thus, they bag most of the jobs in the market and also the demand for professionals is increasing exponentially.

Professionals have proved their worth in the market and they hold high preference. A recruitment agency is a manpower consultancy which bridges the gap between employer and professional employees. A Professional recruitment Consultant is the one that helps both recruiters and job seekers to come on a common platform and understand the job requirements. It helps job aspirants to know about the job openings matching their profile. The role of a recruitment agency does not end here itself but they guide you throughout the recruitment drive. They arrange for preliminary interviews with a team of highly experienced and professional experts and thereafter, the screened candidates are allowed to sit for one on one interview with the employer.  At each level of interview process recruitment agency’s agents precisely guide you and help you prepare for the interview. A set questionnaire framed by experienced agents is given to prepare for the interview.  Also in case of international recruitments they arrange for visa and also take responsibility of making you familiar with the outside culture and environment. They provide you with personality grooming classes which definitely adds to your confidence level while sitting for the interview.

Indian IT Sector Soon to Come under Archaic Labor law

After remaining exempted from the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946 for more than a decade, the Indian IT sector is now feeling the heat as the law returns to cause major inconvenience for the young industry. Major software companies in the technology capital of India, Bangalore are in distraught as the new law with its rules and regulations may put several restrictions on its working environment.

The 19th century law was exempted to get rid of the harassment poised by labor departments and inspector raj. Further bringing this law into action will not favor the IT companies in the globalised world. It’s the IT industries, which are free of labor groupings and inspector raj from other major industries in the country. If the archaic law is made applicable to this sector also, it may create many complicated and unnecessary procedures difficult to deal with.

The law envisages for an approval of a ‘standing order’ by labor unions or staff representatives which will be defined by the respective companies regarding the conditions of employment. The conditions will be posted on special boards and maintained at the entrance through which major workforce of the companies enter.

The conditions are feared to be favorable to the non-performing employees with a proper scope to create an unionized approach. The IT industry is based on its own guidelines, practices and working norms which are more than what the law prescribes.

Earlier the Karnataka government lured many of the Indian and multinational software companies with a clear exemption from this labor law to attract investments, which resulted a huge contribution of multibillion dollars to the state GDP. In the year 2011-12, Rs 1.3 lakh crore worth of software services were exported from Karnataka, which is about a third of total exports made from India.

It’s the smaller and mid-sized IT companies which are getting affected by the new law as labor department trying to contact them for certification of standing orders. While much of the young companies still unaware about the whole new thing, India’s two biggest software exporters, Infosys and Wipro, have refused to comment on this.

The companies are directed to come up with all the details which include the working hours, shifts, wages, job cuts, leave and attendance, grounds for termination and definition of misconduct to the authorities to comply with the standing orders.

The IT industry which has a ‘self-certification process’ will be able to comply with labor laws, feels many. Further the working scenario of IT industries is totally different from labor- intensive manufacturing industries with different staffing system and job hours.

But at the same time the law will prove beneficial for many to curb the so-called unfair practices made by the top employers, said Karthik Sekhar, general secretary at the UNITES Professionals association of software employees.

There have been complaints of overtime, unreasonable termination and sexual harassments from the IT employers over the years. The archaic law will help counter the problem to a large extent, opined SR Umashankar, Karnataka’s labor commissioner.

How Manpower Recruitment Agencies Help in Career Making

For an organisation to grow it is highly essential to carry on manpower recruitment from time to time. Head hunting is one of the challenging tasks the managers or supervisors of an organisation face. Finding right candidates having appropriate skill sets is not at all easy. Nowadays, the way business scenario is shaping, one has to keep up with the changes in order to reap desired results. In this mammoth as well as critical task of manpower recruiting, Manpower Recruitment Company play a major role in selection of potential candidates which ultimately leads to growth and improvement in the company.

The Growing Significance of Manpower Recruitment

Today, when the face of business is changing rapidly, the employees are expected to be so much skilled and professional that they adapt to the changing technology as well as contribute their innovative ideas to help the company grow. The selection of candidates with such capacity is itself an art. Only those who are expert at recruiting people can do justice to the recruitment process. Recruitment agencies comprise of a team of polished professionals who understand the needs of companies and deliver tailor made solutions to them. As per the requisites of the operations of a company, selection guidelines are laid and followed strictly.

Recruitment Consultants do a wonderful job by bridging the gap between employers and employees. They bring them on a common platform and thus reduce an ample amount of effort at both the ends. A recruitment agency is easily approachable than a company. Candidates can view and select from an array of companies offering jobs in their domain through the medium of recruitment agency. They can send in their resumes to these consultancies. After screening the accumulated resumes carefully, personal interview call is made. This is how manpower recruitment agencies help in career building. They are the most bankable choice for both employers and employees. Go go go!!

Why does your Company need a Company Secretary?

In any limited company, there is vivid as well as crucial role in the smooth administration of a company secretary. There is a list of numerous tasks which are to be fulfilled by a company secretary; some of them include completion of statutory requirements and seamless successful communication.

Board meetings

Organizing a regular board meeting is an extensive task to be covered by the company secretary. Board meetings are vital for decision making in any company. This also helps in bringing every board member equal in business information relevant to the business. Conducting a board meeting not only involves arranging for the meeting but also making proper provision for recording the board meeting. A company secretary is responsible for informing all the directors and other individuals who are supposed to be there in the board meeting 14 days ahead of actual meeting date.

Record-keeping and filing

There are several statutory obligations that ought to be completed round a financial year of the company. In many countries, a limited company is bound to maintain company register, thereby keeping check over regular updates and accuracy of the entries. Moreover, a company secretary is also required to record file accounts, returns as well as various other statutory data concerned with the company. A company secretary is also required to be aware of the filing dates that are particular to the company.

Changes within the company

It is also mandate for a company secretary to keep a close watch on any type of changes within the company. A limited company which is looking for shares transfer either because of voluntary decisions or involuntary circumstances is an example of changes in a company. A stock transfer form needs to be filed with the relevant bodies to transfer shares. This alone requires series of actions such as declaration of the shares losing body and gaining body, value of the shares and signature if authority, etc, all these tasks are completed by a company secretary only.