Job Scope for Research Executive

A research executive collects data via various means of surveys such as demographics, opinion polls and/or any other statistical information. The primary reason of hiring a research executive is to gain deep insight into the various needs and demands of the consumers in a given area. A research executive also conducts interviews with the customers, gathers valuable information from various forums as well as review sites available online and collect data through negotiation process.

The research executive plays a very crucial role in determining which technique will be used for research, how elaborately the market research will be carried out and also calculates how much the research analysis will cost. Looking at the current market scenario it is doubtless to say that there is tremendous job scope for a research executive. The correct way to look for research executive jobs is through career consultant. Doing this eliminates the risk of fraudulent employers and also it ensures that you don’t have to compromise with your dream company. Therefore, you should choose your recruitment agency very carefully and wisely. Go for an experienced and reputed recruitment consultancy.

Getting recruited through a recruitment agency has several advantages. It is absolutely safe to seek help of a recruitment consultants as they are highly reliable and committed to do their job as expected. They help you groom your skills. It highly desirable that a research executive is well qualified preferably in marketing and sales, also one should possess good oral and written communication skills. One should also possess excellent organisational skills as they are essential to organize and manage research data and also to maintain the running pace of the project as smooth as possible.

The good news is that the requirement for market research executives is expected to rise by 28 percent in near future as quotes by the Bureau of Labour Statistics. This is evident from the fact that the product and services market is expanding globally at a very high pace. Consequently, there is cut throat competition in the market. To manage and monitor the rising competition, every large and small scale company needs research executives.

So, don’t wait and act now. Contact the most reliable and reputed career consultant today before it is too late. Grab the opportunity of setting your bright career as research executive with the help of recruitment executive. Don’t hit and try, rather be sure to land in your dream company.

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The Future of IT industry in India with Implication on the recruitment scenario

The Future of IT industry in India with Implication on the recruitment scenario

Information Technology has been the force behind the growth of Indian Inc over the last two decades. No doubt they are one of the largest recruiters and exporters in Indian Economy. We rise and tumble with the growth and fall of IT industry as a host of other industries are dependent on them. Say Media and Advertising, Logistics, Human Resource etc.

We will take a short analysis to determine how it will continue to brave the oddities and keep growing in the coming years. If we survive the 2012 ‘end of world’ scare and make it to 2013 what promises would IT industry have in store for us?

  • Despite the biggest recession in a century Indian IT industry has continued to show positive growth.
  • Despite the Anti-Outsourcing stance by USA  (Prez Obama and Senator Charles Schumers mostly) Indian IT Inc has shipped more software and services in 2010.
  • Despite the fall in demand from European Countries like Greece, Spain, Italy we have continued to find better markets.
  • Despite the Satyam debacle, we are no longer the ‘not so trust worthy’ cheap manpower. We are trendsetters in quality and trust.

Here are some charts to justify the faith in the positive growth of IT industry in the coming years. Thanks to Data Quest for compiling such informative charts.

Top 50 Indian IT firms and their growth factors.

Data Entry Services

With these figures before us, we are convinced that the trends for IT recruitment in the coming fiscal year is going to be very positive. Overlooking certain negative possibilities like Israel bombing Iranian nuclear reactors and starting off a world war of some sorts we are definitely going to hire more Software Developers, IT Managers and similar positions for domestic and international markets.