Electrical Technicians Job Descriptions and Work Details

Electrical Technicians are technical persons with Electrical and electronic background who help in designing the electrical circuits, developing various electrical equipment and devices, manufacturing the large and heavy electrical units, do the testing of various developed electrical parts for quality and safety and take care of the repair of all electrical machinery and circuits.

What they Do?

Electrical components and electronic components are used simultaneously at almost every place. While Electrical components provide power electronic components control the equipments. Electrical Technician generally performs the duties under the supervision and monitoring of electrical engineers.  They also have to coordinate with design, development and testing team to provide them the necessary assistance in performing medium tasks. Technicians perform a variety of different tasks that depend upon the need of employer and superiors. Some technicians who work under the power unit have to work on generation and transmission of electricity or they sometimes also work on units that uses the electricity to run power machinery.

Where they Work?

Other areas where electrical technicians are in heavy demand are the industries dealing in manufacturing of electrical equipments and machine parts. Telephone industry also recruits technicians for various tasks like for looking after the safety of the lines and at the nodal telephonic center to look after the electrical equipments that run the telephone lines.

Major employers of electrical technicians are public utility companies, institution and plants that generate their own electricity, large industries that make use of electricity, military bases, hospitals, colleges for handling electrical parts in laboratories, government electrical power generation plants where they need technicians to monitor switch boards to ensure that plant is operating efficiently. Technicians also have to sometimes inspect the electrical generation units, generators, transformers and other heavy electrical equipments.

They may also be a team leader of junior and field electrical workers who perform the routine work at power generating stations. It is required of them to understand the basics and advanced levels of electrical engineering technology concepts to diagnose the electrical problems. They need to repair the parts and equipments directly or they may also direct others to do it. Other responsibilities include monitoring the plan, action done and record the results of test done on various electrical equipments in order to suggest necessary changes in the design for efficient working.

Command on electrical Tools

Electrical technicians should know how to work with hand tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, wire cutters, soldering irons and pliers. They should also know how to read readings from precise instruments such as voltmeters, which is used to measure electricity. In addition to this they must know how to read and understand the blueprints and engineering handbooks.

Education and training

They should have diploma or a degree in related field from certified institution; they should hold the certification as electrical technician from accredited training center.  They should have done at least two years of apprenticeship in any authorized and recognized electrical or power generation firm.

Opportunities in the employment outlook

Technicians can often get promotions on the basis of skills and experience they get during their tenure. It’s a normal practice that technician can get themselves specialized in one area of technology and on the basis of their experience they can get promotion up to the level of supervisor and manager of crew of technicians. Highly experienced technicians also have the opportunity to advance to the position of sales representative, instructor and technical writer.

Typical Working Conditions

Technicians have to typically work around electric current which can be dangerous, but the record of electrical industry is good in this respect. In general, electrical technician works in offices, manufacturing units, power generation plants, construction sites and laboratories. Technicians who will be placed in power generation units or production lines may have to work in high noise level. Working hours may vary from 35-54 hours a week based on country and work culture. Even sometimes technicians may be exposed to chemical, toxic material hazards from electrical equipments.

Mechanical Technician Job Description

A mechanical technician directly works under the supervision of senior mechanical engineer or an expert. Responsibilities of mechanical technician includes assisting the engineer in machine design, construction, modification of variety of machines, maintenance, working on mechanical tools, consumer product and dealing with various mechanical equipments. Mechanical technician can be given any type of work related to mechanical engineering in sectors like automobile industry, power saw, and elevator industry or in nuclear reactor plant. Mechanical technician need to dealing with large machines and delicate tools and need to focus on mechanical engineering technical aspects.

One of the major roles of mechanical technician is to test the mechanical products before it is brought into use or delivered in the market for sale. For example he/she may have to do the setup of mechanical equipment, installation and monitor the system on many aspects of testing. Mechanical technicians in automobile industry need to monitor the crash testing in cars. In addition to this they also have to sketch and layout what the test will show. Through testing their responsibility is to determine what need to be changes, improved, removed or modified in the piece of equipment to make it better, effective and more efficient.

Analyzing and recording the data are also part of duties performed by mechanical engineering technician. Other roles of mechanical technician includes determining the cost of the particular product, comparing the practical value of product based on the current market, sketching new machine parts and tools and writing reports under the supervision of mechanical engineer.

Primary Objectives of mechanical technician:
Primary objective of these executives includes assisting mechanical engineer in the maintenance of industrial machinery, working on wide range of products that range from power saw, air conditioners, and automotive industry to nuclear plants. They also have to work in the fields like elevators and printing industries. Mechanical technician also have to work on tools that make products. Mechanical technician also have to work closely with the engineers who create and improve the products, they also have to work with design and development team and have to assist team in their work.
Tasks to be performed as mechanical technician

  • Typical task to be performed by mechanical technician includes analyzing the test results with respect to design and requirement specifications and need to give inputs to improve, modify or adjust the equipment design to meet the requirement specifications.
  • They also need to evaluate various design tools, measuring equipments and ensure that they perform as per the specifications.
  • They also have to devise, fabricate and install new or modified components such as industrial machinery, measuring instruments and equipments.
  • Their task also includes discussing design methodology, method of manufacture, drafting techniques and other aspects with senior staff in order to coordinate corrections.
  • Operating on lathe machine, grinders and drill are the part of mechanical technician typical task.
  • Reviewing project blueprints, specifications, objectives, procedure, test manuals and instructions also comes in the responsibility of Mechanical Technician.

Knowledge required by Mechanical Technician
Mechanical Technician should possess the knowledge of machine, tools, machine or industrial design, use of tool, repair and maintenance. He/she should have practical exposure to different application of mechanical engineering science and technology. They should be aware of the principles, various techniques, procedures and equipment used in design and production of goods and services.  They should have knowledge of arithmetic, geometry, calculus, algebra, statistics and their possible applications. Knowledge of computers and electronic circuits, chips, processors and related work is desirable. Other skill should include: active listener, comprehensive reading ability, critical thinking, effective communicator, ability to define optimal solution to complex problems and a team player.

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Commitment to knowledge sharing and developing others

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AC Technicians Job description and Recruitment

AC Technician Profile Introduction

An AC Technician is a technical person who possesses the knowledge of installation, servicing, troubleshooting and repairing the air conditioning systems. A person with a title of AC technician has to work on technical aspect and settings related to air conditioners. He may also have to visit to the sites of residential areas and of large commercial firms to provide technical assistance related to air conditioning system.

He will be given training on different technical aspects so to ensure that there work should meet the standards. His task includes new installation, servicing of system and repair work in the system deployed in apartment, homes, business and commercial buildings. He should be capable of handling all technical and electrical aspect that arises during the work in all sites of any area.

Company Training

Company will provide specialized training to AC technicians that cover the courses and practical exposure on various tools and equipments, installation and servicing tool kit, identification of problems, repair work and maintenance of various systems make.  You will be trained to work in various circumstances and would be given specialization to work in small residential homes to large commercial or industrial building. You get the training to work in inhospitable condition which can be caused due to bad weather or malfunctioning of equipment. As AC technicians also have to work on some of the aspects that can be hazardous, you will also be trained to deal with such issues.

Typical Duties of AC technician

Typical duties of AC technician include inspection, Installation, repairs work, repairing chilled water and direct extension refrigeration, inspection of various parts like: coil, heating condenser pipes, control valve, compressor servicing, fan, blower, gauges and traps. Duties also include to installation of system due to alteration, rehabilitation and improvement in the project. Installation of air conditioning device also requires studying the blueprints of the machine architecture to get familiarize to the architectural layout of pumps, air ducts, vents, water supply lines and other components in air conditioning device. You will also be dealing with electrical components, electrical wiring and control. You also need to ensure proper connectivity of electrical switches and proper functioning of air conditioning unit after completing the work. You may have to work with experts of refrigeration units since they also make use of similar technologies as of air conditioning units.

Tools to be learned by AC technician

AC technicians have to learn the use of typical tools and equipments used in air conditioning work. Typical tools used are measuring gauges, acetylene torches, pipe cutters, drills, voltmeters, wrenches, hammers, pressure gauges, and metal snips.

Qualification Requirement

AC technician should be a Graduate from high school and completion of apprentice training program from a recoginised training firm. Atleast one year of full-time experience from reputed AC repair firm or should have done internship of at least two year duration. Should be a dedicated person toward the work and should be ready to perform in unsual circumstances.


For AC technician with outstanding experience in the air conditioning installation and repair work, salary will not be a constraint, for technician having a year of experience will be liable to get an hourly wage of $ 20. To be potential candidate for this position you need to be an aspiring AC technician and should have the passion to even perform in the required vigor.