Functions of accounting service companies

Accounting service companies are those firms which provide basic accountancy related services. Some accountancy firms specialise in just one particular area of accounting whereas the others provide multiple accountancy services to their clients at affordable prices. Have a look at the functions of the accounting firms.

External audit-The accounting service companies give checks- and- balances system for practicing the finance management of the business organizations through their external audit services. These firms perform the auditing of the financial statements of the companies and gives opinion whether the data in the financial statements are accurate or not. In this way they help the investment community in making wise decisions on investment. External audit is also helpful in stopping corporate deception and mismanagement of finance. External audit also gives information about how the top executives are guiding the organization. There are many companies which provide accounting  and accountancy services in Harrow.

Record keeping-Keeping financial records of the client’s businesses are the most important functions of accounting service companies. The financial records show how well or bad a company is conducting its business. The financial data of the financial records gives a true financial picture of the company.

Business consulting services-Accounting service companies provide a wide range of business consulting services such as capital expenditures and planning of growth. This service act as  a base for making complex management decisions in the company.

Payroll services-It includes calculation of taxes and preparing payrolls, deduction of employees and other employee related services.

HR management-There aremany accounting service companies which assist in the management of human resources and personnel. IT includes compensation benefits of workers assistance in recruitment polices, performance appraisal and training and regulatory compliance.

Taxes-While conducting business a company or business organization is liable for tax filing and paying to cities, states as well as federal agencies. In order to avoid extra penalties and interests companies have to file and pay taxes accurately. So the accounting service companies help in calculating and filing taxes of the companies.

Financial planning-The dynamic nature of business firm has made financial planning an important task for companies. Accounting service companies help   the companies with business planning, assisting in to establish pragmatic and beneficial objectives and take rational steps toward accomplishing them. Financial planning can facilitate a company with many objectives like buying possessions or equipment, enabling the company to expand to new markets and fetch shareholder or investors.

Risk management and internal auditing-Accounting service companies also give internal audit and services related to risk management. The internal audits facilitate a client to sustain proper separation of duties to facilitate in stopping internal stealing and deception. Accounting service companies check the controls in place, the security of proprietary information and the computer facilities to resolve where potential weak points could be. These accounting companies also give risk related services like hazards of entering in global markets, credit related risk, policy risk and operational risk. These services are crucial to companies that are fast expanding and entering on new global markets.

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Companies Recruiting Physical Therapists for the USA

Reputable physical therapist recruiting companies provide highly qualified physical therapists job opportunities in top healthcare facilities in USA. These medical staffing companies recruit the best personnel for their clients in the healthcare sector.

Outstanding Staffing Solutions

The companies recruiting physical therapists for the USA maintain close contacts with all top healthcare facilities in the country. They are therefore promptly informed about the available as well as upcoming physical therapist job opportunities. To recruit talented and dynamic candidates in different healthcare settings, these staffing companies maintain an experienced panel of recruiters and consultants. They efficiently manage each and every aspect of the recruiting process including preliminary screening, candidate sourcing and interviewing.

The invaluable services of these recruiting companies enable healthcare providers to skirt the expenses involved in placing job advertisements and also save the time and effort needed for carrying out the lengthy staffing procedures.

Permanent and Temporary Placements

Physical therapist recruiting companies help dynamic and talented physical therapists to secure placements on a temporary, permanent, short-term or long-term basis in healthcare centers, or other private and public organizations in the USA. These include hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, long-term care centers, home healthcare agencies, educational institutions and government agencies. Physical therapists with the right skill can enjoy excellent remuneration and additional benefits including:

• Section 125 Cafeteria plan
• Paid housing
• 401 (k) retirement savings plan
• Short-term disability insurance
• Professional liability insurance
• Additional state license
• Continuing education programs
• Healthcare insurance
• Immigration and visa processing assistance (for foreign candidates)

Obtain Physical Therapists Jobs in the Right Settings

To find suitable job openings in the USA, physical therapists should associate with a recognized healthcare recruiting company. Registering on their website helps access their online jobs database, which contains information about the employment opportunities available for physical therapists. Professional recruiting companies would be able to offer their clients, whether recruit or recruiter, solutions that meet the prescribed criteria, time and budget.

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Urgently required Civil Engineer in a Building construction & Infrastructure Projects for a reputed company in Maldives

Urgently required Quantity Surveyor in a Building construction & Infrastructure Projects for a reputed company in Maldives.

Urgently required Project Coordinator in a Building construction & Infrastructure Projects for a reputed company in Maldives.

Urgently required Project Manager- Building construction & Infrastructure projects for a reputed company in Maldives.

Urgently required Construction Officer- Building Construction & Infrastructure Projects for a reputed company in Maldives.

Top Bookkeeping Services in USA

Bookkeeping activities definitely requires professionals who have full understanding of what they are doing. Most firm usually hire temporary or permanent professionals to provide this services. In the USA, the bookkeeping services currently involve either use of online book keeping or hiring of temporary professional from firms, which have specialized in bookkeeping activities.

Due to this when categorizing bookkeeping in the US, it is only relevant to include top providers for this service from both an online perspective and also professional firms offering this services. The following is a look at both of this.
Online bookkeeping

This is one of the most popular online bookkeeping services in the US. This platform serves as either your bookkeeper or even an entire financial department. This basically mean that you can use it to perform any bookkeeping calculation and also can record information appropriately. This platform usually offers as much as you need. This online platform is also one of the most comprehensive online bookkeeping providers. It has one of the best ratings in the market.

Accounting Department
Few online accounting providers provide as much as this site offers. This site basically acts as your full time book keeper while also providing online accounting services among other related services. This software is mostly suitable for use by large organizations is it has many functions, which might not be so much significant for small business. This site is a pure grantee of all bookkeeping and accounting services that you may require.

Ignite Spot
This site claims that it helps save business over 230 hours per year. The amount of time saved by this site generally translates into a better performance of the business since time is a crucial factor in the success of a business. This site also claims that it helps customer to increase their profits by a margin, which is at least 10%. Some companies are claimed to even record a profit margin of 750%, which is mainly influenced by use of, ignite as the main book keeping service provider.

Land based bookkeeping companies

The bookkeeping company
This company was founded in 2001 and is based in New York. It currently has about 20 employees who act as the bookkeepers for different companies. This company receives most of its clients from retail, inventory, wholesale and manufacturing companies. It also performs book keeping services for several young tech and professional services. This company offers three – full service, which includes outsourced accounting, consulting and staffing and individual training. This firm considers its self-unique and always try to improve its bookkeeping services to its clients.

Mark’s Bookkeeping services
This company was established in New York in the year 2000. It is one of the largest firms in New York, which offers bookkeeping services.  This firm has a diverse and eccentric background in the following: business involved in entertainment, retail, food and beverage. Mark also assists individuals who might need accounting help. His services have grown to include payroll, education, budgeting, and bookkeeping auditing among others

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How to Go About Outsourcing your NHS Payroll Services?

Tense about how to go about and deal with your UK NHS Payroll services. Don’t be because you can simply outsource your requirements to a premier band of financial consultants out there and save a reasonable amount of your hard-earned money. Moreover, it can also be one of the most effective ways to save time and effort which you would otherwise be spending on choosing the right software and ensuring your UK NHS payroll process adheres to the currently prevailing taxation laws and regulations.

Selecting the company for outsourcing

Remember, outsourcing your UK NHS payroll requirements means you need a company which is honest and trustworthy in every sense whatsoever. Any lack of trust and honesty is going to mean you are compromising with your sensitive financial information. Further, the whole premises of saving money and effort by not doing it in house is also certainly going to take a backseat. So, all in all choose a company wisely which would be more than ready to assist you in preparing your payroll. Well, notwithstanding the fact how outlandish and peculiar it might be in reality.

Advantages of outsourcing payroll Services

Outsourcing you UK NHS payroll services means you will end up saving loads of money you would otherwise end up spending on non critical activities. What’s more, the higher return on investment through reduced overpayments and errors can also be another one of those ways and reasons which can further lead to a higher degree of employee satisfaction.

In essence, outsourcing UK NHS payroll services is surely amongst the sure shot techniques of realising and generating significant as well as higher amounts of cost savings, ensuring employees are safeguarded against any payroll errors and expenses. Last but not the least; also ensuring the payroll is compliant and agrees with any latest legislation brought about in the industry. Therefore, it makes all the sense if the same work is outsourced to a firm specialising in this vertical of finance and accounting.

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Joint Venturing and It’s Amazing Powers

To deeply understand the importance of joint venturing and how it can dramatically change your life, bank balance and relationships, I will use the story of a man I recently read about on

Taken from the a short article on Bill Gates:

” Gates, (born October 28, 1955) is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and chairman of Microsoft, the software company he founded with Paul Allen (joint venture). The annual Forbes magazine’s list of The World’s Billionaires has ranked Gates as the richest person in the world since 1995, with recent estimates putting his net worth near $56 billion.”

How did he come to be this wealthy?

“At thirteen he enrolled in the Lakeside School, Seattle’s most exclusive preparatory school. Gates took an interest in programming computers and was later banned along with his fellow students for exploiting bugs in the operating system to obtain free computer time (creative thinking by collective thinkers). At the end of the ban, the Lakeside students (Gates, Paul Allen, Ric Weiland, and Kent Evans) offered to find bugs in CCC’s software in exchange for free computer time (joint venture). The arrangement with CCC continued until 1970, when it went out of business. This was to be the beginning of Gates joint venture engagements.

The following year Information Sciences Inc. hired the Lakeside students to write a payroll program in COBOL, providing them not only computer time but royalties as well. At age 14, Gates also formed a joint venture with Allen, called Traf-O-Data, to make traffic counters based on the Intel 8008 processor. That first year he made $20,000; however, when his age was discovered, business slowed down.

In 1973, Bill Gates entered Harvard University as a freshman, where he lived down the hall from Steve Ballmer, now Microsoft’s chief executive officer. While at Harvard, Gates developed a version of the programming language BASIC for the first microcomputer – the MITS Altair.

In his junior year, Bill Gates left Harvard to devote his energies to Microsoft, a company he had begun in 1975 with his childhood friend Paul Allen – The birth of a joint venture that changed the way the world saw computers. Guided by a belief that the computer would be a valuable tool on every office desktop and in every home, they began developing software for personal computers. Gates’ foresight and his vision for personal computing have been central to the success of Microsoft and the software industry.

In 1980 IBM approached Microsoft to make the BASIC interpreter for its upcoming personal computer, the IBM PC (joint venture). When IBM’s representatives mentioned that they needed an operating system, Gates referred them to Digital Research (DRI), makers of the widely used CP/M operating system (another joint venture). IBM’s discussions with Digital Research went poorly, and they did not reach a licensing agreement (failure to understand the power of joint venturing). A few weeks later Gates proposed using 86-DOS (QDOS), an operating system similar to CP/M and which Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products had made for hardware similar to the PC. Microsoft made a deal with SCP to become the exclusive licensing agent (joint venture), and later the full owner, of 86-DOS, but did not mention that IBM was a potential customer. Gates never understood why DRI had walked away from the deal, and in later years he claimed that DRI founder Gary Kildall capriciously “went flying” during an IBM appointment.

After adapting the operating system for the PC, Microsoft delivered it to IBM as PC-DOS in exchange for a one-time fee, without transferring to IBM the ownership of the source code of the PC’s operating system. There never has been an authoritative explanation why IBM, which in effect paid for its development, did not insist on gaining the ownership of the source code Microsoft was quick to license DOS to other manufacturers, calling it MS-DOS (for Microsoft Disk Operating System).

By marketing MS-DOS aggressively to manufacturers of IBM-PC clones and by virtue of its undivided ownership of the operating system’s source code, Microsoft went from a small player to one of the major software vendors in the home computer industry. Microsoft continued develop operating systems as well as software applications.In the early 1980s Microsoft introduced its own version of the graphical user interface (GUI), based on ideas pioneered by the Xerox corporation, and further developed by Apple.

By the early 1990s, Windows had pushed other DOS-based GUIs like GEM and GEOS out of the market. The release of Windows 3.0 in 1990 was a tremendous success, selling around 10 million copies in the first two years and cementing Microsoft’s dominance in operating systems sales.By continuing to ensure, by various means, that most computers came with Microsoft software pre-installed, the Microsoft corporation eventually became the largest software company in the world, earning Gates enough money that Forbes Magazine named him the wealthiest person in the world for several years.”

– Taken from an article written on Bill Gates on wikepedia

What am I trying to say?

Joint venturing with the right partners can make you a highly successful person.


Because business involves people and it’s all about people. Effectively working well with people and benefiting people leads to a profitable business. This is what makes a business extremely profitable and Gates did not only know this, he practiced it. How are you joint venturing with your friends, family members and colleagues. What are you bringing to table and most importantly never set a bird trap in full view of the birds. When you do, you set yourself up for your own ruin.

Joint venturing has made many men and women wealthy people today. Companies become giants when they joint venture together. We call them mergers. As from today, make a conscious decision to look for the prospective opportunities in working together with others who can potentially benefit you; however always remember that unless you have something to bring to the table, a joint venture will never be created.

Here are some quick tips to a successful and profitable joint venture:

Tip 1

Make sure you have a purpose and service to offer.

Tip 2

Make sure you have a clear vision and goal about what you want to achieve.

Tip 3

Consider the features and benefits of your product/service.

Tip 4

Consider how your service/product can benefit potential partners that serve your existing and future customers.

Tip 5

Establish the financial benefits your partners will gain from joint venturing with you. Make sure the financial gains surpass you paying for their contributions.

Tip 6

Always have a Win – Win mindset. Joint venturing is not a selfish act, it is a mutually beneficial agreement between 2 or more parties.

Tip 7

Let integrity be your legs and let loyalty be your hands. With these, you will walk upright and deal securely.

Tip 8

Never lay all your cards on the table. If you do, there will be nothing to joint venture with.

I wish you every success.- Keji Giwa


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